I just could not go on with my life without writing on this.

I saw Tim Burton's remake of Alice in Wonderland just a week ago, and of course the Mad Hatter was beautifully played, (by Johnny Depp), and I thought Alice was pretty cool. I couldn't help but notice (either coming from my crazy illusions), the little bits of flirtation the two exchanged each other. Or maybe it was just because I unconsciously wanted them to be a pair xD. Seriously, and with the line," Alice your terribly late! You know... Naughty", I couldn't help it resisting on writing about their, (sorry to anger fans that disagree), "secret love".

Without another moments hesitation on the debate, 'will I seriously make this fan fiction', Here it is!

Alice lay solemnly on her bed, thinking hard. The lamp light gave a low warm glow to the walls of her room. It had been months after her latest visit in Wonderland, but it felt more like years. She spent those restless days recollecting every single moment she spent in Wonderland, replaying the images in her head all the adventures she had while she was there.

This time, truly she did believe one-hundred percent, a place called Wonderland existed. Whether it lived deep inside her mind or a place miles away,.. with the aid of the rabbit hole. She just could not resist picturing herself back in that world again. If she ever did have a chance to go back, she'd likely be strolling through the radiant flowers in the vast garden, making conversation with that blue caterpillar, or perhaps having a pleasant tea party with the Hatter..

She felt Wonderland was immeasurably wonderful compared to the world she currently resided in.

This world felt drastically boring next to the be bewildering place she rather relate to as home. In this moment, the affairs in Wonderland seemed far more of significance than things that happened here on Earth.

Alice gave a involuntary sigh, a heavy regretful sigh.

Maybe she was wrong to ever leave Wonderland. She sorely missed every creature there, (she had to admit, even the horrible Red Queen), and would have given up everything to return back, just one more time.

Alice sighed another involuntary sigh, as she imagined returning back to the place she couldn't even dream of,

'Oh, and how delighted the Mad Hatter would be if I ever will see him again'

Alice couldn't bear the guilt when she imagined the disappointment of the Mad Hatter on the last time they met, as the words came out, " Sorry.. I can't. I have have business to take care of."

Now that she thought of it, her "business" wasn't a good reason to leave.

The more days passed on, the more she thought of her beloved friends, mostly the Hatter, out of guilt.

They had grown quite a bond, and Alice still remembered her mad tea parties with him as a young little girl. The Hatter, with his ever so mad chatterings, and an excited, puppy-like smile when they met.

'If only I could see him again, all of them.. at least one last time..'

Alice was too deep in her thoughts to notice a small, (Very tiny), little wooden door that apparently appeared out of the blue at the farthest corner of her room. She finally did notice it, when she caught a gleaming hint from the shining knob of the mysterious door (which seemed to shine in purpose of getting her attention), from the corner of her eyes.

Without taking her eyes off that door, she slowly got out of bed and was on her knees, staring at the door in amazement. Right then, Alice resumed to her old phrase, "Curiouser and curiouser", as she did many times in the past, and that phrase always seemed to relate with the brilliant world of Wonderland.

She realized just now how much she missed saying that line, and decided that this door must have led to the only place she wanted to be.

To her surprise, the door knob turned with ease, and in unbelievable amazement, she found her self staring through a portal to Wonderland. With excitement, she managed to stick her head through the door.

And there she found the great expanse of wonderland, with it's vividly colored flowers, the greenest grass, the swaying giant trees, and the bizarre mushrooms that was placed in disorganized but colorful patches throughout. This scenery turned on Alice's youthful senses that she had kept away locked for far to long, and she welcomed it as she tried to fit the rest of her through.

The door was just big enough to let the rest of her in. She recalled the last frustration of trying to fit through a door as small as this, and it really was a relief to not have to go through all that trouble again.

She brushed her nightdress, and stood up, admiring the cryptic beauty that surrounded her.

She breathed in the air of Wonderland, and the familiar scent of it awakened every sense in her body, and for the first time in the past two years. She felt alive.

But something seemed to be pulling at her. She looked around the familiar atmosphere, everything exactly the same as it was. Still there was this disturbance that kept her from being relieved she returned. It was just too quiet. The only sound that was heard was the soft rushing of the rivers, and the twittering of the birds.

Alice frowned slightly, and looked around for any sign of distress of the land.

She jumped when she heard a voice.

"Is... that you Alice?"

She turned around just in time to see a butterfly fluttering onto a rosy colored flower.