Title: Painful guilt
Pairing: Charlie/Hermione, Hermione/Ron
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1022
Warnings: Infidelity.
Prompt: Too Much
Summary: Ron gets home earlier, while Hermione is still in bed with her brother-in-law. That can only mean trouble...
A/N: Written for the LJ community:10iloveyou prompt table.

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Painful Guilt

"Hermione, I'm home!"

My blood turned cold and hot at the same time and my heartbeats were so fast that it only increased its speed through my veins. I looked at Charlie, wide eyed. He wasn't supposed to find out like this. Or better, he wasn't supposed to find out at all! We jolted out of the bed, collecting pieces of clothes scattered around the room.

"Wasn't he suppose to work late today?", Charlie whispered harshly at me.

" Sloppy footsteps were heard around the entrance of the house.

"He was... It's only five o'clock. Fuck. Hurry up!", I rushed Charlie into the bathroom and gave thanks for Ron's insistance on buying a house with a bathroom just for us and another for the kids.

His steps on the stairs panicked me. How would I be able to get Charlie out of the house or to the fireplace without Ron noticing? Just before the bedroom door opened, I stuck my arm out of the bathroom where Charlie and I were hiding and I moved my wand so the bed would be made by itself.

"Hermione?" Ron entered the room and watched the sheets dancing around the bed, being placed neatly over the mattress.

"Hey, you're home! Thank God. I need to ask you a favour", it was the only thing I could think of at the time. My head stuck through the door.

Ron's expression fall a bit. "Can't it wait? I left work early so we could spend some quality time", he winked and attempted to open the bathroom door I was clutching at so hard that my knuckles turned white.

"No! Don't come in! I'm...", my husband's innocent wide eyes didn't help at all with my lying, "I'm on my period. And I ran out of...you know, pads..." Ron's frown cleared after a few seconds as he realized what I was refering to.

"You need those--"

"Yes, exactly." I flashed him a sweet smile trying to persuade him into going to the store three blocks away.

He sighed. "Can't you improvise something? You know how many types of pads and tampons there are... I'm not comfortable--"

"Please, Ron. I can't go out of this bathroom until I have them. I've had cramps all afternoon..." Charlie put a plastic thing in my hand silently. I eyed it from the corner of my eye and recognized the cover of the product with flashing pink and yellow colours. "Here. You can look for the package that looks exactly like this one. If you have more trouble I'm sure someone from the shop will help you", I said as I handed it to him.

Ron didn't look convinced, but gave up anyway. "So this means we can't...?"

"No. I'm sorry, honey. Not tonight...or the next four days. You know I find it a bit gross", I smiled sympathetically at him; I was trying to cover my grimace as guilt spung in my chest.

"Okay. Wait here. I'll be back in a few minutes." He kissed me sweetly on the mouth and left the room.

I couldn't help to burst into tears as I let myself fall to the floor of the bathroom. He trusted me. My husband trusted me and the only thing I did was lie to him. He really loved me. I could feel it in his actions, in his look, in his kiss... And it just made it all worse.

I felt Charlie's arms slide around me, bringing me into his chest. And the tears suddenly stopped. All I could feel at the moment was anger, regret, stress..."You have to go"

"I know. But I don't want to leave you like this. Let's talk, Hermione"

"Talk? Talk? TALK?! Are you bloody kidding me?!", I stepped out of his embrance and went to the bedroom, pacing back and forth, trying to order the words into the coherent speech only my mind and heart understood. "My husband nearly sees me in bed with his brother! He'll be back any minute now, we can't just talk. He loves me, Charlie. You didn't see his face. He trusts me. He doesn't doubt I love him, and I do...but I fuck his brother three times a week because his love isn't enough! Who do I think I am?! Do I think too much of myself to demand the love and attention of two men? This is just--This is--Get out. Go home. I can't deal with this right now. I need---I need to think. This is---this is overwhelming. I don't think I can deal with this anymore. It's--it's too much, Charlie." I breathed for what felt the first time since I started talking. I looked at Charlie, standing at the doorway between the bedroom and the bathroom, his trousers in his hands, and I felt the tears streaming down my face. My vision blurried as more came to my eyes and I could only whisper to him, to my lover, to leave. "We'll talk tomorrow. I promise", I whispered.

He just flashed me an angry look and I wondered what he was thinking. But not a second later, he stalked off in a huff and I heard the sound of the fireplace as he Flooed out of the house. Apparently, what felt like seconds to me were minutes, for only Ron's voice next to me took me out of my thoughts.

"Are these the right ones? I couldn't find the exact same package but a lady helped me. She said these had the same...things...but they are a different brand. You won't believe how-- Hermione, what's wrong?", Ron asked as he noticed my tears.

I slowly turned to him and just shook my head dismissively. "Hormones. Period. It's nothing..." I take the package and head to the bathroom as I murmured a small, "Thank you, Ron. You're very sweet."

As soon as the door closed behind me I collapsed to the floor in a flood of tears, thinking. Thinking of what I did, of what could I do and, most importantly -and selfishly-, how to make this guilt in my chest go away.