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The Black Leaves

Chapter 36

The day of Minato's big announcement to the village finally arrived and the entirety of the village was either on the ground or buildings that surrounded the Hokage Tower. Funny thing about the Hokage's tower; the very top of the structure was built for the very purpose of village wide announcements. The structure was not that much taller than any of the other buildings in the village. This served a double purpose. The first being that it showed everyone that the Hokage Tower was a very important place and the political capital of the village. The second purpose was so that whenever an individual made an announcement, that person would be visible by everyone as well as appear more approachable due to them being so close to the crowd.

Ontop of the tower stood the current Hokage along with Minato, Kushina, and Naruko. They stood close to the rail so that they could be clearly seen by the village crowd. Naruto was present as well, but stood further away from the rail so as to not be seen by crowd in any way. Naruto's father wanted for the village to be in full shock when they reveal Naruto's association with the fourth Hokage.

The third took his smoking pipe out of his mouth and pulled out a small pocket watch. The time was currently 11:53 A.M. The whole village had gathered and was waiting for the announcements to begin.

Minato slowly took a step forward and suddenly the chatting crowd erupted into an ear-shattering roar of cheers. Minato and the two lovely ladies near him smiled before he held his hands up for silence.

"People of Konohagakure!" He said loudly, the blond man's voice carrying over the crowd so everyone was able to hear easily. "I am pleased to tell all of you that I will soon be returning to my position of Hokage of this great village!" The roar of the crowd grew at that one single announcement.

After the mass of people quieted down, Minato started on making a series of announcements ranging from financial issues to the villages expansion. During the rather boring announcements, Hyuuga Hinata stood fidgeting next to her father. And it was not the nervous and shy fidgeting she used to do before being bonded with Ambush.

"Hinata-darling. You must stop acting so unrefined. It is most unbecoming of the bride-to-be of the Great Lord Venom."

Ambush scolded her host lightly.

'I can't help it. It hurts wearing clothes after what you did to us.'

Hinata rebuffed hotly. She did not apologize for her rude response; the transformation was hurting her and causing her body to cramp up tightly. She hooked her thumb on the waist of her pants and adjusted them slightly in a desperate hope that it would alleviate some of her pain. It didn't work.

"Now!" Minato said after finishing the business related announcements. "I have a few more important announcements that I feel that you, the citizens of Konohagakure, should be aware of!" He turned his head back to his son and motioned for him to approach.

Naruto did so but with a blank expression on his face. He stood in-between his mother and father and stared rather hard out at the now confused and angry crowd. The crowd started to shout louder and louder in anger; all while confused as to why the village's pariah would be standing right next to the village hero. Naruto's body almost shook in anger at the insubordination of the cattle below him.

Before things could get worse, Minato shouted loudly. "Silence!" Instantly, every human-made noise vanished. "This boy." He gestured to Naruto. "Is the boy you all know as the jailer of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox! This boy is also the son of both my wife and myself! Our first born child!"

Once again, silence washed over the crowd. Naruto had to hold back his smirk as he saw multiple faces turn bone white. Eyes grew wide and several jaws fell open as well.

Soon, fearful murmurs washed over the crowd. There was no doubt that Naruto would have told his very powerful father what the villagers have done to their son. Some villagers even fell to their knees and started to loudly beg and grovel for forgiveness and mercy. Minato made to stop the groveling only for Naruto to thrust a hand out and stop him.

"Let them suffer for a while."

The blond youth said with a wicked smile. Naruto would have been lying if he said both he and Venom did not enjoy the view of the fearful villagers begging below him. Naruto leaned in a bit and gripped the railing in front of him and continued to stare down at the terrified civilian populace with his wicked smile.

Seeing his son acting very strange, Minato stepped forward and started to speak once again. "Fear not villagers! For neither my family nor I feel any ill will towards you! What you put my son through was a perfect lesson for him to get used to and know the real world!"

As he spoke; the villagers stopped their groveling and instead started to feel proud of themselves. Even going so far as to start bragging each of their violent actions towards the young blond as the Fourth Hokage continued to talk.

"The only thing I am upset about is that you all failed to convince the old monkey here," He gestured to Sarutobi. "To let Danzo take care of and train my son and make him the perfect ninja for this village!"

No one noticed the ever so slight trembling directly beneath his or her feet.

Minato paused for a moment before flexing his body and several figures wearing black robes with red clouds appeared directly behind him. "These people here are a special group of demon hunters that I have personally hired to hunt down and clean this village of any demons that dare hide here; since it would appear that NO ninja here can do it!" He nearly yelled out in anger. His face betrayed the anger Minato had towards the ninja of this village and their incompetence in catching one human-sized demon.

He could understand if the village was up against something more powerful, like the Nine-Tailed Demon that had attacked years ago. But he saw first-hand that this demon was hardly bigger than a human, and heard about it attacking quickly before disappearing moments later.

"These demon hunters have had years of experience of hunting down and removing demons from our world! I have gone through their records and have discovered that they have had NO failures! I feel that it is now only a matter of time that the demon plaguing our village is no longer with us!" The crowd once again exploded into a roar of cheers.

Venom suddenly exploded into a violent fit of laughter inside Naruto's crowded head. 'These worthless pigs?! These humans are expected to hunt us down?! Hahahaha!' He laughed loudly before giving an entertained growl. 'This is going to be very...entertaining.'

Naruto had to fight his own smile from appearing. 'Why don't we toy with them for a while?' Venom only chuckled in response.

After the cheering died down, Minato's face suddenly burst into a massive grin. "Finally, I would like to announce the marriage of my daughter to my very own son! To help preserve and protect the power of the Namikaze lineage! Of course, any other men or women interested are free to join in!" He laughed loudly at the end. He knew Jiraiya would be proud of him.

Slowly, the unnoticed rumbling grew more and more noticeable and violent. People started to scramble to find something to hold onto while other simply got down on their knees. It was kind of a funny sight to behold. Or at least Venom thought so.

The rumbling and shaking of the Earth increased more and more, even to the point that it looked like the Hokage Mountain would start to crack and crumble away. But, as soon as the massive earthquake began, it ended.

Minato did not even have to move and the cloaked ninja standing behind him instantly leapt away and began their search for the demon that caused the ruckus.

With the village announcements done and over with, civilians and ninja alike all went back to their own business. A little more shaky than most would have liked. Naruto made an excuse for why he couldn't be with his family before heading back to his hive.

Not soon after he closed his front door, it opened again and Ambush stepped in before closing the door behind her. Without saying a word but with a very bright blush, she gripped the rim of her host's remaining pants and pulled down the back a little. Just above her shapely rear, a long and thin tail sprung out; free of the confines of Hinata's too-tight pants.

The lengthy appendage was the same color as her symbiotic skin as well as ending on a rather sharp point. A rather, very sharp point. Ambush let out a heavy sigh of relieve at being able to spread her new appendage before quickly fixing her pants in a way that allowed her to be modest as well as free of confinement.

The female symbiote walked over and sat down in one of the chairs covered in symbiotic tentacles. "You took those announcements rather well, darling." She said with some surprise in her voice.

"It would do us absolutely no good if were to act upon our anger right then and there. We will kill them later; we just want to have fun with them first." Naruto said with a sharp-toothed smile.

Ambush smiled as she began to sharpen her tail-tip with the claws on her left hand. "Well, what plans do you have for the day?"

"Exactly that; having some real fun with the cattle if this village and its brand new watch dogs." He then looked at Ambush silently for a moment and his face slowly became a slight shade darker. "Um, Ambush, would you like to join us?"

Ambush stopped her filing and looked at Naruto's red face and averting eyes. Her face turned a much darker shade and her mouth moved unconsciously before she could speak. "B-But don't we w-want to keep the knowledge that th-there are more than o-one of us secret?" She stuttered horribly.

"They will learn about us eventually, might as well have fun with it. We also need to check on Strangle and see how the plan is going."

Ambush gave a nod and a smile as she hopped to her feet. She did not care that they were going to see another woman, the Hyuuga was just happy that she was able to spend time with Naruto. She waited for Naruto to shift into his large symbiotic form.

The roof above them opened up and allowed the two symbiotes to leave the growing hive. The two traveled by roof in search of their fellow symbiote, surprised that no one had spotted them yet considering how alert the village was and that they were not even bothering to be sneaky in any way.

Instead they saw a large number of ninja still surrounding the area right in front of the Hokage's Tower. In the middle of the group of ninja were the sounds of shouts and jeers.

Venom and Ambush made their way over to the source of the ruckus and saw quiet the surprising sight. Right in front of the Hokage Tower stood a very small crowd of people, all of who were the cause of the shouting. Several members of the crowd were holding signs that read things like "DEFEND THE DEMON" or "SAVIOR NOT SINNER". And other such nonsense.

A line of ninja were standing in between the crowd and the Hokage's Tower to keep the people from gaining entry. Right in the middle of the crowd stood Ayame.

"This was the plan?"

Ambush asked Venom in a derogatory surprised voice.

Venom chuckled. "To create just a little bit of chaos is all that is needed. But why should we be the ones that have to be cause of it? Let the cattle have their romp through the fields for a while as we clean the poachers from our paddocks." He chuckled.

"Then what act of devastation will we be partaking in darling?"

"Whatever we may please, heheheh."

The two traveled a little bit before spotting a figure wearing a black cloak with red clouds. Seeing his target, Venom picked up the pass and started bolting from rooftop to rooftop on all fours with his two large tongues hanging out of the sides of his mouth.

The ninja heard the odd sounds and turned just in time to see Venom's flying face inches away from his face. The massive symbiote slammed into the ninja and the two fell to the ground below with a hard crash. Ambush was not too far behind.

The ninja, who turned out to be male, was so caught off guard by the sudden slam that he was too late to react when Venom grabbed both of his arms firmly. When he finally noticed, Ambush hopped down and grabbed the man's legs, right above the knees. The man's head first snapped to Ambush, then to Venom with both symbiotes grinning evilly with tongues hanging out and dripping.

The two symbiotes started to pull on the man's limbs in opposite directions. It did not take long for the man to start screaming loudly from the pain. Due to the noise caused by Ayame's group and the number of ninja keeping them under control; not that many village defenders showed up to investigate. Unfortunately, the mercenary group hired by Naruto's father heard the screaming rather clearly.

"THERE ARE TWO!?" A civilian man screamed louder than the victim. Just as the limbs of the screaming man were about to be ripped away, he exploded into a cloud of smoke. This caused the two symbiotes to let out enraged roars and slam their fists into the ground in anger. An overhead shadow brought their attention to a giant clay bird hovering high above the village.

Ambush let out a roaring scream before attempting to leap up to the aerial target. It was Venom grabbing onto her sharp tail and pulling her that prevented the female symbiote from doing so. She growled and snapped at Venom only to see that several of the red and black cloaked figures had surrounded the pair.

The two growled and saw their only window of an easy escape close as the giant clay bird landed in a nearby roof. Ambush allowed the skin on her long fingers to retract and revealed her long claws while Venom continued to growl and scan the ninja surrounding the pair. No body made a single move. The few civilians that had been standing around were now peeking from behind whatever hiding place they could find.

Ambush made several clicking noises which Venom responded with a low snarl. She let out another series of clicks and squeaks. Venom responded with several strings of clattering and growls. Ambush ended the conversation with a dejected grumble.

The symbiotes and human continued to stare each other down until the arrival of Minato and several more cloud cloak wearing ninja. The blond adult had an arrogant smirk on his face.

"I knew you'd be quick to show up after that announcement." He said before walking closer to Venom. He looked over at Ambush, who was staying focused on the other ninja surrounding the symbiotes.

"Now, I am not like that old monkey; I don't plan on letting you leave this village alive and there is not a thing that can stop me from letting these trained demon-killers from separating your and your lady friend's head from your necks." He said coldly as he stopped a few feet away from Venom's imposing form. As he continued to give a speech about how Venom and Ambush were going to die; said female symbiote gave another series of clicks and groans.

This caused Venom to give a rather wicked smile and let out an amused growl.

Minato frowned at the laughing sound. "Is something amusing to you demon?" He snarled. Venom only smiled before raising both of his fists above his head and sticking his tongues out at his host's father. Suddenly four kunai pierced Venom's arms, the ropes that were tied to the knives were pulled taught and the symbiote's arms were pulled away from his body.

Ambush let out a loud and angry scream and tried to slash away the ropes only for her self to be restrained. There were several tags and charms attached to the ropes, obviously intended to immobilize demons. How foolish these cattle were.

While Minato smiled at his captures, the man that had been sitting ontop of the clay bird jumped down and stood next to the blond man. The man had long blond hair and what appeared to be sharp tooth filled mouths on both of his palms.

The man looked at Minato. "Should I kill it now, or do you want to keep yammering on? Either way, our agreement still stands."

Minato chuckled slightly. "You'll get your pay soon enough. Kill the big guy first so that his lady friend can suffer a bit. I want a message sent to all demons of the world; Konohagakure does not except their kind."

The girly-faced ninja shrugged his shoulders before letting a clay throwing knife vomit out of one of his hand-mouths. He lazily raised his hand in the air before letting the weapon fly from his hand. The instant the weapon left his hand; Venom's super-human senses kicked in. Time appeared to slow down to a crawl to our main character.

Using his right arm, Venom grabbed the ropes on the arm and gave a powerful tug. All but one of the men holding onto the ropes let go before the tug; unfortunately for the one still holding on, he was pulled directly into the path of the thrown clay dagger.

Just as the dagger was about to hit Venom squarely in the chest, the yanked man's head got in the way and the clay weapon buried itself into the man's skull. Venom slammed his other arm into the dying man and sent the weapon back to it's sender with new wrappings. For Venom, his heightened reflexes returned to normal and time seemed to start moving back at a normal speed again.

Minato and the demon hunter that had thrown the dagger were able to leap out of the way of the body. The instant that the corpse hit the ground, it violently exploded. This surprised Venom and the currently-freeing-herself Ambush.

The pair did not have time to sit there and act surprised, as the rest of the cloaked ninja were quickly set upon them. With a blood-curdling scream, Ambush brandish her long claws and started wildly swinging her arms about; cutting apart anything that was dumb enough to get too close to her.

"What the Hell happened?!" Minato shouted.

The three-mouthed-man looked just as surprised. "Those ropes had enough seals on them to tie down a demon the size of the village mountain. The fact that he could move should have been impossible, let alone him freeing himself!" A blob of clay was spat out of one of the man's hand-mouths and was tossed high into the air before exploding loudly.

Venom looked up and gave an angry growl as he snapped a ninja's spine in two. He gave a series of low clicks and groans before raising both of his fists high into the air again; Ambush was quick to do the same. This time, there were no ropes to prevent the duo from slamming their fists into the hard Earth with all of their combined might.

The force of the impact was able to knock every one that had not attached themselves to something using chakra, to fall over. When her hands hit the ground, Ambush's fingers dug deep into the ground and became thin tentacles that spread and moved into the ground underneath the near center of the street.

Ambush clenched her hands and the section of street was ripped apart, revealing a large hole into the Konohagakure sewer system. Venom gave a roar before he and Ambush both dashed into the large sewer pipe and both went in opposite directions.

"Damn it!" Minato soar before he ordered every single ninja into the sewers, his anger blinding him to the obvious danger of chasing after dark-skinned monsters in a near pitch-black sewer. If he was paying any attention, Minato would have realized that only a few of the subordinate ninja in the demon-hunting group dared to even give chase.

It wasn't long before the remaining important members of the demon-hunting group arrived next to Minato. The blond hero noticed Uchiha Itachi standing with them, an emotionless expression displayed on his cold face. The sounds of fighting and death echoes out from within the sewers and could be heard coming from sewer grates and manhole covers from several different areas of the village.

Suddenly, one of the demon hunting members with blue skin and a shark-like face started shifting through a series of hand signs. He kept his hands at the final hand sign before looking up. "This way!" And he leapt of in a direction.

The demon hunters plus Minato and Itachi leapt from rooftop to rooftop until they had reached a small red wooden bridge that connected the two sides of a manmade river in the village. The group stood on the bridge for a moment before a low rumbling could be felt.

Slowly, cracks began to form on the concrete walls that helped form the waterway. As the rumbling increases, the size of the cracks did as well. Suddenly the wall burst and a torrent of water poured out into the waterway.

The ninja stayed on the bridge and searched in the surrounding water for any sign of two demons.

"They are in there somewhere." Fish-man said with a low snarl. The only warning the group had was a near silent splash before a spike tore through the bottom of the bridge and nearly impaled one of the members who seemed to enjoy keeping his mouth covered in a cloth; much like Kakashi. The spike quickly retracted back under the bridge before stabbing again in another location.

After several such attacks, the bridge was destroyed and fell into the water below, forcing the ninja to stand on the water's edge. Only shark-man decided to dive in to face the two demon's in his own domain.

He had expected to be instantly attacked upon entering the waterway; instead all fish-dude could see was the water around him. No signs of the demons. He continued to slowly sink down to the bottom of the water and could still see nothing.

Further down the river, just outside the village, Venom's head burst out from the surface of the water as he crawled back onto shore. He vomited out water several times before falling down onto his back.

"You could have told me you HAD NO IDEA HOW TO SWIM!" Naruto's voice yelled out of Venom's mouth.

"Eat more fish."

Was Venom's surprisingly calm response.

"Well, that went wretchedly."

Ambush said as she sat on her knees and squeezed water out of her hair.

"Agreed. We did not think that they would have so many members. So, not only did we not take them out; now everyone knows about you."

Venom grumbled as he sat up.

"You didn't kill any of the real members of the demon hunters." A voice from behind said. Venom turned to see Jiraiya standing close by with a notepad and binoculars held underneath his arm. All Venom had to do was look further down the river to see what appeared to be women's clothing laid about the riverbank and he could figure out what the old pervert was doing around here.

"What you two killed were nothing more than convicts that were promised freedom for their services in killing you."

"That would explain the ease of killing them."

Ambush said as she fluffed out her hair with an irritated groan. All Venom did was give his own groan.

"I was able to gather a little bit of info on them however. It appears that every member of the demon-hunting group is considered a very dangerous rogue ninja from at least one of the hidden villages. I have found a few of these." The old pervert pulled out several wanted posters with the faces of the several men; each wore a hidden village headband with a long horizontal scratch running through it.

"As you can see, there is a massive bounty for the heads of these ninja."

Ambush shook her head dry before responding. "Money does not concern us. We take whatever we need and make what can not be taken."

"Still, it would probably be in your best interest to leave the village for a while until the demon hunters give up and leave." Jiraiya said while jumping up into a tree and scanning the area with his binoculars. "Is what I would suggest if the sudden disappearance of Naruto and Hinata wouldn't cause an uproar of suspicion."

Ambush and Venom both gave affirmative grunts. "You two will just have to not kill for however long. Also, Naruto's house will have to clean itself up, just to be safe."

"But, but we need to feed."

Venom whined childishly.

"Eat chocolate." The old man responded humorlessly. There was a slam when Venom simply fell back with an irritated groan.

"These are

our hunting grounds. We should NOT be forced out by our own cattle!" Venom shouted loudly as he got to his feet.

"It might not be such a bad idea darling."

Ambush said from her kneeling position next to Venom. The larger symbiote glared down at her for a moment. But her suddenly cute and innocent expression quickly wiped away the glare.

"Look on the bright side," Jiraiya started. "I received a message from Empress a day or so again, and in about two months you'll be heading out on a very big mission." He tried to appeal to Naruto's adventurous mind. It appeared to work only slightly as Venom's head perked up slightly at the thought of getting out and have some gory fun.

"See? Now you have something to look forward to my dear."

Ambush chirped as she got to her feet and patted the dirt off her butt. The result of which caused her butt to jiggle slightly.

All Venom could do was grumble a bit before submitting to the inevitable amount of boredom he will have to endure before taking on whatever task Lady Empress had planned for him. The three then proceeded to walk back to the village with Venom reverting back into Naruto and Ambush dashing off to do who-knows-what.

Naruto looked up at the massive wooden doors that separated the village from the rest of the world and could only snarl at what secrets truly lied behind them.

The next few weeks for Naruto were rather dull and uneventful, besides the occasional team missions and run in's with the demon hunters during feeding attempts. The demon hunters had become a rather large thorn in Naruto's side they were all over the village and made any sort of symbiotic movement nearly impossible due to constant and unforgiving attacks.

His only relief from hunger was on the very few out-of-village missions Naruto's team went on. Since most all of the missions were simple delivery or escort style missions for mainly old and/or paranoid folk, Naruto had to sneak out or away from the group to hunt down any unlucky food he could come across. It was his only reprieve from being surrounded by his family almost every second young Naruto was inside his home village.

Due to these turn of events, Venom was becoming quiet popular in the Land of Fire. Either as some sort of vicious angel sent from the heavens or a monster from the deepest pits of Hell it depended totally on whom you were to ask.

So, after several long weeks, we see Venom out on the hunt once again. But instead of bounding from rooftop to rooftop, we find the large alien crawling through Konoha's glorious sewer system. It was not the most enjoyable method of traveling through the village, but it was lightly guarded and allowed for easy access to a multitude of prey.

Tonight, Venom's prey of choice was one of the many women-of-the-night that worked in the red-light district of the village. Naruto had been very careful about keeping his eyes open and had learned the schedule of several of such men and women who would be easy targets.

While Venom traversed the village's sewers, he allowed his symbiotically enhanced eyes to see who was patrolling the sewers and the best way of avoiding them. Venom quickly found the correct sewer grate and squeezed his way up to the opening.

The sounds of a busy village assaulted Venom as his eyes locked onto his target. A women dressed in a short, tight dress standing directly across from where Venom was peeking out from. The extreme amounts of make-up on her face as well as the obviously uncomfortable clothing helped verify her chosen occupation. The few other women surrounding her were also dressed accordingly.

Venom stayed hidden and bided his time as eventually, the women nearest to his target were asked for their services over the course of the night. It was into the very first hour of the next day that Venom saw his chance to feed. He opened his mouth and shot his two tongues out across the road and towards the prostitute. The two slimy appendages quickly wrapped themselves around the ankles of the women before giving a sharp tug.

The woman gave a loud shriek as she fell on her butt before giving out a louder scream as she was dragged towards the sewer grate Venom was hiding in. She tried to dig her fingers into the ground and prevent herself from being pulled any further, but failed horribly as she was dragged closer to her death.

Venom was salivating something horrible as his meal was quickly heading straight for him. Just another two or three seconds and the symbiote would be feeding on a fresh meal once again.

Or he would have been if someone had not decided to be a hero and stop rather hard on Venom's extended tongue. Whoever it was did not interest the hungry monster and only pissed him off. A quick flick of his tongue and whoever was standing in his tongue was sent tumbling backwards while the prostitute was pull right up to the sewer grate.

There was one problem Venom had not accounted for, the woman's rear end was just ever so slightly too big for her to fit right into the sewer grate and be devoured by the large symbiote. While Venom tried to pull her into the sewers gently enough so as to not risk loosing any delectable flesh, people were grabbing the woman and trying to pull her away at the same time.

Something was bound to give eventually; only instead of it being the woman's leg or arms, it was Venom's rather short temper. The sewer grate was sent flying as Venom's large mass forced itself through the small opening in a violent eruption. With a loud roar and mighty swipe of an arm, Venom was able to force everyone trying to help the woman off and away from her.

The prostitute looked up at Venom's massive form in complete and utter terror before his hand came down hard on her throat. The woman was raised high into the air as she struggled to get free from the monster's tight grip. Venom glared up at his meal as several clear tentacles began to protrude from his other hand. There was no time to enjoy his meal; he was going to have to eat-and-run.

The lady of the night let out a choking scream as the tentacles pierced her flesh and dug themselves deep inside of her body. Venom was quick to begin draining the woman of her life; her skin grew dark and leathery as it was slowly pulled tightly against her thinning bones.

The sounds of distant shouting alerted Venom to the quickly approaching demon hunters. He hastily finished his meal and tossed aside the dried husk of his food before diving back into the sewers via the destroyed grating. The combination of Venom's knowledge of Konohagakure's sewer network and his natural camouflage allowed him to easily avoid any confrontation with the vile humans hunting after him.

Venom was able to make it out of the sewers very little to no problems. He quickly shifted back into Naruto, who made it home just as easily and with no one either noticing or caring that he had left.

Naruto was more than ready to get out of the village and begin whatever mission his Empress was preparing for him.