Title: Unleashed
Pairing: Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger (in this chapter), Charlie Weasley/Hermione Granger
Rating: R
Prompt: Simple
Word Count: 633
Beta: exartemarte
Warnings: Infidelity implied.
Summary: The monster was released without warning.
A/N: Originally written for the prompt table of 10iloveyou. After over a year of leaving this story behind by some horrible review I received, I'm here again, trying to finish this story that I still don't even know where it's going. Hope it doesn't suck very much because every time I read it, I like it less.


'Do you ever wish you were young again, Ron? Just...sometimes?' Hermione asked with a cup of hot tea in her hands, staring at the fire.

Ron looked up from his wizard chess game. The pieces continued moving and cheating while he focused on his wife. 'What? We areyoung, Hermione.'

She sighed. 'No. Not like that. I mean eleven-years-old young. When everything was a lot simpler.'

Laughter escaped his lips as he looked at her. "Yeah, almost dying while trying to help the Boy-Who-Lived find the Philosopher's Stone was definitely simpler," he teased.

She half smiled. "No, we never really had things easy."

"But we chose that. We always have a choice."

She stared at Ron. Looking at his bright blue eyes for a long time, she realized he was right. We all have a choice. We choose to simplify things. Or complicate them.

Hermione knew she she was to blame for her complicated situation. Or at least half of it. It was she who had slept with her husband's brother. She was the one falling in love with him. She was the selfish woman claiming to love both equally.

The couch shifted under Ron's weight, breaking her train of thought. "What are you thinking about, love?"

She turned her face to look at him. He was so close she could feel his breath against her face. Her brown eyes locked with his. Those blue irises shone with as much love as they had done on their wedding day. Right then, she knew she still loved him. Hermione was still deeply in love with Ron. The question was, how can someone hurt a person they love so much?

"I love you," she whispered.

The words escaped from her mouth before her brain had processed them. They came from the heart and they took her by surprise. She loved him not because she had to, because he was her husband, but because he made her feel whole, happy, loved and her. She was Hermione when she was with him, and knowing that he had loved her all this time just as she was made her love him even more.

Surrendering to impulse, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

"I love you, too," Ron said against her neck as he started kissing the skin over her shoulder.

She let him lay her back on the couch and kiss every bit of skin he could reach. The image of Charlie's face came to her mind. She tried hard to avoid thinking of him, but as Ron cupped her right breast, the comparison between them was inescapable.

Ron was gentle and loving. Charlie was passionate and firm. She would know who was touching her just by the pressure of his fingers on her skin and by the speed and depth of the kisses. Yet, it was impossible to choose one.

Soon, she found herself naked as Ron positioned himself above her. Their bodies became one with the sound of their moans and groans as background music. Rhythm instantly found due to the familiarity of the act, shared so many times in their three years of marriage.

Hermione felt Ron moving in and out of her as he gasped his feelings for her one more time. It wasn't long before they were lost in a shuddering, mutual climax.

Still gasping, Hermione whispered against his bare shoulder, "I'm cheating on you, Ron."

Time stopped. Their breathing stopped. Neither moved as the weight of her whispered confession sunk in the room. Tears started cascading down her cheeks as she clutched at Ron, who was still over her.

"I'm so sorry. I'm... I'm a monster."

"Who?" Ron hissed, still not lifting his face from her shoulder.

Hermione sobbed harder as she impulsively confessed the truth. "Charlie."

A/N: I promise to update sooner than the last time. Can't say it'll be in two weeks, but it won't be over a year. Hope the long wait was worth it. Seven more chapters to go! :)