She didn't go into the field with me, anymore.

I didn't ask her if she wanted a piece of The Famous Apple Pie, anymore.

She didn't have Tia Food Take Out with me, anymore.

I didn't hug her, anymore.

It was both of our faults, but I started it.

I stopped calling her Bones.

I knew that it was hurting her, but I just couldn't. Not anymore.

I didn't want her to be hurting, but I couldn't.

If she was Bones then she was mine, but she's not mine, not anymore.

I'm not sure if she ever was.

So we're falling apart, and it was both of our faults.

It might have been pride, defeat, or a loss in faith.

But at the end of the day we still didn't talk, stare, and smile. Have a coffee.

Not anymore.

She was engaged.

Engaged to Hacker.

It's almost hysterical that when she said that love could be real, that maybe it wasn't just science, I thought she loved me.

How foolish. Naive.

I should have known, I shouldn't have hoped.

So, after everything we've been through, I could barely look at her, anymore.

"Boss, can we talk?" I ask Cullen, playing with my hands nervously.