A/N: Over here it's Mother's Day, so I had this idea for a oneshot:

Never Stop Smiling

Ichigo stood by his mother's grave. He had climbed the hill early that morning, to be alone there. He could not stand the advertisments, all telling him about the best mother's day present. He had bought his present, the flowers that now lay on her grave. His face was set in it's usual scowl, though it was slightly weaker than normal. He remembered one day, before the madness had started in his life, long before he met Rukia, long before that...


"Happy mother's day mummy!" Ichigo held out the small present he had got for his mother. There were grins on both their face, as Masaki opened the little gift. It was a set of beads on a string, which Ichigo had somehow procured.

Masaki put it on, still smiling. "Thank you Ichigo, it's wonderful!"


It was that smile, she had always been smiling. When he was with her, he would always smile too, even after being beaten badly by Tatsuki at the dojo, she just made him smile.

He found himself smiling again at the memories, they were all he had left of her now, but they were some of the most prescious things he had.


"Ichigo," the young orange haired boy looked up. He had tripped over in the park and landed on the ground. He looked at his mother with a pained expression. "Are you okay Ichigo?"

"I'm okay Mummy, it doesn't hurt too much," Ichigo said as he stood, though his face was still a little downcast.

"If you're really okay then smile, it shows everyone that you're okay!"

Ichigo looked at his mother, who was smiling as always, and his lips curled up.

"There, that's better. Now Ichigo, I want you to promise me something."

"What is it?"

"I want you to promise that you'll never stop smiling, okay?"

Ichigo's smile increased, "Of course Mummy, I promise that I'll never stop smiling."


Barely a week later, Masaki had been killed by Grand Fisher. Ichigo had failed to keep his promise after that. Now he looked back at his mother's grave, "Mum, if you can hear me, then know that I'll do my best to keep that promise from now on."

He turned away, and as he walked away, his lips curled up, even as the tears of memory clouded his vision.

'Never stop smiling, even when I'm gone... Ichigo'


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