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-Children are Devils in disguise. I should know. –Blue Bandanna Girl-

He sliced through the cold night air. A brisk chill was in the air, making him repress a shiver.

As silent as death itself, he ran through the night. A nearby streetlight caught on the silver metal of his ninjaken. He leaped out of sight as a car drove by. Once the area was clear he continued running.

With a great leap, he landed on the roof of a two-story house. He looked around and lifted up the window and slide into a bedroom. This was not his target. Without a sound, he shut the window and slipped out the bedroom door.

He scanned the hallway, taking note of a single surveillance camera at the end of the hallway. He crouched and leaped up onto the ceiling using his climbing spikes to crawl across the ceiling, unseen by the camera.

He leaped from the ceiling and landed silently on the ground and opened a heavy wood door. It let out a low groan, and he froze. The occupant of the room rolled over in his sleep, and continued on snoring.

The shadowy intruder advanced closer to the sleeping figure, pulling out a knife. The intruder stopped by the bed and lifted the knife, plunging it towards the sleeping man.

-Ninjas are top assassins-

Jesse shook his head. "That was the fifth murder this week," he said putting the paper down and taking a sip of coffee. Anna nodded and continued trying to open the peanut butter jar.

Jesse looked over at her. "Need some help?" he asked smiling at his wife. She shook her head and sighed, before handing the jar to Jesse. With a twist of his wrist, Jesse took the cap off and handed it to his wife, smiling at her. She took it and glared at him.

"You loosened it for me," he told her hoping she would believe it.

"Jesse, you shouldn't try to make me feel better over a jar of peanut butter. Now go wake up Blake," Anna commanded.

Jesse sighed. This was his way of being punished. He got up from his chair and headed upstairs and opened his son's room. It was the perfect example of Blake's obsession with blue. It had light blue walls with dark blue carpets, which had swirls of aqua blue on it. The curtains were a bright baby blue with white clouds on them.

Jesse looked at Blake, asleep under the blue blankets on his bed. He walked over, the carpet cushioning the sounds of his footsteps. He reached out and placed a hand on Blake's shoulder.


Jesse went flying and landed on the floor with a very, loud thump, and a muffled, "Ow." Blake blinked and looked at his father.

"Sorry daddy. I thought you were the ninja," apologized Blake, crawling out of bed and poking Jesse, checking to make sure he was alive.

"No. I'm not a ninja," began Jesse, his voice going dark and scary, "because I am the Boogeyman!" cackled Jesse, grabbing Blake and started tickling him. Blake fought trying to get out of his father's "Tickle Grip Of Tickelness" as Jesse called it.

"Ahem. If you to hooligans are done, breakfast is ready," announced Anna from the doorway, looking at her son, and her other "child". Jesse and Blake looked up at her and smiled at her angelically. Anna shook her head and pointed down the hall. "Come on before it gets cold."

Obediently Jesse and Blake got up and headed towards the kitchen. Anna shook her head and sighed. "What ever shall I do with them?" she questioned to no one.

-I reject your reality and use my own! It's way better!- Blue Bandanna Girl-

"Mommy! Daddy! Look! Puppies!" giggled Blake putting his hands on the glass keeping him and the Saint Bernard puppies. Jesse bent down to get a good look at them.

"Ain't they cute. Wanna she if Mom will let us buy one?" Jesse asked his son. Blake nodded his head vigorously.

"MOMMY!" shouted Blake running over to Anna and wrapping his arms around her knees. "Can we pwease get a puppy?" he begged, looking up at her with his sparkiling eyes.

Jesse wrapped his arms around Anna's shoulders, and placed his head on her shoulder, and giving her his best puppy dog pout. "Pwease mommy?" whimpered Jesse.

Anna sighed and looked over at the window. "Saint Bernard puppies… They grow pretty big."

"Then we can get a Maltese terrier," smiled Jesse.

Anna shook her head. "No."

She walked into the pet store leaving the two males devastated. "No puppy," they sobbed with anime tears flowing down their faces.

-Puppy dog, Puppy dog, I love you-

Anna walked out of the store, the delicate bundle in her arms to see her husband and son sitting on the bench looking solemn. "She shook her head and headed towards the exit. "Come on you two. We got to head off." Jesse and Blake followed her, dragging their feet across the ground.

Once in the car Anna put the bundle on Blake's lap as Jesse started the car. "A PUPPY!" shrieked Blake happily hugging the black and white Saint Bernard dog. Jesse looked at the puppy then at Anna.

"The pout wins once again!" exclaimed Jesse smiling at Anna. Anna just shook her head.

"No. I just always wanted a Saint Bernard," she responded. Jesse just smiled and began driving home.