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The morning sun slowly entered the small apartment, bringing its everyday blessing. Golden rays spread across the room, playing over dark sheets to fall finally on silky black curls. The owner of said hair sighed contently feeling the morning warmth welcoming her to the waking world.

That perfect picture was roughly interrupted when an annoying 'beep' filled the room. Kagome grunted, her hand quickly sliding over her nightstand before slamming on her clock, successfully silencing it. Her perfect moment and good mood were gone. However, her rising ire was subdued when she felt the body next to her move and a soft, somewhat wet tongue started to lick her cheeks. The woman giggled, pushing her attacker off her.

"Stop that Inuyasha. It tickles." She slipped her feet into her fluffy slippers before she stood up and went to the kitchen. A warm smile rose on her lips when she heard an annoyed growl behind her. She didn't turn to check if he was following her, she knew he was. Even after being together for so long, Inuyasha never left her alone, even for a moment. And now she was grateful for that. His presence never failed to brighten her day.

Of course, at first it wasn't easy to accept all the changes that came with him. God, she couldn't remember how many times she just wished he had never shown up or that she had never brought him home. But once he got there, he stayed and she was happy that he waited for her to accept him.

As always when she entered the kitchen, he was already there waiting for her. Kagome smiled before turning on the water. Carefully, she prepared her food and tea while Inuyasha was happily slurping his Monday ramen cup. She still couldn't understand how he could eat it anytime, but decided it was one of those things she would have to accept. She herself was somewhat addicted to ramen. After all, eating it everyday in the Sengoku Era only gave her two options for that dish: start to love it or hate it. Since hate was never in her nature, she chose to love it, but it never came to the point of craziness like Inuyasha's love of it.

She chuckled thinking how her friends from the past reacted when she showed them that food the first time. Inuyasha called it "suspicious magic" (until he took first bite of course), Sango made big 'o' and the shock on Miroku's face...

Kagome shook her head, feeling the well-known tightness creeping in her heart and tried to stop her memories. But just like everyday, her mind disobeyed and her thoughts returned to the day when she saw them all for the last time--- the last battle with Naraku.

She could remember shooting her arrow at Naraku, and after that, everything was a blur. Naraku's last words, the Meidou opening behind her, her stay in the void, talking with the Jewel, Inuyasha coming to her rescue, the wish, returning with Inuyasha, disappearing into the well and then…

The woman shook her head once again. She couldn't be bitter about that and she wasn't. She fulfilled her duty and she was proud of that, but still it made it only a bit better. After all, the price she paid for destroying that cursed Jewel was very high.

No, she told herself. Stop that Kagome, it's in the past. Now it's time to face your new threat. With a firm nod, she assured herself that that was what was she really thinking.

Reaching for her dark sunglasses, she thought about the irony of her situation. Who would guess that after fighting with demons, life in her own time would be so terrifying for her. But thankfully, she wasn't alone.

"Inuyasha!" she called, "Come here boy!" Shortly after, the big white dog with golden eyes was standing at her side allowing his owner to put his unusual leash on him, ready to lead her once she was ready. The woman took her bag and white stick before she left to face the world outside, her disability hidden behind the dark facade of her glasses.

Yes, the truth was hard to face.

Kagome Higurashi was blind.

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