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Winry Rockbell knew she was grinning like a buffoon. Her eyes were glazed and half-lidded, staring at nothing as her body languished in sated satisfaction, the musky air and fuzzy flannel sheets keeping her a willing prisoner in the well used bed. The warmth in the nineteen year old's bedroom was as comforting as a lover's caress, and everything was so very still that it felt as if time was suspended, the seconds waving congenially at the young woman as they floated past her glassy blue eyes.

Arching her nude back off the bed, Winry stretched her arms about her body, letting out a rumbling groan as her muscles, so strenuously worked over and over in the inky darkness of the night that was soon ending, tightened and burned, reviving the erotic tingles still cruising along every nerve. Fingers splayed, the blond reached with her right hand, knowing she would be met with empty space. Still, her fingertips found the delicious comforting groove and the dim heat that remained tangled in the sheets. She sighed in perfectly pleasant relaxation, tracing the dips and contours in the mattress, recalling with vivid clarity memories of long hair, moist lips, and eyes of molten gold.

Turning on to her belly, the young woman peeked out of her bedroom window. The sky was the color of bluejays, clear and vast, the stars winking out one by one as the sun slowly pushed past the mountains. It was barely dawn, the first day of the new year as striking as a baby's wailing cry upon entering the world. The New Year's Eve Festival, held in Resembool's town square, had been a bright success, full of laughter and song, bawdy jokes, well wishes, good food and even better booze. The whole village had come to celebrate and for Winry, the occasion was made even more memorable for one simple fact.

It was the first New Year's Eve Ed and Al had spent in their hometown since Ed had become a State Alchemist.

After the Promised Day, after Amestris had been saved, after Al was back in his flesh body and Ed was returned his left leg (his arm, given to save his brother's soul and not taken during the backlash from their failed human transmutation, was irretrievable), after the homunculus and their father were gone, after the military coup and Roy Mustang's promotion to Regent, after the quest was complete, there had still been so much to do.

The brothers' recovery was the top priority, but after a scarce three months Ed and Al were mobile and active, eager to help their friends rebuild the nation in Mustang's vision. Winry had joined them in Central, just as excited and enthusiastic as the boys, and when Ed had kissed her for the first time amidst the dust and construction of the new military headquarters, Winry knew that she would stay with the Elrics always, even if they told her to leave.

But it never came to that.

In perhaps the greatest surprise of all, it was Alphonse who left, joining an emissary party headed for the East to show Amestrian support at the formal coronation for the new Xingese Emperor, Ling Yao. Al's departure was harder on his brother than the stubborn alchemist was willing to admit, but Winry saw to it that Ed's time was always full, whether it be working for Roy, helping the citizens of Central rebuild, or keeping him on his toes as they traipsed the strange new waters of their relationship. They spent a year in Central together, learning what it meant to be in love, and just after his eighteenth birthday, Ed was stationed to Southern Command in Dublith. He had asked Winry to go with him, and understanding completely the gravity of his request, she had agreed, leasing a property near the Curtis' butcher shop where she could operate her own automail clinic. By establishing her own roots in the warm southern city, Winry was showing Ed that she was committed to being with him, no matter where the military, or alchemy, or his own heart led him.

Winry liked Dublith well enough and had settled into making it her home easily, the transition made pleasant by the familiarity of Edward and her frequent trips into Rush Valley. Running her own practice was also fruitful and time consuming, and between taking care of her patients and her boyfriend, Winry didn't have the frame of mind to really long for Resembool. After all, before they had moved to Dublith they had lived together in Central, the last two years of holidays celebrated in cities other than their hometown. It wasn't until Ed had made the suggestion that they take two weeks off and telegraph Al to meet them in Resembool for the Winter Solstice that Winry understood just how much she had missed her yellow house and all the warmth kept tucked inside. She had happily agreed to Ed's plans, the sparkle in his eyes betraying his own feelings of homesickness.

The three friends had reunited at the Resembool train station, surprising Pinako by simply showing up on her doorstep the morning before the festivities began, gifts and luggage tucked under their arms and Edward demanding food. Pinako was happy to have the trio, only making a small fuss when Ed made it obnoxiously clear that he would be sleeping with Winry in her bed rather than in the room he and Al had shared for years.

Of course, the reason Pinako had put up even a mild protest had been because she knew what Winry and Ed would get up to in a bed all to themselves. Remembering exactly how she and her boyfriend had rung in the new year, Winry was bashfully thankful that her grandmother had drunk herself into a celebratory stupor and would spend the rest of the day sleeping off her hangover.

Relishing in the comfort of being in her childhood home, the memories as warm as blankets and her skin still flush from her boyfriend's attention, Winry blew a few stray hairs out of her eyes as she stroked Ed's side of the mattress. She wondered how he had the strength to slither out of bed when her own bones felt like jelly, but then, Edward Elric had always had an amazing stamina.

"Morning, sunshine," a husky voice greeted like a low musical note that danced across the peacefulness ensconced in the room. Turning towards the door, Winry watched with more than astonished amusement as Ed plodded heavily into the room, a tray with a fresh pot of coffee and breakfast for two balanced in his arms. Sitting up, Winry fluffed the pillows before arranging the sheets around her torso and chest. "Don't cover up on my account, I like seeing you naked," Ed teased, setting the tray on her lap before taking the percolator and pouring her a steaming cup of coffee. Winry felt her cheeks go pink, not from Ed's masked compliment, but from the simple gesture of him making her breakfast in bed.

Winry had known long before she and Ed had even shared their first awkward kiss that the golden eyed Elric was not, and would never be, a man of romance. Sweet words, swooning passions and artful skills were not part of Edward's makeup. He was harsh and clumsy, shy and very, very private. The fact that Ed made it a point to start every morning and end every night with a kiss on her brow was the most Winry had hoped to expect from her romantically challenged boyfriend. The times when Ed was consciously sweet were few and far between, making them all the more endearing.

Nestling in beside her on the bed, Ed placed his usual morning kiss against her temple before helping himself to a cup of coffee. They sat together in silence, enjoying the early morning and familiar squeaks of the bed springs as they shifted on the mattress.

"I've made my resolution," Ed announced conversationally, biting into a slice of toast topped with jam.

"Well, you're on the ball. It's barely even morning and you already have the next year planned out."

"Don't you wanna know what it is?" he asked slyly, throwing her the cheeky grin he always got when he was thinking about sex.

"What is it, then?" Winry asked, knowing she was going to regret his answer. Placing an arm around her shoulders and burying his nose against the sensitive hollow behind her ear, Ed kissed her throat.

"I've decided that we need to have more nights like last night," he stated, his lips brushing against her warm skin. "So, I've made it my new year's resolution to make love to you all night at least four times a week."

"Ha!" Winry cried, nearly spilling her coffee as she chuckled.

"Why are you laughing?" Ed asked, his ego bruised just a tad as he watched his girlfriend giggle. Was the thought of sex with him really that amusing?

"Ed, you and I do it almost every night as it is," Winry explained.

"Yeah, but only once or twice. Last night we did it, what, five times? Six?"

"Nine was my last count, unless you took advantage of me after I passed out," Winry answered. "I hope you don't expect to go for a walk into town today. I don't think my legs work any more. My toes are numb."

"Oh, well," Ed sighed, snuggling closer to Winry, a proud smirk on his face, "I guess we could always take a bath later, get your blood flowing again, or we could –"

"If you don't give me time to eat now then you can forget about doing anything later. Aren't you even a little exhausted? Where do you get all that energy?"

"What can I say? I'm just awesome," Ed joked, flexing his right arm and catching Winry's reflection in the metal. He knew she couldn't resist his automail, and while he had found her obsessive ardor an annoyance when they were younger, he had gradually learned how to use his prosthetic arm to the greatest of his advantage.

"Careful. You're starting to sound like our favorite Regent."

Winry's words doused all of Ed's joviality, and he scowled as he tore into the rest of his toast, wondering if he was losing his charm. His worries, however, were quelled when Winry snuggled against him, her cheek rubbing along his bare shoulder. They ate in silence, watching as the sun continued to crawl above the mountains.

"So, you never told me what you thought of my resolution." Ed broached as he poured himself another cup of coffee.

"I think it's a great idea in theory, but we'll see just how dedicated you are when it comes to the practical application."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Ed, we already go at it like rabbits! If we keep it up I'll be barefoot and pregnant before the end of next week."

She chuckled lowly and Ed joined her, their laughter tainted with unspoken unease.

They had never talked of marriage, and so the topic of children – of their children – was buried even further in the realm of issues Ed and Winry were not prepared to discuss. They were only nineteen, barely adults in charge of their own lives. They weren't ready to be responsible for another life and they knew that without having to say the words aloud. Besides, parenthood was a long ways away for the couple. They used protection faithfully and neither one had plans to disturb the comfortable bubble they had constructed for themselves.

They were happy, and a baby would complicate everything.

When they finished their breakfast, Ed stood and moved the tray to Winry's old vanity. She watched him with lazy, loving eyes, admiring the sleek lines of his back and the way his golden hair hugged his neck and shoulders. He was almost devastating to look at sometimes, and for a brief moment, Winry admitted to herself that Ed would make beautiful babies.

A familiar, welcoming desire rushed through the young woman's blood, and when Ed rejoined her in the bed and pulled her close, she kissed him hard, her vigor returning with full force.

"It's still early," she sighed when they broke apart, her breasts pressed perfectly against his chest. "Grandma and Al won't be up for at least another hour."

"I thought your toes were numb," he teased, his body already awakening under her sultry invitation.

"And I thought you wanted to get my blood flowing," Winry countered.

"Well…there is a lot we can do in an hour."

And sealing that promise with a kiss, traces of warm butter, cherry jam and coffee on their breath, the couple worked to fulfill Edward's resolution, keeping each other warm on the cold January morning as Resembool was washed pink in the first dawn of the new year.

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