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Chapter 11 – New Allies?

The miko yawned, clinging closer to the man who was carrying her. Perhaps it was due to her tiredness, but right now Sesshoumaru felt, for lack of a better word, nice. She curled closer to him, laying her head on his shoulder. She still felt a little dizzy.

"Mhm…" she murmured, "I never felt like this. On the other hand, it's easy to understand, I never got the chance to get drunk." She moved slightly so her face was pointed where she thought the daiyoukai's face was. "It's entirely your fault," she announced.

The man rolled his eyes knowing she wouldn't see this obvious sign of irritation. Knowing, however, that the miko would be waiting for some reply from him, he asked anyway.

"How so?"

"Oh. Well, you allowed the blind girl to drink."

"I did not. The injection got that reaction from you. I never had anything to do with this," he resonated. The miko gave an annoyed huff and moved her head again. The youkai's eyes widened when he felt her little teeth biting into the skin of his neck.

"Miko," he growled. The girl released his skin and turned her head up to him, giggling happily. A frustrated huff escaped his lips; he was never as happy about the fact that he owned a car, until now. He was really glad when the insane woman was finally tucked in her own seat, her seatbelt locked, and the door closed. He didn't waste time in getting inside and starting the engine.

The girl leaned on her side, some strange noises escaping her lips. He knew better than to say something when she was in her own little world. Focusing his eyes on the dark roads of Tokyo, he drove them to the apartment. Meanwhile, Kagome let her mind wander over the last few days.

After the argument between the little miko and the proud daiyoukai, there was tension. Neither of them talked, at least for Kagome, it was really uncomfortable. The silence accompanied them in the mornings, on the road to work and later, on their way back. On a few occasions she wanted to break it, but something always stopped her. Well, that was until today.


"And now I'll give you the injection. Are you ready?"

"Whatever." The youkai sighed looking at the small woman sitting on the hospital bed in their laboratory. She seemed to be depressed for the last few days. With a small sigh, Toshiko did the injection, put the disposable syringe in the trashcan, and sat next to her patient.

"Are you alright?" she asked gently. The girl sniffed shaking her head.

"I got into a fight with Sesshoumaru. He was being an assh… mean, so I told him few things." Toshiko's eyes widened. Someone dared to argue with her boss? She looked at Kagome in a whole new light.

"You feel guilty?" The dark haired girl huffed, turning finally to the side from which she heard the tigress's voice.

"No. I don't regret even one word I said to him, but… I yelled at him after he saved my life. I wish I thanked him before," the miko explained with a sigh. The young youkai opened her lips, but closed them in the next second. What could she say to help? Sesshoumaru-sama was scaring the life out of her whenever he was in close proximity. She couldn't even imagine how it would be to argue with him.

"You can't thank him now?" she replied finally. The girl sighed again, explaining the situation that was now between her and her youkai roommate. The tiger youkai listened to it all with a compassionate heart, trying to give some advice that might help to heal the situation.

The talk took them at least one hour, when Toshiko started to notice something was off with the human girl. She was taking longer pauses between words and kept rubbing her head. Toshiko laid a hand on her shoulder, trying to catch her attention.

"Kagome-san, are you alright?" The blind woman shook her head.

"You know I think I'm slightly uhm… my head is spinning." Toshiko jumped on her feet and walked to the laboratory apparatus, checking on Kagome's heart rate, and other important life parameters. Once she was sure there was no danger, the woman turned to the miko, deciding to run a few tests.

The poor girl was still leaning on the wall; her hand rubbing her hurting temples. She did everything Toshiko asked her to, from time to time giggling. The youkai woman finally looked up, a look of confusion written all over her face.

"Kagome, I don't know how to tell you this, but I think you're drunk." A big smile crept on the girl's face before she burst into laughter. The doctor looked at her seriously, waiting until she calmed down. It was really funny if you look at this from one side, but she already was thinking how she would tell her boss about this.

The tigress gulped. That promised trouble.


Checking another report from his business partner, Sesshoumaru Shidehara allowed himself a small smirk. If everything went according to plan, his business would get a new client and with it, his profit would grow. Things were looking good for him, and no one would be able to destroy his little moment of satisfaction.

In that moment, the door to his office opened and through it walked a young wolf-youkai carrying a little miko in his arms. His golden eyes widened as he got up and walked to the pair.

"What happened?" he asked. The other man opened his mouth, but the miko beat him to it.

"Toshiko said I'm drunk," she answered with a goofy smile. Seeing this, the daiyoukai didn't doubt that she was indeed in a questionable state. The wolf blushed lightly, trying to hold the girl who started to wiggle in his arms.

"She's in no shape for tests." The daiyoukai agreed with him whole-heartily, quickly taking the girl and laying her on the couch he kept in his office. The woman tried her best to resist his leading hands, but soon gave up and laid down.

"Sleep," he ordered. The woman sat up, shaking her head vigorously.

"I'm not sleepy," she protested with a sweet pout. Growling under his breath, the dog lord turned to his employee who stood near the wall, looking at the pair with frightened eyes, obviously doubting the sanity of the one part. Sesshoumaru decided to be merciful just this one time.

"Leave Arashi. We will be fine here." The man nodded, happy to leave the room and its rising tension. Once he was out of the sight, the daiyoukai turned his light eyes on the problem at hand.

"Miko, you will listen to me." The girl huffed at him, turning on her side, her lips sealed in a thin line. The man's hands clenched at his sides, he felt how his blunt nails bit into his skin. The woman was lucky so far, but she was testing his self-control dangerously. If she planned to make him really angry at her then she was just a one step from it. Suddenly, she spoke again.

"My name is Kagome. I don't want to be called a miko all the time-," she hiccupped in the middle, pushing her into a little fit of giggles. She calmed quickly returning to her sentence. "I told you that before."

"Hnn." Indeed he remembered that, but the power of habit made it harder to stop than he thought it would be. Slowly he wondered about his reply when the girl started to talk again. Obviously her strange state made her talkative again.

"You know I wanted to… uhm… what was that word?" Again the hiccup escaped her lips and to muffle it she hid her head in the coach. He waited for her to calm down and finish whatever was that she wanted to tell him. After sometime without any sign from her, he decided that the woman fell asleep, so he turned ready to return to his work when a weak voice stopped him again.

"Sorry. I'm sorry I yelled at y-you, but I don't retreat… uhm… regret what I said. Bu-but thank you for saving me that day. You sounded cool." The male sat in his chair without making a noise comprehending her words. The girl turned around, a pout once again forming on her face.

"Are you here, or am I talking to the empty room?" she giggled happily. "Kagome is talking to herself, Kagome is talking to herself," she murmured to herself in a sing-song tone. The man shook his head, deciding to bring this show to an end.

"I'm still here girl." The miko gave loud 'eek' and fell from the coach. Sesshoumaru couldn't stop the light chuckle that escaped his throat before he stood up and helped the poor girl gather herself. Her small hands curled on his arms as he guided her back to the coach.

She was mumbling something under her breath, but he didn't pay her any attention. She was drunk after all; whatever she was talking about wasn't important. Gently, he laid her down, reminding the woman to be careful about the edge this time. She laughed but made sure to not fall again.

They sat in silence for a long time; he was doing his work, while the miko, after a few fits of uncontrolled giggles, fell asleep. It was a welcomed change. Time slowly moved and he was nearly sure that the day would pass without another disruption when unwelcomed auras tingled his senses, and in the next moment, the door of the office opened for the second time this day.

The daiyoukai raised, his eyes narrowing at his guests. He could see the apologizing look in Seiko's eyes who was bowing before the two tall men whose eyes were as cold as his own.

"You can leave Seiko." The cat youkai bowed closing the door after two visiting lords.

"Kyo. Shigure," Sesshoumaru said, lightly bowing his head; they bowed in reply.

"Well, take your seats. I expected you the day before. It seems your spies are getting lazy," said the Western Lord, smirking at his companions, taking his own seat. Both man flushed lightly one of them from entertainment, the other from anger.

"As far-sighted as always," commented the younger man, his green eyes flashing with merriment. The inu replied with an arrogant smirk on his face.

"That's outrageous! We shouldn't be informed about this by spies! You should inform us face to face and hear that I'm highly against that project!" The older man yelled. The younger shrugged looking back at the western lord.

"I and my father are okay with this. As long as we would be informed about the progress, but I think that's not the case."

"Indeed kitsune. I started the project on my own and no one is going to be informed about this until I have results." The tengu rose to his feet, his aura swirling around the room. The kitsune shook his head, knowing that a fight was coming up and no one would stop it. Or so he thought…

A small voice interrupted the meeting, catching attention of the three men.

"My head hurts." Sesshoumaru cursed his fate, as he moved to the girl on the couch. He knelt beside her knowing it wouldn't be good to leave her without answer when the medicine could still affect her behavior.

"You're alright?" The miko moved her hand where she heard his voice. Her fingers brushed his shoulder, and with a sigh, she leaned on him.

"My head spins," she cried unhappily, her head shooting up to glare at the room, trying to locate something without use of her eyes. Finally, using her spiritual powers, she found what she was looking for.

"You woke me up! Did no one tell you it's unkind to shout in a room when someone is asleep?" The tengu lord huffed, his dark hair stood slightly, reminding the other lords of feathers.

"You dare to talk to me?" Lord Shigure asked, giving Kagome his chilliest glare. Of course, since she couldn't see it, it had no effect on her whatsoever; she could however feel his rising power, which made her own reyouki sparkle in reply. The kitsune lord laughed at the show.

"I suppose you're the famous miko. I'm Kyo, southern lord in training. It's an honor to meet you," he said in her direction, bowing politely. "Forgive us for interrupting your sleep."

The woman smiled happily at the man, before once again leaning on the inuyoukai whom, by some miracle, wasn't trying to push her away. She certainly wasn't in the mood to complain about this since her head was still spinning mercilessly. "I'm drunk," she moaned to where she thought Sesshoumaru's ear would be.

The daiyoukai squished away the smirk that threatened to rise on his face. He shouldn't show any emotions with other lords in the room. With a calm face, he laid the girl back.

"Obviously. Now sleep." The protest was about to leave her mouth, but he stopped it just in time with a little dose of his poison. The woman fell on the coach, her eyes closed and her breathing even. Hmm, he should remember to use that method more often.

"Now, let's go to our talk. You were saying?" the dog youkai turned to his guests. The kitsune smiled. Being honest he truly liked the western lord. Call it childish admiration, but Sesshoumaru was a hero from his cub years, to be able to work with him now was just…wow. His inner fox squealed in delight.

The tengu lord didn't have this kind of soft spot for the dog. That's why he spoke first, "I demand you stop the whole thing right now."

"That's not an option," the silver-haired male replied, crossing his arms. "The organization already knows about her and I can guess she's their top priority."

"I don't care!"

"Neither do I, but about your opinion."

"You… I just don't want the last accident to repeat. You know what I mean," Shigure said gravely. Even Kyo turned grim at the mention of that. He sighed, agreeing with the previous speaker.


"So we have a consensus here," Kyo said happily, standing from his seat and the tengu lord followed. The males exchanged the necessary politeness, leaving the two inhabitants of the room alone.

Once he was sure the other daiyoukais left the building, Sesshoumaru fell on his beloved chair, rubbing his hurting temples. It was just great, another day, another trouble, another headache. Nothing could be worse at this point.

Silently he just thanked that the miko was out for next few hours, so he just could sit here, doing nothing. And that was exactly what he did.


"You're carrying me to my bed?"

"It seemed to me that you were unable to walk there on your own. However if I was mistaken, feel free to correct me." The woman giggled.

"Noo… I'm still dizzy. The last time someone carried me to bed I was seven. I feel soo old." Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes, dropping her on the bed while ignoring her startled gasp. Sensing she was in talkative mood, the royal youkai quickly retreated to the safety of his bedroom, leaving her to ramble to her pillow.

After all, he was quite sure she would find something to talk about in the morning. He stopped, glancing at the door to his room. He would close it, this one time, to prevent the miko from walking here in the middle of the night. From her state, something like that could pop in her little head.

His golden eyes narrowed, as Sesshoumaru scoffed at his thoughts. He was behaving like a scared pup. Squaring his shoulders, he walked inside, leaving the door open.


"Where are we?" Kagome asked when Sesshoumaru opened the car door for her, helping her to exit the vehicle. She waited until he locked it and once again took the role of her guardian.

"It's the weekend. I figured it would be the best time for you to visit your family." The shock that took over the woman's face was worth all the inconveniences he would have to endure here. A few seconds later, she slipped her hand away and broke into run up the shrine stairs, that he was sure would end with her sprawled on the ground.

When, by some mystery, that didn't happen, and the crazy, blind girl disappeared at the top of the stairs, he decided to follow her, his ears catching sounds of her enthusiastic chatter.

"It's such a long story mama; it would take me few hours to tell you exactly what happened."

"Hey sis, is that youkai we were searching for with you?" asked some boyish voice.

"Yeah. He was behind me. You want me to introduce you, Souta?"

"Sure, why not." Preparing himself for the unstoppable, the inuyoukai walked into view, noticing the curious glances the Higurashis were sending his way.

"Whoa," commented the young boy, looking with widened eyes at the tall male.


With an amused giggle at the exchange, the miko proceeded with the introductions.

"Everyone, that's Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru, that's my mama, Souta, younger brother, and somewhere out there hiding is my grandpa, probably preparing some sutras to take you down." The man bowed politely, cringing mentally at the possibility of meeting the last one mentioned. It was too late to run now.

"It's very nice to meet you, Sesshoumaru-sama. I suppose you're aware that someone is waiting for you?" This time the daiyoukai allowed himself a sigh. Yes, he knew it.

As if his unhappy thoughts called her, from the back came a beautiful woman, her dark hair cut in a fashionable style, her painted lips curved into a smirk as she looked at everyone gathered on the shrine grounds. Her eyes rested on Kagome who was turned to her mother's voice.

"Well, well, well, you must be that famous miko," the woman spoke catching the girl's attention. Mrs. Higurashi turned to the female with a warm smile, guiding her daughter to her. The girl bowed politely, taking her white cane with the left hand.

"It's nice to meet you Mrs.…?"

"Kazumi. I'm former Lady of the Western lands and Sesshoumaru's mother. Also, I'm your new trainer little miko."

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