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Meant to Happen
Chapter 1

What happens was meant to happen...

Everything happens for a reason....

I really hated those phrases. Ok, "hate" is a strong word. Fine, I really disliked those phrases...with a passion. Mainly because I found it inaccurate in my case. If everything that happened was meant to happen then why'd I fall for my own brother? If that was the case then why was he even my brother? It would have been better and not as sick if he was just a friend. Just think, people!

I also found it ironical that I had to study those phases for homework and write down what I think it means. I came up with two ideas and theories so far:

1. Life sucks, deal with it.

2. Well, shit happens.

'Yeah, this will get me a good grade.', I thought sarcastically, reading over the paper and rolling my eyes. I crumbled the piece of line paper into a ball and unsuccessfully threw it in the trash can. An assignment like this would have been easy for me but some things that people would have found unusual, more like sick, had happened to me just a few weeks ago. Let me start from the beginning. Maybe if I do, my brain will relax and actually think right long enough to finish my homework.

To put it generally I, Ponyboy, am in love with a boy. Oh, but not just not any boy, oh no, my life doesn't give me breaks apparently. He goes by the name of Sodapop. Yeah, that's right, my own brother! I haven't been thinking so straight ever since I started to date Sodapop...no pun intended. We've been going out for a month or something; wow, time does go fast.

It kinda happened pretty fast. One day we were just brothers sharing a bed with each other because of my nightmares, then the next we were lovers and did more than just sleep in that bed. I've been writing, drawing, and spacing out more lately; trying to recollect my thoughts over the month. I'm still trying to find logic in my great, twisted relationship. Have I got any luck in that? Not at all. But I just go along with it, lovin' every moment of it.

I remember I was in a denial state the next day. I kept telling myself I just dreamt it that night before finally falling asleep only to be awoken a hour later to Soda tickling me. Boy, you can bet I was happy and shocked when Soda pulled me into heated kiss before he went to work the next day that sure woke me up. I knew then that it was for real. I had acted like a love struck teenage girl for a week afterwards. Two-bit had told me I got a goofy smile on my reddened face when I got caught staring at Sodapop. He teased me for a week saying I was in love by throwing flowers in my face and humming "Here comes the bride". If only he knew...

"Hello? Anyone here?" a familiar voice called, causing me to come back to my senses. I looked toward my bedroom door where Johnny soon appeared, leaning on the frame.

"Hey, Johnny.", I smiled at him.

"Hey, Pony.", he returned the smile.

I then motioned him to come in and he sat on the bed. He must have just come from his house. I saw a new bruise forming on his cheek. I wish we could do something to help him, like take him in, but we're barely getting by as is. Darry's been working a little later than usual to make some more money, I wish he wouldn't.

"Uh, Pony?", Johnny asked, bring me back again once again. He seemed more nervous and scared than usual… Oh no, did I say something out loud? Does he know about me and Soda? When I space out, I say random stuff, especially things that's been on my mind, and not know it unless someone tells me. I wouldn't have even known if Soda didn't point it out a few days ago when I muttered something about us going out. He was just glad it was him that heard and not one of the gang. I don't want to even think about what they would do if they found out about us.

"Yeah?", I answered him.

"I, uh,", he started but then quickly switched over to something else, "Want to head over to the DX or somethin'?" I had half a mind to ask him what he was going to say before, but decided against it. If he wanted to tell me, he'll tell me. I thought about it; today was Friday, so I had the weekend to work on this assignment, and maybe some air will help me, too. Seeing Sodapop there is a big bonus and help make up my mind right that second.

"Sure.", I smiled, putting my notebook back into my back pack before standing up with Johnny. I placed on my shoes and grabbed a jacket before we headed over to the DX.


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