Title: Dying can wait
Pairing: George/Luna
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 490
Summary: Why lose only one first if you can lose two in the same night?
Author's Notes: A little Dr. Who quote in there. A big thank you to my beta, tania_sings !

Dying can wait

"Oh, bloody hell. I'm dying...I swear I'm dying. Slowly and painfully." George complained from the couch with his hands over his stomach.

"I don't think you can die from a stomachache. Well, my dad says that if you eat a piece of raw meat upside down you vomit so much you die choked with it." Luna said as she sat next to George, setting the cup of tea on the coffee table. She pushed him down so that he was lying with his head resting on her lap.

"Very graphic, Luna. Thanks." He closed his eyes as Luna made slow circles over his belly. "Oh that feels nice. Next time I'll pick the restaurant. Nothing Indian or Muggle. I've learned my lesson." George groaned but not from pain. Luna's hand caressed more than just his stomach. The circles were bigger and bigger. His shirt had ridden up a bit and her fingers brushed the bit of skin just above his underpants.

She sighed when her fingerprints tingled at the feeling of that line of ginger hair on his lower stomach. Her eyes locked with his for a moment before he lifted his head to kiss her deeply. "I thought you were supposed to be dying?" She smiled; their foreheads and noses pressed together.

"There are better things to do today. Dying can wait."

George lay on his back looking at the ceiling as his fingers made lazy patterns over Luna's bare back. He hadn't planned the night to end up like this. He started wondering what she thought of what just happened. She probably thinks he just wanted to get in her pants.

"You know..." He cleared his throat. "I...I didn't meant for...this...to happen. Y'know?" He sighed. "Honestly. I was just gonna take you out to dinner...maybe a walk after. I didn't plan to...y'know...on our first date. I'm sor--"

"Should have asked for pudding."

"What?" George lifted his head from the pillow to look her in the eyes.

"Should have order pudding."

George was not one to be at a loss for words. But Luna always seemed to find a way of confusing him and leaving him speechless. His silence and the look on his face were probably too expressive.

"After dinner, George. I should have order some dessert." She said as if it was the most obvious thing on Earth. She moved her head out of his shoulder, now looking at the ceiling like he was before.

"But...I was... never mind." He sighed.

"You're quite a good lover, George." She mentioned, still looking at the ceiling. He found this comment strange. People think these things but never say them out loud. But again...this was Luna.

"Quite?" He gave her an indignant look.

"Yes..." She stayed in silence for a few seconds as George kept looking at her not quite believing what she just said. "Maybe we could practice some more?"

"Definitely." He smirked before starting to nip her neck.