The controller took us into the familiar room, the one with Visser Three's throne.

He was in human form today, maybe that meant something.

Maybe it meant something...

There was something he had told me...


Something about my friends...

In a flash, he snatched me away from Marco and had me pinned against his chest, a blade at my throat.

I knew what he was doing now.

He wasn't torturing me, he was going after Marco.

I could see the fear and concern in Marco's eyes, and I was sure that Visser Three could too.

"Tell me where the rest of the Animorphs are" He said, pressing the blade into my neck.

Marco's eyes widened as he caught on too.

I shook my head, and he nodded.

Visser three pushed the blade closer.

"Tell me, I won't ask again"

Marco bit his lip, looking at me.

I shut my eyes.

I was willing to die.

I could feel the blade pressing closer...

Then several things happened at the same time.

The Visser drew the blade across my throat and dropped me to the floor, and I could feel the hot blood rushing out.

Marco screamed several unintelligible things then,

"Rachel! Morph!"

I hadn't morphed in years.

I concentrated on the first thing I could think of.

A lizard.

A green newt to be exact.

It was excruciating, fighting the blackness that was trying to take me.

I could hear Marco sobbing.

Then, I noticed something different.

I did it.

I cheated death.

I was a lizard.

I tried to run, but the Visser caught me with impossible quickness, holding me in his hand.

"Well, I admit that was clever little girl, but you won't last long"

He motioned to a guard, and he brought in the Device.

The Device.

We had destroyed it, but they must have re-built it.

The Device was a contraption designed to pass an electric current through us and cause us to de-morph.

He took the electrode and held it to my little lizard head.

At first nothing happened. Then like an explosion, a huge electrical current passed through my brain.

If I had a voice, I would have screamed.

I could feel myself growing, falling out of Visser Three's hand and onto the floor.

Then, a horrible sound filled my still developing ears.

I tried to cover my ears, but the sound wouldn't leave me alone.

Then, I realized that the awful screech was my own voice, screaming in pain.

The Visser took away the electrode, and I convulsed once before laying still on the cold floor, gasping for breath.

Marco tried to run over to me, but one of the controllers grabbed his arms.

"Don't touch her" He growled.

The Visser smirked, then knelt down and put the electrode back on my head.

It was agony.

I screamed, my head feeling like it was going to explode. I convulsed, and I could here Marco yelling again.

Then it was gone, and I gasped in lungfuls of air.

-----Start of Rape scene-----

"I see that I have to take more durastic measures" The Visser said thoughtfully.

I was still blind with pain, I couldn't see what he was doing, but Marco started yelling again.

I looked up and saw The Visser removing his shirt, showing a bare chest.

Oh no.

This is what he had told me.

I knew it.

He threw me against the wall, and started kssing me, his tongue thrust into my mouth disgustingly.

I bit down hard, and the salty taste of blood filled my mouth.

"Bitch" He said, wiping his mouth.

He ripped off my shirt, and the cold air stung my skin.

Marco was swearing, calling the Visser all sorts of names I hadn't heard before.

The Visser shot a malicious grin at Marco, then ripped off my pants and underwear.

Marco went silent, his horrified eyes watching the Visser.

"Please" He whispered.

A flash went across the visser's face, almost like compassion, but then it was gone, and he unzipped his pants befer plunging into me.

All at once, I felt that same rushing ice fill my lungs, the pain was so intense.

He kept going for what seemed like hours, then he groaned and let me go, throwing my clothes on top of me.

I put them on with shaking fingers, barely able to do up the buttons.

Then, a controller led us away, back into the cell.

-----End of rape scene-----

I collapsed against the wall, past the point of crying.

Marco sat a little ways away, and I could see his shoulders shaking.

"I'm going to tell them" He whispered.

"I can't let him do that to you again"

I didn't say anything, just let my feverish head rest against he cool wall.

I could hear Marco sobbing now.

Poor kid, he had been through so much...

I forgot myself for a moment and crawled over to him, leaning against him comfortingly.

He took my hand and kissed it. I pressed the same hand against his face, wiping away his tears.

Then, after a moment's decision, I pressed my lips to his.

My stomach rebelled, my mind trying to insist that I shouldn't want this, not after what Visser Three had done.

God, I could still feel his hands on me.

Marco seemed surprised too, but then relaxed into it, molding his lips into mine and entwining a hand in my hair.

It was our first kiss.

Painfully, i remembered the kisses Tobias used to give me, soft and sweet.

Marco was just like that, his lips tasting like cinnamon.

I made my choice, and started to unbutton his shirt, caressing the muscles I felt there.

He groaned slightly, but pulled away, catching my hands.

"Rachel, are you sure?" His voice was full of concern.

I nodded, and kissed him again.

He gently lowered me down to the floor, putting his jacket underneath me.

It just went from there.

I know that there was no real Lemon, but i'm not supposed to write lemons, so please bare with me.

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