A Happy Birthday Soncnica fic! cos she's so smishable!


There'll be three chapters in all, all stand alone fics.

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Summary. For Soncnica! Happy birthday! Limp and angst and fluff.

Warning: A certain Winchester loves Spelca! And she's got some funky kinkages! ;)

Disclaimer: None but Spelca own Supernatural...lol!

First fic, has the limp ;) Set in season 2




"Be quiet Sam..."

He rolled his eyes, reaching forward his hand. "Dean-"

"Shh!" Dean hissed, holding his hand out, flat- right in Sam's face.

Sam huffed, shoving Dean's hand out of the way and standing right beside him.

"If you'd listen to-"

Sam was effectively cut off when Dean's strong hands wrapped around his mouth effectively shushing him.

"Shut...up." Dean whispered into Sam's ear, his eyes strained through the brush to the cabin, one light suddenly going out and the door opened, only one walking out.

Dean was frowning, his grip tight over Sam's mouth.

Dean's little brother wasn't watching the cabin, he was trying and failing to pry Dean's hands off and listening to the cracking twigs and heavy breathing behind them.

Surely Dean had to of heard it.

Sam heard the unmistakeable sound of a gun cocking but Dean hadn't noticed and Sam started squriming and muffling his words into Dean's hands.

It wasn't until Sam felt the blow hit the back of his head and his weight fell forward that Dean even noticed they'd been ambushed.



He thought he heard something, something prying through the fog in his mind.


"Sam? C'mon open your eyes..."

Sam grunted, blurs of green and yellow flashing in time with the heartbeat behind his eyes, his head hurt as if he'd just ran headfirst into a damn car.

Sam blinked, hissing at the sting and the pull of dried blood.

"Ow," Sam whispered, his eyes clamping shut.

"Sam, can you move?" Dean asked, straining himself to get free.

Sam's eyes opened, finally seeing where he was and he figured he was tied in the same way as his brother, directly across from him.

Hands bound together, hung high over his head Dean looked mightily pissed, and his feet were only just touching the floor.

"Can you move?" Dean asked again, a similar bruise blossoming on his own temple.

Sam tugged with his hands, bringing them into fists but his shoulders screamed at the taughtness and he sagged and gave in. "No." he shook his head.

Dean nodded. "S'okay. There's five of them, if we work this out- we can kill every damn one."

Sam frowned, a breath passing his lips as he tipped his head back. "Your first plan is how to kill them? Aren't you at all bothered we got caught in the first place? maybe an escape plan is next, don't you think?"

Dean cocked his head. "What's wrong with you?"

Sam shook his head, clenched his teeth. Didn't matter. Dean wouldn't change his mind.

Dean watched his brother, blood matted to the left side of his face, his eyes angry as he stared hard at the wall, probably wishing to burn holes through it.

Dean sighed, "Are you okay?...Sam?"

Soft eyes finally looked at the older Winchester.

"I was trying to talk to you Dean, so you just shut me up? Is it that bad being around me?...I mean I know after dad but...you gotta' know I'm here to help, if I'm not...then-"

"Sammy, it's not like that...you're my brother, ofcourse I want you around."

"Then let me help...this, this happened because I can't get close to you...please, please Dean, just let me in sometimes. I miss him too."

Dean's eyes teared as he watched his brother, he swallowed and nodded.

"Yeah...yeah. Let's work on that escape plan huh? Then we can talk about this, yeah?"

Sam gave a ghost of a smile. "Yeah"

"You sure you're okay?"

Sam nodded. "Pistol whipped is more fun than rocks, you?"

Dean grinned. "Barely even touched me."

Thuds sounded from above and the light on the stone steps briefly flashed on as black leather boots appeared at the top of the stairs.

"Aw, brother's tiff finally had a make up? How sweet."

When the man came into view, Dean would've thought him to be like any other human, no different than the average Joe you passed in the street.

That was...if the average American had fangs and decided to snack on a few families a month.

"Hey there twilight, maybe you should run along, I hear there's a werewolf after you these days."

The vampire frowned, clearly having no idea what Dean was talking about. "Nice Dean, joking. You won't be joking soon." It smiled at the brothers, taking up his stance in front of Dean.

"So nice of us to catch you, we were amazed at how easy it was, guess you should really work on that there Dean."

"Oh just eat dirt and die fang, I'm just itching for a kill and you're number one on the hitlist pal."

The vampire smiled. Smooth slicked back hair shimmering in the low light of the basement.

"You're about to suffer Dean, I'm just itching for a bite and Winchester is on the menu tonight." It clicked its tongue against its teeth.

"Oh please, you can't fight your own dinner without chaining them up? What a shame." Dean fake-pouted, turned a disgusted look to the vampire. "You'll be dead before you get within an inch."

"Dean!" Sam yelled.

The vampire gave a toothy grin, came about three inches from Dean's neck, sniffing and smiling delighted. "Oh no Dean, I won't. I'd like to see you try and reach me..." It winked right in Dean's face, before teeth started to descend and the vampire turned its body to look at the youngest Winchester. "When I'm with Sammy."

Sam's heart slammed against his ribcage, his eyes flew wide and he tugged and strained on the ropes to pull his hand free, he couldn't even manage to push himself off the wall even a little, the awkward angle of the ropes pulled him right back.

"Sam..." Dean said, fear raking through him. "HEY!...hey! You don't get to touch him! SAM!"

"Shhh Sammy, don't be afraid, It'll only hurt for a while." A low hiss started from its mouth, air whistling through its sharp teeth and Sam pushed himself as far into the wall as he could, dipping his chin. If it couldn't get to his neck-

"Then I'll just aim for the wrist, anywhere there's a nice ripe vein Sammy."

Sam swallowed as his face closed in, he tried to stop his chest from heaving.

"SAM!" Dean continued to yell, yanking and pulling at his own restraints.

I swore I'd protect him, I promised Dad!

"Don't." Sam breathed. "Don't."

The vampire was so close now, fangs ready to tear into hot-beating-skin, and he could see Sam's lips give a slight tremble.

A soft, slow hand curled over Sam's jaw, stroking it's way down to Sam's neck.

"G-get off me." Sam stuttered.

Suddenly gripping hard onto Sam's neck the vampire twisted and Sam's neck turned, giving full access to his pulsing artery.


Sam grunted, trying to move his head back but the grip was too strong and then sharp hot needles the size of fingers tore and bit into Sam's neck and he gasped, eyes blown wide.


"SAMMY! HEY! Get off him!" Dean thrashed.

it was a weird feeling, having blood pumped round the body suddenly back its way up into somethings mouth that was currently leaching from you.

Sam pushed his body out, trying to dislodge the deepening teeth but a firm shove as the vampire covered Sam's body with his stopped him and pinned him.

"Ugh...s-stop...ahh.." Sam's eyes teared from the pain, the pressure and the sudden weakening sense he felt as his energy was sapped away.

The hand holding Sam's throat shifted with lightning speed and wrapped tightly around his mouth, a horror mirror move of Dean's hand not hours before.

The teeth restracted and Sam winced, glad to be freed when they sunk again, a little higher and Sam heard his slowing heartbeat in his own ears as he cried out into the hand-made-gag.


Hastilly blinking the now blurring view Sam had, his eyes grew heavy with every swallow from the vampire and slowly, Sam's eyes slid shut.

Normally, they knew when to stop, to keep their prey alive, but this blood, it was so alive, it made his body zing with a buzz he hadn't felt in years, greedily he bit down again and prevented the young Winchester from screaming, he held the boy still and drank like he hadn't in years.

"Stop it you're killing him!" Dean screamed.

The vampire swallowed once more, noticing how lax the kid was and pulled away with a small sucking noise.

The area around the bites were bruised, dark reds and blues with bleeding tears that ran rivulets down his back and shoulder, soaking into his shirts.

As soon as the vampire let go, Sam's head lolled forward, his face pale and his eyes closed.

"Sam?" Dean spoke. "Sammy?"

"Oh...Dean, he's not dead...he's so good!" The vampire yelled, arms spread out. "His blood, I haven't tasted any like it in years! I feel so alive!"

"Too bad, I thought you'd like to know by the way. Your nest is dead."

There was an almighty crack of lightning and the vampire jerked, a splitting hole in the centre of his forehead, his eyes wide in shock as his body fell back, jerked, then stilled.

"Bobby, thank god."

Dean smiled as Bobby tucked away the ...colt?

"Is that the colt? How?...what?"

Bobby cut Dean down and made his way over to Sam.

"Ruby, that demon that's been tailing Sam, she knew a thing or two."

Dean felt for a pulse, rolling his own shoulder as he reached to cut Sam down.

"He's alive, Bobby help me."

They caught Sam as he fell forward, breathing laboured and Dean ripped his shirt to wad up against Sam's neck.

Wincing Dean said. "Bastard bit him twice."

Making their way up the stairs wasn't easy with a brother of six foot four of muscle, but they made it, passing the headless bodies Bobby had managed to get through all on his own, and out into the deadly silent night.

"Nice job Bobby." Dean said.

When they reached the open air, Dean was happy to see it was morning and the sun was just rising.

Looking around, Dean noticed there wasn't another truck around.

"Where's the impala?" Bobby suddenly asked.

"Under the clove of trees just up there, how come you don't have any wheels?"

"Taxi." He smiled. "When I don't get word at the said time that you're okay, I know something's wrong."

Dean laughed, felt his brother moan under his hand.

"Hey man?...Sammy?"

Bobby let go of Sam, giving him to Dean as he took the keys and ran up to find the impala. "I'll bring it round, motel or hospital?"

Dean watched as Sam's eyes blinked open and he winced, giving in to a light smile as he saw Dean looking down on him.

"Motel, I'm looking after my brother myself from now on."

Dean pulled Sam's arm over his shoulder and helped the still woozy brother stand as he held him by his beltloops.

"B-bastrd...b't...e..ice..." Sam slurred.

Dean smiled. "Yeah, bastard did Sammy. Don't worry, I'm here kiddo...you'll be okay."

Sam tilted his head to rest over Dean and mumbled.

"S'kay...Dad's gon...I have...you."

That honestly took Dean's next breath.

"And I have you Sammy."

Headlights flashed as Bobby pulled the chevy round.

"I have you."

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