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The Theory of Imprinting

"Jake, why do people imprint?" Renesmee asked her shape-shifter best friend as they lay in the clearing where the 'battle' with the Volturi had taken place a long time ago. Jacob blushed.

"Sam thinks that it is to create a stronger generation of wolves," he explained. Seth came jogging up to them.

"Whatcha guys talking about?" he inquired.

"Why people imprint," Renesmee said. Seth nodded.

"Oh, that's easy. Wolves imprint on females who would be lonely in life otherwise," he told her. Jacob and Renesmee looked baffled.

"But…all the imprints are pretty!" Renesmee protested.

"Well, yeah. But that's the problem. They're so pretty, that guys would think they were aloof, and so the girls would never be able to get to dates!" Seth replied.

Jacob just shook his head.

"Fine then!" Seth semi-shouted, "We'll just ask someone else!" He wildly looked around the clearing, and slightly smiled when a familiar form appeared. He jogged away for a moment, and then came back, grinning. His arm was slung around the shoulders of the second female wolf, Lili.

"So, Lili, why do you think wolves imprint?" Seth asked her when they had returned to Jacob and Renesmee.

She shrugged. "It's simple, really. Long before the men of the Quileute tribe transformed into wolves, and before the spirit warriors, the people of the tribe believed in reincarnations. They believed that when you died, if you had been a good person, you would be reincarnated many years later, and live another good life. So the wolves and imprints are simply reincarnations of former Quileute people, even if they aren't Quileute people anymore. I believe that wolf and his imprint were soul mates in a former life, but never had a chance to be together. So now, they have been given a second chance at true love," she explained.

Jacob, Renesmee and Seth stared at her in shock. She grinned at their stunned looks, and then walked off into the forest.

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