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Warning: Yaoi or slash, incest

Pairing: Ponyboy X Sodapop

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Meant to Happen
Chapter 2


"Has anyone told you how cute you are, Soda?", a girl around my age asked in a flirty fashion. Her name was Lisa or something like that. I wasn't really paying attention to that. From what I've seen so far, she's a regular greaser girl; wearing too much make-up and swore a lot when she was talking with her friends who came with her.

"Not lately. I bet many have told how cute you are before, though.", I flirted back, winking at her. That got her to giggle; gosh that laugh could get annoying.

"Hey, Soda, maybe instead of flirting you can get back to work!", Steve called sarcastically from the car he was working on.

"Fine, be right there." I said good bye to the group of girls and went back to the car I was working on before they came by.

I couldn't have been more grateful to Steve. I didn't like to flirt with other girls nowadays. I felt...what's the word I'm looking for? Oh, yeah, a whore. But they don't have to worry, my heart only belongs to one; wow... that sounded cornier than I thought. Nah, it ain't Sandy; she left because she cheated on me and got knocked up with the other guy's baby. Eh, I don't really care. I'm in love with someone else now. Who you're wonderin'? Well…he's known as Ponyboy. Yup, my precious little brother. Yes, you heard right. The famous Sodapop Curtis, the one who attracted girls like bees on honey, was a queer... for his own flesh and blood. Wait, what? You already knew that? B-but how!?… N-never mind. I don't think I wanna know how. Well, the only reason I was flirting with other girls was 'cause I had to keep up my regular status since no one knows that I was gay. Well, except Ponyboy of course, but that was it.

My crush on Pony started a few years ago. I tried telling myself that I didn't like him more than a brother. But the dreams, you know the ones I'm talking about, started to happen. Most of them were about Ponyboy. I really hated puberty and my hormones at that point. I had to convince myself that I liked girls, not guys, let alone him. Then I met Sandy and I was in love and the dreams stopped. When mom and dad died and I started to share a bed with Ponyboy 'cause of his nightmares, my feelings for him came back. Not even Sandy could of stop them now. No matter how hard I tried to push them away, they wouldn't stop or leave me alone. But a part of me didn't want them to stop, but I knew they had to. I thought maybe proposing to her will make them go away, but then she left for Florida to give birth to some other guy's baby. Sandy leavin' me was one of the luckiest things that ever happened to me. It stopped me from doing somethin' I might of regretted. I couldn't show that I was relieved or happy; the Sodapop that people expected would be depressed. I really fooled them.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I bet many are you are wonderin' how I could of done my little brother without being a psycho. Well...

It was a spur of the moment thing, ya dig? It just happened. It was practically shoved in my face, yelling at me to just kiss him. And from there, well, it just happened with one thing leading to another. Me and Darry hate it when Pony doesn't use his head, but that night I was glad he didn't. I bet if he was thinkin' right when I kissed him, he would have pushed me off and called the police or an asylum on me... but he didn't. Not even the next day or week. Hell, he even gave me permission to go as far as we did that night.

God damnit I'm his older brother for Pete's sake! I should know better and stop this, but I can't. I'm practically addicted to Ponyboy, he's like my drug that I can't quit. No matter how hard I tried. Trust me, I tried to stop loving him more than a brother. But he keeps pulling me back.

"Hey, look who's coming.", Steve's voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked up and there he is right on que. Since me and Ponyboy started to go out, he's been coming by the DX a lot more. Today was no different.

"Hi there, Sodapop.", Pony greeted me as he walked up with Johnny right next to him. God, he looked cute when he smiled.

"Hey guys.", I said. Steve looked up and nodded his head toward them to say his greeting. They replied to him with a nod as well.

"What's up?", I continued after a few seconds of silence.

"Nothin' much. Just came by is all.", Johnny answered.

"Guys want a Pepsi or somethin'?"

"Sure.", Pony nodded, "I'll come with ya."

Johnny and Steve declined the offer, so I wiped my hands on a nearby towel that was already stained with dried car grease. I then led Ponyboy to the back where the soda machine was.

"What kind ya want?", I asked him, looking back. He gave me a quick kiss on my lips and smiled.

"You.", he whispered. I smiled at his corniness and he rolled his eyes when he realized why I was smiling. I looked behind me before gently pushing him against the wall where Steve and Johnny won't see us and crashed my lips onto Pony's. He wrapped his arms around my waist as I wrapped mine around his shoulders. I slipped my tongue out and licked the bottom of his lips, slipping it when he opened his mouth a little. After a minute of our tongues dancing together, I pulled away and started to attack his neck with small bites and kisses. I heard a small moan coming from Ponyboy, turning me on even more. My jeans were starting to get really uncomfortable at this point. What he was doing was not helping my problem in my pants. I felt him grinding his hips a little bit into mine causing me to moan quietly. We have to stop, Steve and Johnny was close by and might come back over to check on us. The position we were in was not going to be easy to explain if we were caught, not at all.

"Pone, we got to stop.", I whispered into his ear and then pulling away a little bit. Pony nodded, looking like he almost forgot that he was at the gas station. I quickly grabbed him a Pepsi and tossed it to him which he fumbled with it before he got a grip on it.

"We can continue our little game when we get home if you want." I said, opening up a Pepsi for me, too.

"Yeah, sounds good. We can play Yahtzee or roll dice.", he joked before we headed back to the front where Steve and Johnny were.

I couldn't wait until later…


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