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Sunlight pouring onto the black road stretched out for miles and miles in front of him, Kevin let his foot fall to the floor, pressing the pedal to the metal. The speedometer's red needle started shifting right as the car moved faster and faster, eating up the road.

The car purred like a kitten as it carried him through the desert sun, the golden light reflecting off the sand and off the glimmering green paint job. And the silence was fantastic. With Gwen away for the weekend on a college visit and Ben off at some shoddy Plumber training thing, he had all of Bellwood to himself, no aliens, no work, no deals, just a day to take care of his car and enjoy the freedom.

Power rushed through the vehicles as the engine pumped fuel and continued to devour the street below. The surge of the wheels had brought the speedometer up to eighty miles an hour as he blasted through the desert, seeing the heat roll off the black road in mirage-like waves.

And that was when the sirens struck up behind him.

A groan left his lips and he had to let up on the gas, feeling the immediate draw back on the wheels and the power began to leave the car, draining away just as irritation began to fill him up. The street was empty, and he hadn't even seen a cop car. It's not like there was any immediate danger…

The brake lights blared red after he didn't feel like he'd blow out the brake pads, and he waited for his baby to cruise to a halt at the side of the road, out of the way with one tire in the dust. The thought of the dirt frustrated him even more.

And it took a few moments, but eventually, an African-American cop stepped out of the cop car, checked his weapon, and began moving towards the Camero.

Kevin just rolled down his window and waited, fingers tapping on the paint, hoping to get this over as soon as possible. He'd had plenty of tickets before (there were still about a hundred jammed in the glove compartment) but he also enjoyed avoiding them.

"Son, do you know how fast you were going?" asked the officer, leaning against the jade frame of the car with one arm.

"Yessir, Officer…" His dark eyes checked the badge. "…Mason. I was going way faster than I should've." Kevin didn't mean to sound snarky, but such was his natural tone.

"You were going almost eighty miles an hour. That's thirty over the limit."

"I'm aware." Now his fingers were tapping on the wheel. Dealing with law enforcement was natural, he just had to tone down his attitude; Gwen had been training him, and it had yet to work.

"Then can you please explain why?"

"I'm trying to dry off my car."

And the officer's eyes squinted for a moment, trying to comprehend what the boy had just said. "Wha…?" And then he felt the moisture on his arm and, upon a quick glance at the shimmering metal, could see the water droplets that had streaked across the top of the vehicle, leaving little shining trails across the black and green.

"I just got 'er washed. Didn't want to towel dry, that'd streak." Kevin's tone was blunt and neutral. "I knew this area wouldn't be an issue, no people or nothin', so I thought it'd be safe to come out here."

Mason paused and looked between the kid and his vehicle and then just gave a little sigh. "Just be safe." He tapped the top twice with a knuckle. "You're off this time."

"Thanks, Officer." And as soon as the cop was looking away, Kevin smirked. He threw his car back into drive and pulled back onto the road, letting the speed surge through him.

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