E/O challenge: shield

100 word drabble for Musica Diabolos's Birthday – she wanted Sick!Needy!Sam, I hope this fits the bill (I've had this idea floating round in my head for some time now and finally had to get it down on paper).


What If?

The white light enveloped them as they struggled to open the door.

Moments later they had abandoned their escape plan as an ear-piercing noise forced them to their knees.

Dean, in one last desperate attempt to save his brother, pushed Sam to the floor, covering him with his body; one final attempt to shield him from impending doom.

Suddenly the vast shaft of light exploded through the ceiling and out into the night sky.

And then silence!

Sam slowly rolled his too still brother onto the floor beside him just as a voice filled his head.

"Hello Sam," Lucifer said.