Title: Nargle night
Pairing: George Weasley/Luna Lovegood
Rating: G
Word Count: 397
Summary: Luna asks for help. George knows this is the start of something new.
Author's Notes: Priginally written for a Winter Exchange in the LJ community rarepair_shorts. I decided to write a drabble of all your favourite "firsts". But my rambling got me to write just four. Hope you still like it =)

Nargle Night

George couldn't have been happier as he turned the sign on the door from "opened" to "closed". It had been a busy and tiring day at the shop. Winter holidays were always crazy; but the brats behaved worse year by year apparently. His head ached, and he was pretty sure it would explode any minute now.

Tell Mum I won't be coming by for dinner today. This soldier is going straight to bed.

He left the quick note on the counter for Ron before rushing to help some clients. Ron was never good with math. What was the point in torturing him for another hour?

"I'm too good for my own good..." He grumbled writing down the numbers. "We're closed." George said as soon as he heard the door burp, announcing somebody had entered the shop.

"Oh, no need to close for me. I'm just here to return this", said the dreamy voice.

For the first time in the last hour, George looked up from the chart full of figures. Luna was standing by the door with his newest product in her hands.

"Return it? It doesn't work? The lights worked when I tested it in my room..." George was instantly by her side, examining the lamp that cast different colours according to one's mood.

"No. It's full of nargles." She spoke innocently, before shoving some extravagant looking glasses onto his face. "See?"

He didn't see anything out of the ordinary, except now everything was orange. "Hmm...I see", he lied going along with her nargle fantasy. Her reaction was endearing. The look on her face made his lie worthy. It seemed that not many went along with her on things like this... "Well, why don't I go to your house and set it up for you so I can make sure no nargles get in the way?" What?! Did I just say that?

"Wonderful! I'll need all the help I can get to make they go away..."

He smiled. "Sure", he agreed grabbing his jacket and opening the door for her.

"You can keep the glasses. I have five more pairs at home."

George hadn't noticed he still had the things on. He was sure they were quiet a sight, but he found he didn't care. Putting his right arm over her shoulders, he impulsively kissed the side of her head and mumbled softly, "Thanks".