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"Oh come on you really wanna hurt your precious brother? Ruin the fine packaging, couldn't even kill him when you needed to."

The demon looked across to the fallen Winchester, little Sammy was watching with wide eyes, cluthing the burnt skin on his shoulder.

"Think you can kill him now? Go on. Shoot me, end me...send me back to hell." It cocked its head, goading Dean into a kill shot, for the host anyway, and whose to say they weren't already dead?

Dean cocked the gun, knew it wouldn't kill it, but the demon would definitley get lost.

"Why are you smiling you sonofabitch, you think you can exist in that body without a head?"

The demons eyes darkened, if that were even possible. "Oh Dean, I'd like to see that."

"You want to die?" Dean asked. "Cos I don't buy that shit for a second."

Something, maybe the demon itself or its host seemed to falter, a crack in its facade somehow like an emotion flittered across its face, it looked like the boss had just tore him a new one.

It looked like fear.

"Dean, don't shoot." Sam said, the brand under his hand throbbing. The last thing he'd expected today was to be jumped and torched out of a nowhere by a insanity driven demon.

"Why do you want me to gank you so much? Huh?...friend in hell, that it?"

"Oh no, I'm not saying anything. You're gonna find out for yourself soon enough."

Dean walked to within a foot of the demon, gun still aimed. "Like what?"

It only smiled back at him, one minute glace out of the corner of its eye to the still fallen youngster. "You'll see Dean."

The barrel of the gun touched just over the demons heart and Dean shoved slightly, all he needed was one more step.

A devilish smirk started on Dean's lips. "Gotcha." He sneered.

The demon looked up, the devils trap neat and solid.

"That won't stop me Dean, it's going to take more than an exorcism to get out of me."

Dean's forehead creased. What was it with cryptic messages with damn demons.

A quick look to Sam and Dean was thinking he was going mad, why was it going to take more than an exorcism? What was this freaks problem.

"Sam, start reading-"

"That's right Dean, don't hurt your little brother."

Dean's lip curled in anger. "What's your problem?"

His only reply was a low laugh.

Sam cringed, looking down at his shoulder and Dean caught a glimpse of the bloodied broken skin.


"It's fine, just caught me."

Dean caught the damn thing smiling as he inspected Sam's arm, come to think of it, it looked a lot like the brand Sam had when he was possessed.

Dean's eyes widened, and he turned angrily to the demon.

"A binding link? Another one? You think you're ever gonna get your black hands on Sam again?, No." Dean growled. "No, you're not getting him ever again."

It smiled at him. Knowledge and cunning behind those dark eyes.

"'s not the same mark, it's not a binding link." Sam said softly.

Dean cocked the gun again and aimed it at the demons head. "What is it? what the hell is that mark on my brother? And yeah pal, I'd start talking. Now."

It shrugged. "I'm sure you'll find out."

"How about we just send you back to hell?" Dean grinned, taking delight in the flutter of fear in its eyes.

Sam's blood ran cold as cold eyes locked on him and a chilling smile with it. "Hold on tight Sammy." It winked.

Dean started reading the rites, average mill of the day exorcism when a stabbing pain gripped Sam, it felt like his insides were being tugged and his knees gave out as he cried out and fell forward.

Dean stopped, and the pain went away.


"I'm...m'fine." Sam frowned, looking up at the demon. "Whatever you did, I'm not stopping anything from sending you hold on tight, all you want." Sam spat, his knuckles going white as his hands curled like claws and Dean read through the next line, and the next, and the nex-


Sam breathed in deeply, refreshing against the calmness as the pain eased and Dean stopped.

"Sammy?" He said urgently.

"K-keep reading. Don't let it win Dean, keep reading!"

Sam looked up through tussled bangs at the paling demon, coughing as it did so and instead of black smoke making an appearance Sam coughed and blood trickled over his lips, he clenched his eyes shut, Dean read one more line and it felt like his guts were being pulled and tugged and scratched and-

"S-stop..." Sam whispered, the pain becoming unbearable.

The demon stopped writhing, laughing with bloody teeth at Sam. "Now you know how it feels huh Sammy? You send me back...Sam here's just gonna end up bleeding out...exorcisms and all that, not good having your life force ripped out of you is it Sam?"

Sam looked up, feeling Dean at his side holding him steady and whispering comforts.

"We don't have to Sam, c'mon...we can let this one go."

"N-no...we can't...finish it...get rid of him, I'll be okay."

"Sam you'll die, look at you." Dean said, shocked even that Sam could even go through with this.

Sombre glassy eyes looked upto Dean. "We can't let him live Dean...send it back. I'll be fine."

Yeah and that last drop of blood from Sam's chin made it so convincing.


"Do it." Sam gritted.

Dean hesitated, a new determination set in his eyes and the demon drew back.

"You finish it, you'll kill Sam." It said, trying to hide the quiver in it's voice.

Dean read, strong and loud and precise and clear, both the demon and Sam screamed, Sam clutching at his chest as he coughed and a small pool of blood patted under him.


The demons eyes widened, he couldn't believe it, they were actually that stupid and pig headed and stubborn to go through with this.

It writhed, choking as the trap wouldn't let it run and the ancient Latin forced it out.

Dean stopped, just before the last sentence, the last few words that would end all this and as he looked down at Sam his heart broke, Sam was panting and struggling to breathe, swaying as he knelt and still there was drops of blood.

One look to the demon though, and Dean knew Sam was right, they couldn't let it live, wouldn't be right anyway.

Sam turned his head briefly, catching his brothers eye and turned away.

Dean pulled out his gun, aiming at the demon again.

"Y-you shoot me...Sam dies Dean..."

Dean clicked the safety off again. "I know." he swallowed.

The gunshots echoed out, loud clashes of sound reverberating along the walls.

Sam gasped, his eyes flying open at the new pain, he choked back the scream.

His eyes cast down and Dean's fist was at his shoulder, the barrel firmly digging into his new brand, six new holes in the roof, the hot metal burning its own brand and breaking through the bind.

The demon reached out its hand uselessly, eyes wide in fear and screamed in time with Sam as his skin burnt and he fisted Dean's arm, his head falling forward as he sagged.

Dark green eyes seethed hatred to the demon as Dean cocked his head.

"Amen you filthy bastard."

The black smoke shot out of the body, long since dead and dropped like a stone, an inhuman screech as scorching hellfire met the demon in a collision and the leftover scent of ozone.

The gun clattered to the ground as Dean pulled his brother up and cupped his face.


Pain filled hazel orbs blinked at Dean. "You did it." Sam slurred.

Dean sighed, holding his brother close and rubbing a smoothing hand up and down his back.

Sam's soft curls rested under his chin as he breathed, one last cough wracking his form.

"Don't you ever let a demon get the drop on you again."

Dean squeezed Sam closer, slowly helping him stand with a firm arm around his waist.

Sam stared sightlessly at the body in the devils trap, mouth open and unseeing eyes looking up.

"Kay." Sam sighed, leaning into Dean's neck. "Go hm'e n'w?"

Dean dragged Sam along in shuffling steps, back out to the car.

"Yeah, we're going home."

Sam's neck sat comfortably over his shoulder and hearing his brothers even breathing improve, his own breathing calmed and as they walked he managed to match Sam's softly beating heart with his own.

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