So right now, I am having the story be in third person, but I will make it into Rosie's or Harry's POV before they meet Hagrid. I understand right now it is a lot like Sorcerer's stone, but I will branch out and make it interesting. I have a lot of ideas. There will be a lot of Sirius eventually and stuff. I just need to get them through first year and add all the information which is essential later on.

Chapter 1: A Miserable Life and Boa's

Rosemary Lily Potter was beautiful; she had deep dark blue eyes and dark, black, slightly messy hair. She was beautiful, yet ignorant of that. Her twin brother, Harry James Potter was also a good looking child. He had very messy black hair and beautiful emerald green eyes. The oddest feature that each twin had was a scar across their forehead. Harry Potter had a lightning bolt while Rosie Potter had a star.

July 22:

Rosie and Harry once again woke to the sound to their Aunt Petunia pounding the door of their cupboard. "Get up! Quickly now! Make our breakfast Girl! Boy, Hurry up and clean the house!"

Harry and Rosie scrambled up and began their long list of chores. The kids were horribly distracted. The night before they both had a dream about green light. They had no idea what it was but assumed that it was the car crash where their parents had died. Rosie attempted to make breakfast, but accidentally burned Uncle Vernon's toast. Rosie tried to dispose of it and make new toast before her guardians found out, but unfortunately her Aunt spotted her. She glared at the poor child and said "now you have done it, I'm taking you to Vernon." Rosie was dragged to her Uncle and he was told how she had burned the toast. He gave her a verbal lashing, throughout all this; Rosie did not make a sound. Finally, Vernon hit her across her cheek, the poor child just silently cried and went to finish making breakfast. If Harry had seen the torture she went through, he would have gotten angry and would have been abused as well. Luckily, Harry was out of the house mowing the lawn. They were both punished and sent to their cupboard without supper.

The next day:

Harry and Rosie woke up groaning, it was Dudley's Birthday. They would have to sit and watch him open his presents and stuff his face with food.

"As if he needs more food, he's already the size of a whale. They need to give Harry the food," Rosie thought.

At the same time Harry was thinking, "God they need to give the food to Rosie, she's too small and skinny."

Such was the nature of the twins. They loved each other more than they ever loved anyone. They cared for each other each night when they had no one. It is surprising that they stayed so strong because the Dursely's abused them both mentally and physically, they were treated as slaves. Out of the two twins, Rosie had to worst of it, because besides her hair and eye color, she looked exactly like her mother, Petunia's sister. For some reason, Petunia disliked her sister and took out that anger on little Rosie. Rosie had a wonderful voice, but no one could hear it. When Rosie was at the tender age of 2, she made the mistake of asking the Dursely's questions. That is when they realized how much her voice too sounded like her mothers. They immediately grabbed the little girl and beat her telling her that she was not allowed to speak again. However, Rosie was a tough cookie. She continued talking despite the spankings she got for each word. Eventually, the Dursely's realized that they could not beat Rosie out of talking; however, if they beat her brother for her crime, they knew that she would stop. They beat Harry and Rosie felt that hurt her more than anything. Despite her brother's protests, she promised the Dursely's never to speak again.

Well, Harry and Rosie woke and fearfully went to prepare a wonderful breakfast. If they messed something up on Dudley's birthday, they would seriously be punished. As they finished breakfast and cleaned the house, they heard Aunt Petunia on the phone, she looked furious. She put the phone down and screeched for Uncle Vernon. Rosie tried to overhear, apparently there was no one to babysit them. They would have to go to the zoo with Dudley!

The twins got very excited at the thought, maybe someone will see us and have the Dursely's buy us ice cream!

Rosie's POV:

Before we climbed into the car, Uncle Vernon pulled us aside by our hair and threatened us that if there was any "funny business" we would be locked in our cupboard for weeks. Honestly, what are we going to do? Lock Dudley in with the snakes? That would not be much a loss in my book. I silently willed Harry to not make any rash moves, I can feel his anger building. I don't understand, Harry has so much pent up anger lately, not at me of course, I just feel this aura like thing around him, I feel that he is going to explode and something unnatural is going to happen and then we will be punished. "Sigh" Harry told me that he feels that around me too. We really are twins.

Anyway, it looks like Uncle Vernon is finally done threatening us! I'm rather excited, I hope we can try ice cream. I've never had it as long as I've been with the Dursely's. I wonder if our mum and dad gave ever gave us ice cream.

We finally started driving, Uncle Vernon is going really slow, he is ranting about motorcycle drivers. We had a dream about a motorcycle once, it was flying.

Oh! No! Harry just told them about the dream, he was just thinking it, but it must have slipped out. Vernon is yelling about how they can't fly and I can hear our cousin snickering. The aggravating whale!

Harry's POV:

Goodness, they freak out for the smallest things. I was just thinking about it, I did not mean to say it out loud. I know that they can't really fly. Anyway, Rosie's thoughts are very funny. I mean, she is so soft and delicate (she would hurt me for thinking this :P) but she has a wonderful sense of humor. She would be angry if she thought I considered her delicate, but she is! I mean, she is very sentimental and emotional, she does not cry in public, but it private with me she weeps sometimes. Also, she can't stand being locked up. If I did not blindfold her when we are in the cupboard, she would go mad! I hate how sad she is all the time, no one else knows this, but her eyes actually change color with her mood. I've rarely seen her happy, but when she is, her eyes turn a green color similar to mine. But the last time her eyes were green was for a split second when Dudley's sweater shrank with him in it.

Anyway, we are finally at the zoo. And guess what? The lady just asked us what we wanted for ice cream. YAY!

(A minute later)

Uh, those cheapskates, all they bought us was a little frozen yoghurt while Dudley got a massive Sunday. Oh well, it's good, at least we get something. Oh! I see the snakes, I'm gonna take Rosie over to see them.

End of POV's

The twins grabbed each other and went over to see the snakes. Their irritating Uncle was disturbing the large boa constrictor by tapping on the glass. As their so called family moved to see the King Cobra, the twins walked over to the boa. Suddenly they spoke to it.

"Must be annoying to stay cooped up in hear all the time." The snake looked straight at them and winked! Do snakes often wink they thought.

Dudley ran over and knocked the twins to the ground. They both stared at him angrily and the glass to the boa cage disappeared! The boa slid out of the cage and crawled across the floor, the twins could have sworn they heard a low "Thanks Amigo."

As Dudley had fallen into the cage, he tried to climb out but he realized that the glass had came back and he was trapped. The Dursely's were shocked and panicked.

As soon as they arrived at Number 4 Privet Drive they threw the twins into the cupboard and forbid them from coming out for days.