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In the confines of the Super Robot's engine room, the green and blue monkeys were working diligently.

Otto grinned at Gibson and threw him an unfinished apparatus - it only needed the holes for having power cords attached. "Drill me, Gibson," he said jovially.

The blue scientist grimaced as he caught the device; handling it with care while looking up at Otto, a frown on his face as he wasn't quite sure he wanted to start this specific conversation. "... I do wish you wouldn't word your request in that particular fashion, Otto."

"Huh? Why?"

"It sounds.... inappropriate."

The hissing sound of the door opening made Otto turn to the doorway and the green monkey blurted out at the newcomer: "What's wrong with Gibson drilling me?"

At first, Sprx just stared mutely at the innocent-looking mechanic. Then, seeing the aghast expression on Gibson's face, he put on an air of maturity that made the fur of the blue monkey stand on end in dreaded suspicion.

"Why, Otto, we live in an accepting, liberal, and multi-cultured society where there is room and understanding for everybody, regardless of their choice of lifestyle. As a tolerant and experienced individual, it is my adult opinion that Gibson can drill you all he wants if he so desires."

"Feel perfectly free to stop talking," Gibson hissed and tightened his grip on the device which crumpled in response with a low, metallic screeching.

"Hm, I thought scientists were supposed to be open-minded and curious?" Sprx said while poking at his lip in mock innocent curiosity.

"You mean, like, experimenting and such?" Otto asked.

Sprx turned to the green monkey, surprised and greatly amused. "Yes, Otto, that's exactly what I mean," he said and grinned so wolfishly it made Gibson's sense of dignity run to the corner sobbing hysterically.

It didn't make the situation any better when Sprx suggested that Otto should lend Gibson his 'power tools' sometime and Otto then wondered aloud if Gibson had ever played doctor before he joined the Hyperforce.

Much later that day, Nova found the red and green monkeys bound, gagged, and giggling in the broom closet.