The figure fixed her earpiece and stumbled onto the couch while simultaneously flipping through random papers. Her eyes spot checked a couple of facts and her hands flew towards the coffee cup that was placed on the table.

"Sup, manager?" the curly haired boy swaggered into the room. His guitar was slung over his shoulder and he was leaning against the door frame. The girl peered over at him and shook her head with annoyance.

"You're late."

"Sorry?" he chuckled. He placed his guitar on the couch and took a seat next to her, resting his feet on the table. His hands swiped the cup out of her grip and he took a long sip. He looked over at the brunette who was swept with irritation. "Come on, Mi, don't get too tensed up."

"Well, Nick, its kind of hard when my musician shows up an hour late to his own performance," she huffed. Nick smirked at her and leaned in.

"Do you want me to take care of some of that tension," he whispered into her ear. Their eyes met for a millisecond until the blue pair formed into a hard glare.

"Sometimes I wonder if you'll ever take me seriously," she sighed. She slumped back into the couch and ran her hand across her forehead. Exhaustion was creeping up on her. She had been planning this show for weeks and Nick missed sound check.

"Mi, its not like that," he replied. He shifted himself so he could be at a better angle.

"Its like our relationship messes with me being your manager," she argued. She crossed her arms and tilted her head, waiting for his reply.

"I think its the other way around," he smirked. He leaned in towards her and nipped at her neck. His arms found their way around her waist and he could feel her melt into his body.

"Not fair."

"Is too," he murmured against her skin. He tugged at her shirt and shifted her to lie down on the couch and proceeded to hover over her. He leaned in, giving her a small peck on the lips.

"You go on in..." Miley trailed her eyes towards the clock. "In ten minutes." She heard a groan escape from his lips as he nuzzled into the crook of her neck.

"That's enough for me to do a lot of things," he joked. He felt the rumble of laughter in Miley's chest and leaned his head back to get a full view of her.

"Come on, rock star," she tugged at his sleeve as they both rose up. She straightened out her pencil skirt and searched for her papers.

"I'm not a rock star yet,"

"But you will be," she pointed out. She stood up, but only to be pulled down again by a strong pair of arms. They rested against each other until Miley ventured out into a forbidden conversation. "Did you tell you parents about your music career yet?" She felt him tense up and turn silent. "Come on, Nick. They need to know sometime."

"Yeah, yeah..speaking of telling my parents," his eyes wandered across the room for some sort of distraction.


"I told them about us, finally," he murmured. He felt the energy inside his girlfriend build up as a smile graced her features.

"Really?" Miley prodded. She looked at her counterpart and her forehead creased in worry. There was another part to the story. She moved her fingers toward his forearm and gently rubbed his skin, signaling him to go on.

"My mom doesn't approve." There was a moment of silence as Miley gulped in the information. "But I made a deal with her," Nick rushed in. "I was going to tell you after the concert..." he waited to see if she was still listening. "Mi," he tilted her chin up with his index finger. "I made a deal with her."

"What deal?" Her eyes were already brimmed with light tears. Nick's heart dropped as he saw this vulnerable side of her.

"I told her that she can't judge our relationship if she doesn't know you-," but Nick was cut short. Miley flew up and trudged towards the door.

"I may not be as well off as your family but that gives her no right to judge me like that," Miley hissed. Nick sprinted towards her as she started opening the door. He made it just into time as he slammed the door shut, preventing her to leave.

"I know," he soothed. He circled his arms around her and tried to calm down the emotional girl. "Don't worry. I have a plan."

"What plan?" she asked sarcastically.

"I told her that you would come live with us for a week-," Nick was unable to finish the sentence.

"You what?" Miley shrieked. Her eyes widened as she took in his words. "Nick, I can't just live with your family for a week when I've never met them."

"Just hold on," Nick placed his hands on her shoulders as she started to regulate her breathing. He looked up at the clock. He only had a couple of more minutes left until he had to go on stage. "I told her that if she wasn't blown away with you by the end of the week then she has the right to be against this."

"Nick! I'm supposed to impress your mom in a week?"

"Yes?" his idea suddenly sounded foolish. He took a sharp intake of air and looked at Miley straight in the eyes. "Trust me. If she isn't dazzled by you even in the first five minutes, she's blind."

"What if she doesn't like me in the end?" she looked up at him softly. Her heart was pounding. She knew Nick loved his family and would never leave them. But would he leave them for her?

"Its not going to happen," he replied quickly. He pressed his soft lips on her smooth skin and held her tightly.

"How are you so damn sure?"

"Because I am," he chuckled back. He suppressed all her worries as he leaned in for another breathtaking kiss. He placed his hands around her cheeks and cupped her face. It was a moment where both of them were lost in each other. And as usual, Miley was the first to wake up from their dreamland.

"You need to go on now, mister."

"Got it," he winked. He grabbed his guitar and gave her one last kiss as they both walked through the door. Miley walked before him as she mumbled incoherent directions into her mic. Everyone began shifting places.

It was a small venue that night, but it felt like a comfortable place for Nick. He took in a huge breath and clumped together with his band. They all made a silent prayer and he started to tune his instrument.

"Okay, you guys are going to enter on stage left," Miley announced. She drew back a strand of hair and perched her pen on the clipboard. "You ready?"

"Yes, ma'am," Nick saluted her and she shook her head. "I was just waiting for my girlfriend to give me a good luck kiss." His band chuckled and moved out of the couple's way.

"Your girlfriend, huh?" Miley looked over her shoulder. "I don't see her around." Nick rolled his eyes and tugged her waist. They were a few millimeters apart until Nick dipped down in a kiss. His tongue swept across her bottom lip and she opened her mouth, allowing him full access. Miley was the first to pull out of the kiss as she quickly switched into manager mode.

"Okay, lover boy," she shoved him aside and placed him near the stage entrance. "Its go time," she whispered. She gave him a soft kiss on his neck before gently pushing him towards the spotlight.

The band was already set in place and Nick walked towards the mic. He let his relaxed personality take over and he slipped into his performer disguise.

"Well, hello Los Angeles. Are you ready to rock?" Miley shut her eyes as she heard the crowd burst into screams. She gave a sigh of relief- they already liked him. After all, what's not to like? She watched him carefully as he looked down towards his guitar. He bit his lip as he started to strum the chords.

"And this song is called Inseparable. Its about the most beautiful girl in my life," he added. The drummer started to place in the beats and Nick bobbed his head to the music. Miley suddenly felt swept away with a series of emotions. She watched as he sang his heart out. Nothing around her seemed to exist, but him. And that was when she suddenly decided- she could does this for the rest of her life. And hopefully, she would be given the chance to.

A/N So this chapter was just to set up the story. Each day of the week will have its on own chapter and you just kind of get to see what shenanigans Miley gets herself into. You'll get to meet each member of the family individually and there's a lot of drama, but not like an intense story. Its supposed to be comedic and romantic and dramatic so hopefully I kind of get that all down.