"A queen will rise at the falling of another." The Hare, Cheshire, The Mad Hatter and Alice all sat at a table in the now green castle which had changed color at the removal of the Red Queen's head. The four discussed the prophecy over and over again, often times getting distracted by the Hatter sneaking kisses with Alice when no one was looking and the Hare throwing tea cups around. "I do not understand," Alice said, shaking her head solemnly. "I cannot be the Green Queen because I did not slay the Red Queen," she said for the umpteenth time.

Cheshire rolled his eyes and floated above the table, stretching in mid air as he did so. "You're all foolish, mad men," he cooed, grabbing a scone with his paw and shoving it in his mouth. "Pardon me," he said, spewing crumbs all over the place as he spoke whilst his mouth was full. "Delicious scones," he complimented before remembering what he was about to say. "You're all naïve. Alice is the Green Queen not because she slayed the Red Queen but because she is the queen of the Hatter's," he said in a bored tone.

The Hatter and Alice looked at each other in confusion. "I don't understand," Alice said in confusion, trying to fathom what the cat had just told her.

Cheshire sighed. "Must I explain everything to you," he whined, disappearing from thin air and then reappearing in Alice's lap. "The Hatter is the Green King for he slayed the Red Queen and you, Alice, are his Green Queen. Together you two are the Green King and Queen."

The Hatter's vibrant emerald green eyes sparkled at that. "I am the Green King," he acknowledged proudly, puffing out his chest with pride. "Do you hear that, my Green Queen. Together, we shall rule all of Underland," he said mock maniacally, attempting to mimic the Red Queen's former maniacal laughter. Though, he began to sputter in the midst of it to which Alice laughed. "You are not meant to be evil, you silly Hatter."

Cheshire perked up, "I'm afraid you're as mad as a hatter!"

Alice smiled knowingly, winking at her Green King. "He's absolutely bonkers," she informed the cat, whilst looking directly at the Hatter. "But I'll let you in on a little secret - all the best ones are."