A/N: This was originally going to be a short for my 'Tangerine' collection. But of course, it just kept writing itself. I ended up working too hard to keep it short so I'm jut going to put it out as a full length story. (Which I probably have too many of at the moment, but I really like this idea. No worries. 'Tastes Like Strawberries' and 'Weekend Getaway' are still in the works. I'm not stopping progress on those even if it seems like I am. Promise.)

Unexpected Baggage- 1

By: Raicheru

Rated: M (Male x Male relationships and sexual situations here. Not to mention foul language. Please move on if it's not your thing.)

Pairing: Grimmjow x Ichigo

After stealing his latest car, Grimmjow heads back to his place to begin taking it apart. But as he gives it a once over, he finds an unexpected redheaded surprise in the trunk.

* * *

Grimmjow sped down the deserted streets in his newest acquisition. The car's sleek body zipped around corners and revved beautifully. It was almost a pity he'd have it torn down to the chassis in less than a week. But then that was the best part. He didn't do it for the money. He didn't need to. But there was something about taking a huge beast of a vehicle and reducing it to its component parts that gave Grimmjow a strange thrill. He smiled as he thought about it. Sleek and expensive. But underneath they were all the same right down to the grease and oil that kept them running.

And this one was a real prize. The asshole he'd jacked it from had been so surprised. Grimmjow frowned. And then he'd gotten kind of vicious and forced Grimmjow to kick is ass. Kind of weird to get that worked up over a car. Normally, he would have taken something off the street or maybe from a parking garage. Not that he'd had any intention of doing that tonight. He'd given himself some time off, but he'd gotten bored with inactivity. And when he was out on the street that night, this baby had come purring up to the curb nearby. It was like a gift and he wasn't about to pass that up.

Grimmjow was always very careful to keep from getting caught which was why he never picked vehicles that still had drivers in them. But he figured the guy wouldn't be immediately crawling to the nearest police station. Or a hospital for that matter. There was something off about him and he was most likely out on less than legal errands himself. Grimmjow didn't care. He was barely a thought in his mind at the moment. As he neared his place, he slowed to a less reckless speed. No reason to draw any more attention than he needed to. Of course, this wasn't the best of neighborhoods and nobody here would give him a second glance. He could do better and had in the past. But of all the places he'd lived, this suited him best. And it more than met his needs so he was happy.

Grimmjow hit the remote on the garage and brought the car in before it had completely opened. The door was already winding back down before it had gone up all the way. He smirked. It was a small and stupid thing, but he always gave himself that small challenge to see if he could get in quickly and shut the door again just as fast. Not that it always worked. The roof of that Mercedes a couple months ago had been a little worse for wear after a slight miscalculation on his part. No matter. It had come apart just as easily as the others. Glancing at the dash, he saw that it was actually getting pretty late. He could get started in the morning. There was no rush.

He sighed and sat back in the seat. But that guy. He'd been hiding something. Shaking his head, Grimmjow got out of the car. He shouldn't even be thinking about him. It was no big deal. But he couldn't shake that nagging feeling in the back of his head. The least he could do was give the car a once over and look for anything that was out of place. That shouldn't take too long. Of course, that would lead to checking out everything else. And by then he'd be elbow deep taking it all apart. A grin tugged at his lips. Why fight it?

First things first. The trunk would be the most obvious spot. Stupid bastard was probably pedaling drugs out of the back or something equally ridiculous. He pressed the button on the dash and heard the pop of the lock. No time like the present to check it out. He went back and lifted the lid of the compartment to see a large blanket wrapped object taking up most of the space. Yeah, probably drugs. Or maybe money. That wouldn't be so bad. But when he pulled back the fabric, it wasn't bundles of heroine or even piles of cash.

It was a body. Shit. But after a closer look, Grimmjow could see his chest moving up and down. So he wasn't dead. Grimmjow's heart slowed a little. Last thing he needed was to figure out what to do with a corpse. Not that dealing with a live person would be any better he supposed. His gaze trailed over the bright orange hair. That was certainly an attention getter. The boy looked like he was sleeping. Well, sleeping badly anyway. He was bound hand and foot with a gag tied tightly over his mouth. There was sweat glistening on his skin and his face had a red, feverish glow to it. No wonder the guy had been nervous. Fucking rapist had nabbed some kid. Grimmjow swallowed. Now what the hell was he going to do with him?

He nearly jumped when the boy's eyes opened and peered at him blearily. Great. Now he'd been seen. Not that he was too worried about being identified. From the dilation of his pupils, the kid looked high. He moaned quietly and twisted his hands in the bindings. Grimmjow's brows shot up as he watched him roll over onto his back restlessly. He wondered what kind of drug the kid was on but the tented fabric at the crotch of his pants made it pretty clear. There were few nasty things out there that could force arousal and just as many that could knock you out. Once the kid slept it off, he'd probably be fine.

The blue haired man sighed deeply and pinched the bridge of his nose. Grimmjow knew he really should take him to the hospital and drop his ass at the door. But he didn't like the idea that he could be connected to this in any way. His looks were pretty distinctive and he didn't feel much like taking a risk there. And there was no way the kid could get home on his own in this condition. Turning him out in this neighborhood would be an extremely bad idea. Somebody else would pick him up and finish what the other guy started. Huffing out an irritated breath, he pulled out a pocket knife and leaned into the trunk. The boy immediately tried to scoot back away from him, his eyes wide but there was nowhere to go. The small, distressed sounds he made were starting to get on Grimmjow's nerves.

"Calm the hell down, kid. I'm not going to hurt you." He cut the bindings and pulled off the gag, but the redhead didn't say anything. He just twisted and moaned, his breaths coming in short pants as the older man's hands brushed his skin. Grimmjow swallowed hard. Now that sound caused a much different reaction. He could feel himself responding and clenched his teeth so hard his jaw started to ache. He damn well wasn't going to finish the other guy's job either. His lip curled at the thought. Aroused or not, he was so not taking advantage of some poor kid who was probably too far gone to feel it anyway. Even if he was pretty damn attractive.

Sighing again, he reached down and picked up the boy in his arms so he could take him upstairs. The kid almost immediately wrapped his arms around Grimmjow's neck and buried his face in his shoulder. Grimmjow was mildly surprised at that. A moment ago, the redhead had looked like he was afraid for his life. Now he was holding on like Grimmjow was the last solid thing in the world. The older man could feel the boy's erection pressing into his abdomen as he twisted in his arms. His own hardening length sought to distract him with its own agenda.

"Cut it out or I'm going to drop your ass." Grimmjow hissed out a breath as he felt the bite of teeth at his shoulder. The boy stifled a moan against the fabric of his shirt and Grimmjow nearly dropped him as he had threatened to just a moment ago. Concentration and focus. Get him upstairs and get the hell away from him. That's what Grimmjow needed right now. And maybe a cold shower. A really long, cold shower.

Upstairs, he practically kicked his bedroom door open and set the kid down on the bed. But before he could stand back up and move away, he was tugged back down. Kid was surprisingly strong. Grimmjow idly wondered how he'd managed to get caught in the first place. He caught the telltale scents of alcohol and cigarette smoke form the his clothes. Like he'd spent some time in a bar recently. And probably downed a spiked drink without even knowing it.

He braced himself on his hands and did his best to hold his body suspended above the panting redhead so they didn't touch. Which was turning out to be harder than he thought it would be. The boy grasped one of his wrists and tugged hard. Grimmjow gasped as he lost his balance and sprawled on top of him. The body beneath him writhed, heat radiating off him like a furnace. That couldn't be good. Grimmjow felt his captured hand drawn to the zipper of the kid's jeans and he snorted. Twisting his wrist out of the tight grip, he all but shoved the boy's hand down his own pants.

"Take care of yourself if you need it that bad." That seemed to be enough of a distraction so Grimmjow could get himself free and off of the bed. He had his own need to take care of and he stumbled off to the bathroom to deal with it. A short while later, he came back out to find the redhead quiet and still. Passed out from the look of it. He'd pulled his hand out of his pants and it lay loosely on the mattress, his fingers lax. The slight discoloration at the zipper was evidence enough that he'd managed to finish himself. Sighing yet again, Grimmjow came over with a couple of towels and undressed him before cleaning him up a bit. The fever he had was still present, but it didn't seem to have the same heated edge that it did before.

He wasn't really sure why he was bothering. The little voice in his head kept telling him that he might want the same courtesy if their roles were reversed. He snorted. Courtesy was never one of his aspirations and he didn't know why it was coming up now. No matter. Once the kid woke up, he'd call him a damn cab himself and get him the hell out of here. This was something he really didn't need or want. He liked being solitary and having another person in his place was starting to make him fidget. After pulling up the blankets to cover him, Grimmjow paused. Not knowing why he felt the need, he trailed his fingers down a soft, tanned cheek. The kid sighed softly and turned into the touch, making him snatch his hand back. Standing, he grabbed up the discarded clothing and towels to throw them in the wash.

Concentration and focus. Grimmjow needed something to do, something to keep his mind off the sleeping figure in his bed. He'd felt a telltale tightening in his groin just from looking at the boy again. No need to go down that road again if he wanted to avoid the inevitable results. Laundry. Car. Simple and familiar. Going back down to the garage, he tossed the load in the washer before heading straight to the large, well appointed tool box. Take the damn car apart. That's what started all of this shit in the first place. If he threw up the hood with more violence than necessarily, he didn't acknowledge it.

* * *

Grimmjow woke slowly. His eyes felt gritty and tired. Rolling over, he nearly toppled off the edge of the couch. Damn, he'd fallen asleep in the garage again. But then that's why he had a couch and a mini fridge down here to begin with. There were times he got so engrossed in taking a vehicle apart that he didn't want to trudge back upstairs for a snack or a nap. He could see pale shafts of light filtering through the small, high windows. But they were coming in the wrong angle for it to be morning. Glancing at the clock on the bench, he saw it was well into afternoon. But he'd still only gotten a few hours of sleep.

Getting up, he stretched and yawned deeply. Heading upstairs, he frowned as he remembered why he was still down here. The teardown was well underway and he'd had very little sleep to go on while he did it. Stupid kid. Getting snatched by some lecherous asshole and totally fucking up Grimmjow's latest score. And the stupid bastard that had taken him in the first place. He wished he'd pounded on him harder before he'd driven off last night. Not that it would change anything. Strange how random events could lead to so much weirdness.

Grimmjow shook his head as he went into the bathroom. He avoided the bedroom completely. No need to go there. When the laundry had been finished, he'd practically thrown the clean clothes in on the bed without bothering to look. He'd retreated again quickly and was angry with himself for being so cautious. What was he afraid of? He wasn't entirely sure, but his brain refused to give him an answer. He secretly hoped that the kid would wake up and sneak out on his own so he wouldn't have to deal with him again. He wasn't sure why he wanted that either. Instead of trying to argue with himself at the time, he'd gone back down to the garage.

As Grimmjow came out of the bathroom, he stooped dead in the doorway. A pair of narrowed chocolate eyes watched him warily from the other side of the main room. The kid looked like he'd frozen in mid step while he was heading towards the door. Damn. It seemed like Grimmjow had almost gotten his wish. Maybe if he ignored him, he'd continue out and they could both pretend none of this ever happened. Snorting at his own weakness, he shook his head and moved into the kitchenette to rummage around in the fridge. There was a small sound of surprise or maybe disbelief from behind him. Well, what did the kid expect? That he was going to be jumped the moment Grimmjow saw him trying to leave? Blue eyes closed wearily as he realized he very well may think that.

"A few more steps and you're out the door. I'm not going to stop you." Just go and we'll both get what we want. Or at least you will. Grimmjow suppressed an irritated growl. He did not want the kid to stay. Did he? No. But then where the hell was the small twinge of dissapointment coming from? It kept prodding him relentlessly every time he imagined the boy getting to the door. Turning, he saw the wariness of the gaze shot in his direction flare into something that looked like anger. "What?"

"Can I at least have my wallet and phone back?" The kid's brow furrowed when Grimmjow just looked at him.

"I don't have them." The boy's pockets had been empty when Grimmjow threw his clothes in the wash.

"Then where the hell. . .shit." The kid's words trailed off in a breathy hiss as he leaned back against the wall. Grimmjow could see that his complexion was still a little off. The drugs were probably still wandering around in his system. Dammit. But as he started to go over, the boy held up a hand. "Don't. Just. . . don't."

"I didn't hurt you last night, and I'm not going to start now." The boy's face flushed suddenly and he looked away. Grimmjow fought the heat creeping up his own neck and clenched his teeth. Could this get any more damned awkward? "But if you let yourself pass out, I'm leaving your ass where it falls." The angry look was back as the boy glared at him. Well, it was better than embarrassment.

"Who are you anyway?"

"Who the hell are you?" When the glare intensified, Grimmjow curled his lip. "My place, my questions first." There were a few moments when they just stared at each other, neither wanting to back down to the other. But eventually, the kid sighed and looked away.


"Was that so damned hard?" Ichigo sneered and took a deep breath. He continued to stare, waiting for Grimmjow to continue. "I'm Grimmjow and I have absolutely no interest in you." And I'm a damned liar. Piss off before you figure that part out. "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out." But you'll probably pass out before you get there so just stay put. Dammit, dammit, dammit. There were a few more moments when neither of them moved.

"I. . . thanks. I guess." Grimmjow blinked at the Ichigo's tentative words. This just kept getting better and better. He waved his hand dismissively.

"Whatever." When Ichigo slumped a little against the wall, Grimmjow sighed and rolled his eyes. He went back to the fridge and pulled out a plate of sandwiches and a couple of bottles of juice. Placing the plate and one of the bottles on the small table, he grabbed a couple sandwiches for himself and headed downstairs without saying anything else. He could feel Ichigo's eyes on him the whole time but did his best to ignore him. Eating quickly, he started rooting around inside the car. He'd spent most of last night under the hood and hadn't bothered with the rest.

Sure enough, he found a wallet and a phone in the glove compartment. Trophies maybe? Grimmjow felt his anger rising again. He had no respect for predators that felt the need to drug their prey. Asshole probably couldn't get it up without help either. If he ever saw him again, it would be ugly. He flipped the wallet open to see the id inside. Ichigo Kurosaki. The corner of his mouth quirked slightly. In the great tradition of bad license photos, this one should get some sort of reward. Did the kid ever smile? It looked like he was irritated at the world.

"Don't have them, huh? So you're not just a bastard, but a liar too. Figures." Grimmjow felt his own expression darken as he suddenly threw the wallet and phone at the scowling redhead. He hadn't even heard him come down. Looking at the anger shot in his direction, he sighed. He'd take it back. The picture was a perfect representation of the snarling boy that barely managed to catch the flung objects.

"I didn't take them in the first place so don't bitch. You got a problem, take it up with your 'date' from last night." Ichigo stiffened suddenly. Grimmjow could see the tension thrumming along his body and regretted his words. Which was new for him. He didn't give a shit what people thought or what he said. Normally. Lost in his thoughts, he nearly missed the quiet reply. The words were tight and full of pain.

"Not my fucking date." It wasn't surprising that the kid was angry. But there was an odd edge to his voice that had Grimmjow frowning.

"Shit, you're not going to start crying on me are you?" Grimmjow nearly bit his own tongue. Honestly, he couldn't help it. He'd had an acute case of smartass since birth and there was no changing it now. But there was no need to rub salt in the obvious wounds Ichigo was trying to hide.

"Fuck you, asshole." The redhead stuffed his wallet in his pocket and clenched the phone in his other hand as he stormed off toward the door. And he almost made it. But after a few steps, his feet faltered and he nearly crashed to the floor. Grimmjow was across the space in an instant with Ichigo in his arms. There was a soft, derisive snort followed by an equally soft voice. "So much for leaving me where I fall." The kid's eyes slipped closed and he relaxed. Well, shit. Grimmjow raised his eyes to the ceiling and prayed for the patience to deal with all this crap. He'd almost gotten him to go away and now here he was carrying him back upstairs. What a fucking perfect day.