"Ceres" changes to "Seras" by Chapter 6.


"Alright, Alucard." Integra looked at him doubtfully. "Are you really going to be able to infiltrate a boarding school?" a frown refused to move from her face and she grimaced at the thought.

"Of course, Master." He smiled deviously, and gestured towards Ceres. "The police girl may have a problem though."

"What do you mean, Master?" her eye twitched. "I'm not that old."

"That's not what I meant." Alucard continued to smile, unnerving his fledgling. He pointed at her chest. "Not many teenagers have chests like that."

Ceres covered her chest with her arms, horrified. "M…Master!"

Alucard chuckled and was uninterrupted as Walter walked in. The old man glanced at Ceres and then at one of the boxes he was carrying.

"I had a hard time getting the seamstress to believe the measurements I gave her, Miss Victoria." He smiled slightly as Ceres' face burned.

"Don't make fun of me." She whined quietly and took the box as it was handed to her. She paused, sniveling. "Can I open it?" she looked at Walter who gave her a more reassuring smile.

"Of course you can Miss Victoria." He waved his hand to encourage her.

A navy blue, white, and yellow plaid skirt, a white polo shirt, and a navy blue sweater were pulled out carefully. Ceres drew out the knee high black socks, emptying the box, and smiled at the uniform. "It's so cute."

"You'll be passing as a senior high school student." Integra said with less doubt than she had for Alucard. "You have a few other pairs that have already been sent to your dorm. And, as for Alucard…" she sighed and looked at him.

"At least pretend to have some faith in me." Alucard took the box that was identical to Ceres'. Opening it, he drew out a smaller version of the uniform Ceres was holding. Ceres and Integra gawked.

Integra cracked a slight smile of relief. "Now Alucard can't go. But Walter…" she looked at him with confusion. "Did you pick up the wrong box or did they mix up the order?"

"No. I ordered this uniform specifically and had it fitted like I did for Ceres." The old man said.

"WHAT?" Integra and Ceres said together and gawked at Walter.

Integra got up and felt his forehead, removing her gloves. Noting that he didn't have a fever, she looked at him with sympathy. "I'm sorry Walter."

"What?" he said confused.

"I think you're going senile."

Alucard laughed, catching their attention, and he pulled out the polo shirt.

"I guess it is a little funny." Ceres smiled.

"Walter's not senile." Alucard said suddenly, continuing to chuckle.

"What do you mean?" Integra turned to him. Can vampires become senile? She thought uneasily.

"They're the correct measurements I gave you." Alucard said to Walter. "It's perfect." Walter smiled and Ceres nearly fainted as Integra sputtered.

"Alucard! There is no way you could ever pull that off!" she stopped as the clothes disappeared and Alucard turned into a shadow of darkness. When he reformed his red eyes were bright under his bangs and he smiled, twirling his long hair with a gloved finger.

"See? A perfect fit."

"Ma…aas…ter?" Ceres choked out, pointing a shaking finger. "What the hell?"

"I'm a little girl." He said simply and Walter chortled in the corner, having seen Integra's aghast expression. To shock them further, Alucard skipped out of the room, phasing through the wall.


"You planned this!" Integra glared accusingly at Walter who bowed and stepped back, retreating from the room.

"It was a bit of fun. I'm old and was looking for a form of amusement. I believe Alucard has rubbed off on me a bit, too." He smiled before closing the door behind himself.

Ceres was left sitting on the floor in a daze.