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Killer Hangover+Ash Ketchum=Crap…

Waking up in the morning with a killer hangover and Ash Ketchum in the same bed as you told you that something had gone very wrong.

Dawn lightly poked Ash in the shoulder, seeing if he would stir. He just kept snoring like he was a dead man.

Dawn shook her head, partially trying to erase the pain of her hangover, but mostly trying to reorient herself. She looked around the room; where the hell was she, anyway. The last she remembered, Brock had passed her a weird looking drink…

Oh, she thought. Right. Dumbass me.

This was just the after affect of her eighteenth birthday 'party;' that much she'd managed to remember. The rest was an entire blur…she thought, trying to remember exactly what happened. She backed her memory up to where it was less foggy, when she had first walked through the doors of the Pewter gym. She nodded slowly; Brock had hosted her party. She remembered trying a drink…she nodded her head again, realizing that she'd gone for another…and another…

Damn, she thought. How much did I drink?

She shook her head, focus Dawn. Dawn turned back to Ash, biting her lip. How did I end up with Ash in my bed?

She furrowed her brow, trying to remember exactly what had gone wrong. All she could remember was chugging down drink after drink, until someone took the bottle away…Ash. Yes, she was sure of that now; Ash had confiscated her last bottle of beer. She thought that over, trying to remember what he had said.

"Don't drink too much…"

Dawn thought a bit more, trying to figure out exactly what had gone wrong. She'd fought Ash, she knew that much; though she couldn't make sense of the jumbled words that had come out of her mouth. She suddenly remembered her snaking her arm around Ash's shoulder, and bringing her lips to his…the flashbacks continued, just like that. Dawn shook her head, not wanting to believe what had happened. Yet, as sad as it was, the evidence was before her; she didn't remember everything, but she knew enough. It didn't take a rocket scientist to add up the facts; a make out session, seeing their clothes thrown all over the place, and having Ash snoring maybe three inches away from her all added up to the same thing.

Dawn had slept with her best friend.

Dawn flinched, thinking of that. Almost instantaneously, she felt a sense of dirtiness go through her. As if it wasn't bad enough that Ash was five years older than her and that he was dating Misty…but to go as far as sleep with him while being drunk made Dawn wonder just how low she'd sunk. She shook her head, not wanting to believe what had happened; still, her answer was literally right in front of her. She lost her virginity to Ash Ketchum

What the hell Dawn.

Dawn brought her hand to her temples, rubbing them and trying to straighten her feelings out. She'd stopped traveling with Ash when she was thirteen, right after he'd become a Pokémon master. Ever since then, the media had been printing stories of his travels left and right. Pokémon battles and strategies were a minor thing though; what the media really wanted to eat up was the fact that Ash Ketchum had traveled with female companions. It didn't seem like a big deal to Dawn back when Ash was fifteen…but seeing buff eighteen year old Ash Ketchum travel with a thirteen year old gave many overprotective parents the idea that he was some deranged child molester.

Of course, Misty hadn't gotten much attention from the media; despite the fact that she was Ash's girlfriend, she'd traveled with him back when they were ten. Not much action could have happened back then, so she'd never gotten much attention. From the stories that were printed about Misty though, they were all the same; she was a smart, short tempered girl traveling with a very clueless boy whom she somehow ended up falling in love with. Most of the headlines of Misty read something along the lines of "Ash's bitch."

And then there was May.

May had gotten her name printed in a good deal of articles; she was mostly depicted as the sweet, gentle girl that Ash should have ended up with. Even though she got together with Drew in the long run, everyone still had their fingers crossed that May would somehow leave her boyfriend right around the same time that Ash and Misty would break up, just so they could see them get together. Plus, it seemed that the public would enjoy the idea of seeing the stereotypical Good Girl with male heartthrob Ash Ketchum.

Dawn had it the worst though.

People would often snicker as they passed Dawn on the streets, their magazines in hand about "the slut of the three." Dawn's nickname hadn't really gotten to her too much; once she'd gotten over the fact that she'd been labeled as Ash's slut, she'd gotten used to it. It wasn't that she didn't care, but it was the fact that she knew that she wasn't the slut everyone thought she was. At least, she wasn't then.

Now though, Dawn wasn't so sure.

She turned back to Ash, seeing him roll around on the bed. Dawn sighed. He's going to get up soon…She walked around the room, picking up her clothes as she went along and getting dressed. She picked up her handbag from the desk in the room, and walked over to the door. She took one last look behind her shoulder at her twenty-three year old friend. Dawn shook her head and shut the hotel door behind her, not exactly knowing where she was going.

If anything though, she knew one thing.

Her life was about to get very complicated.

A/N: Oooh, that was a very nice cliffhanger wasn't it? Anyway, that sort of sets the frame to this story. I know that Dawn is constantly portrayed as a slut through many stories, so I thought I'd try my hand at some of that. Oh, and this takes place after Dawn turned EIGHTEEN, so bear in mind she's going to be very different from how she acted on the show.

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