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Tripping out
Spinning around
I'm underground
I fell down
Yeah I fell down
I'm freaking out, where am I now?
Upside down and I can't stop it now

Avril Lavigne "Underground" (Alice in Wonderland official soundtrack)

The snow white madness is piercing through his right eye as sharply as the relentless pain is stabbing the empty hole after his left orb, blurring the image of the girl before him into indistinguishable, messed miscellany of bright spots and lines until finally everything mingles beyond resolution and fades away into blindness. His vision turns black, then white and black again, there is some pulling and drawing and dragging from nowhere into nowhere, up and down and left and right and outwards and inwards, throbbing and stitching and burning and paralyzing, and what is happening to him –

- then all of sudden everything is gone and he feels his numb figure collapse helplessly as his legs give out under him, his strained mind a total mess unable to undergo any action apart from passively recording sensations. Hard ground hits the back of his head, prompting it to bounce against it once and twice before lying still. Immense coldness seems to be devouring him, forcing him back into the deepness despite those several persistent sunrays which creep under his eyelids, welcoming him back on the surface of the world he was banned from.

This time the world looks blood red to his remaining pupil. The sound of his own ragged breathing fills his ears as he concentrates on struggling for another gasp of air that freezes his lungs and supports his already damned life for one short while longer.

Then he hears unclear, vague voices, muffled by the reverberations of his irregular breaths; the voices are coming as if from outside his world reduced to suffering, from another space, another time.

Yet these voices are apparently speaking of him.

"Please hurry here!" a jingling however panic-stricken tone reaches his consciousness. "Someone's collapsed here, covered in blood!"

"It's dangerous! Wait-" a reply comes, completed by a name. "Miss Sharon!"

The calls allow his withering attention to cling onto reality for a moment long enough for him to fix his eyes – one red iris and one bloody open wound – on the two people bent over him, a little fair-haired girl with an expression of terrified shock on her features and an alarmed young man behind her. His confused mind lets out a feeling of surprise when his gaze meets the girl's rosy, tear-glistening one.

A kid..? A thought crosses his mind before the exhaustion surfaces and his eyelids surrender, immersing him into blackness once again.