Please note that this chapter is 'M' rated and contains descriptions of m/m sex - proceed with caution.

Craig and Richard – The Early Days

Chapter two

As they started to kiss, Richard took his arms from around Craig's waist and began to unzip his friend's trousers.

"No you don't!" said Craig, taking his lover's hands in his to prevent him from completing the action.

Richard's eyes widened in shock.

"It's your turn to suffer a little now," continued Craig.

He laughed at the expression on his friend's face.

"It's OK – we'll get there in the end, you know that, I just want to torment you a little first that's all. After the morning of frustration I've had it's only fair," he said, grinning.

Richard looked relieved as he let his friend lead him into the bedroom and lower him onto the bed. Craig smiled down at his lover as he quickly got out of his own clothes, and, very slowly, removed Richard's. Then he lay down next to him and began to kiss him.

He used his mouth on Richard's neck and worked his way, oh so slowly, round to his ear, working his tongue around the outer edge and then gently nibbling on the lobe. Richard stirred and started to bite Craig's ear in return. Craig immediately stopped what he was doing.

"No Richard," he said, "for now I only want you to enjoy what I'm doing to you. Please, you just lay there and be quiet, hey?"

Richard relaxed into the pillows to signify his consent and Craig resumed nibbling on his ear lobe while running his fingers through the short hair at the nape of his neck. Just when Richard thought he couldn't stand it any longer Craig kissed his way back down his lover's neck to his chest. Very gently he worked his way across Richard's chest kissing and gently biting the skin, smiling to himself as he heard his lover's heart beat quicken. He paused on his way across to use his tongue and teeth on each of his lover's nipples and his friend gave tiny moans of pleasure.

Gradually Craig kissed his way down his lover's body, at the same time reaching down to stroke his friend's thighs. His hand made brief contact with Richard's balls as he moved it from one thigh to the other and back again, bringing forth tiny gasps from his friend.

Craig continued to tease, using his tongue and mouth across his friend's stomach, and his free hand to very softly caress around Richard's abdomen, occasionally letting his little finger brush against his friend's penis.

Richard was finding it more and more difficult to do as Craig wanted; to lie still and not touch his friend.

"Craig, please, you're driving me crazy," he groaned.

Craig moved down the bed a little and took Richard's balls into his mouth, caressing them gently with his tongue, at the same time continuing to circle his abdomen with his hand. His friend arched his back in an agony of anticipation.

"Craig, please," he repeated, breathlessly. He was in such a state of excitement by now it was all he could do to prevent himself from grabbing Craig's hands and wrapping them around his penis.

Craig took pity on him at last and took his mouth away from his lover's balls replacing it with his hand and gently lowered his mouth onto his friend's penis. He used his tongue very slowly and gently around the tip, barely touching it, while Richard moaned with pleasure, relief and anticipation. Craig worked his way up and down the shaft with his tongue and then clamped his lips around the base, moving his head up and down, every time circling the head firmly with his tongue. Just as Richard was about to reach the point of no return, Craig stopped what he was doing and returned to kissing his friend's chest.

"Oh God! Craig, please don't stop, Craig, I want you, I need you, please Craig," Richard begged, breathing very fast, his heart hammering painfully.

"Aw, you can wait a little longer," teased Craig, his own breath coming very fast, as he bent to kiss his lover's mouth once again. At the same time he caressed his friend's ear with one hand and the nape of his neck with the other.

At the very moment when Richard was about to snap and lose control completely, Craig started to work his way back down his friend's body with his hands and tongue. It seemed to take a lifetime to his lover who lay back, his breath short, his body tense, sweating in anticipation and groaning with both frustration and pleasure. At last Craig reached his lover's penis once more and this time he didn't move his mouth away as he sensed Richard's mounting excitement. They were both breathing very hard when Craig finally gave his lover the release he'd been yearning for.

They lay still for several moments, Richard satiated at last and Craig in a state of almost unbearable excitement. Craig battled with his self-control as he waited for his friend to recover enough to give him what he was becoming increasingly desperate for. His heart pounded, he was panting with need and his whole body shook with the effort of keeping himself in check. He'd almost lost it when, at last, Richard sensed his friend's urgent need and started to roll over onto his stomach.

Craig put his hand out to stop him.

"No time, too close, want to face you," he muttered semi-coherently.

He moved down the bed slightly and pushed his penis between Richard's thighs; his friend flexed his muscles and gripped tightly. Craig moved back and forth, thrusting hard, while Richard gently nibbled his ear lobe. Craig was so close already that it wasn't long before he came and collapsed on top of his lover with a sigh of pleasure.

It was some time before either could speak.

"I'll have to get Tremayne to give me codes to crack more often," Richard said at last, laughing.

"Agreed," replied Craig and joined in his friend's laughter.