My body hit the steel wall of the cell with a thump as the door shut.

I couldn't even feel it anymore.

I was too broken.

I used to be...


I was able to morph...

Turn into animals at will.

That was before I was captured.

My mind is sluggish...

Trying to remember my past.

One mission... That was it. I had to try and infiltrate the Lair, and blow up the containment pool holding the Yeerks.

I succeded.

But they caught me.

Now, I was on a spaceship...





My home.

Or, what's left of it.

I have no way of knowing what has happened.

My friends could be dead.

They probably think that i'm dead.

Who knows?

I could be.

I am thin, sallow.

A mere ghost of the girl i used to be.

Aboard this ship, i was tortured for information at first.

There was nothing I could tell.

It seemed as if my friends had abandoned me...

Leaving me to die.

But I know that's not true.

I could see the tears on Jake's face when he told me about this.

I knew he wanted to send himself, but I wouldn't let him.

He hugged me tight, then I slipped off into the darkness outside.

He didn't tell anyone else.


Maybe hours, maybe minutes later I am dragged from my cell and thrown at the feet of the Visser.

My blue eyes, once so pretty, are now stained.

Stained with fear and blood.

The Visser doesn't speak, just looks at me as if I will divulge information if he stares at me long enough.

There's nothing left to divulge.

I've forgotten it all.

He has stripped me of everything.

And he knows it.


I am thrown back into my cell, then a guard comes in a slaps me.


He says nothing, I can see the hollowness in his eyes.

If he were a real person, he wouldn't do this.

But the Yeerk wrapped around his brain is poisoning him, just like they are poisoning me.

They won't put a Yeerk in me.

They know that i'm too weak now.

Too broken.


Again, I find myself at the feet of the Visser, staring at him, and him staring back at me.

This has been gong on too long.

I want to fight.

I want to save myself.

But i'm broken.

My wings are gone.

Then, he speaks.

"What is your name"

At first, I can't remember.

I am silent for too long.

The guard reaches to hit me, but a look from the Visser stops his hand.

Then, I find it.

My name.

My name is Rachel.


So what'cha think? i'm going to continue, just be patient for the next chapter :D