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BPOV (Seven years later)

The last seven years had been absolute bliss. I mean, we did have our rough patches, but then again, who doesn't?

I had gotten a job working as a freelance columnist for the local Newspaper. It was perfect in my eyes, I got to do the one thing I love to do – write. And not only that, but the job was flexible enough that I could work from home and take care of my children without much hassle.

Edward continued to work at the Lawyer's agency with Jasper and it continued to get more popular, the word was spreading about the two greatest lawyers in town.

A year after the twins were born, Alice and Jasper welcomed a beautiful little girl into the family – Abigail Olivia Whitlock. She had most of Alice's features; Dark hair, porcelain skin, hazel eyes, but she had inherited her father's calm personality. Alice couldn't be happier; she finally had her own little girl to play dress up with.

As for Rosalie and Emmett, Rose managed to do what she had always wanted to do – open up her own salon. Almost as soon as 'Beautiful You' opened, everyone was raving about it. Emmett continued being a Gym teacher at Fork's High School, he even began Saturday coaching at the local Football Club as something to do in his spare time.

While Lily was still attending school, Henry had started College, studying to become and architect.

Dad finally retired from the Police Force while Carlisle continued being a doctor – he refused to retire, stating that he would continue doing the work he loves until he finds it hard to walk.

In our house, as predicted, Elizabeth (who we call Ellie) was the ultimate daddy's girl – she could make Edward do anything for her, just by pouting adorably. Masen on the other hand, turned out to be more of a mommy's boy.

"Morning Mommy," our youngest daughter, Alyssa, mumbled as she walked into the kitchen. I smiled as I looked at her, she was the perfect blend of Edward and I. She looked just like Edward in her facial features –with the exception of my nose- , but had the same dark hair as me and her eyes were hazel – a perfect mixture of green and brown.

"Morning, baby." I walked over, kissing her cheek loudly, causing her delicate giggle to fill the room. "Pancakes sound good?"

"Mmm," she rubbed her belly with wide eyes. Pancakes were her favourite.

"Coming right up," I saluted her, making my way towards the cooker.

After Elizabeth and Masen were born, Edward and I hadn't planned on having any more children. We had thought that three was enough. But obviously, Mother Nature had different plans and three years later, Alyssa Mae Cullen was brought into this world. And we wouldn't have changed it for anything.

"Morning," Mase called, running up to me. He stood on his tip-toes, watching what I was doing intently. "What'cha making?" he asked, swinging from side to side. His trademark smirk was set on his face, and his emerald eyes sparkled as he waited for my response. It's scary how much he looks like his father when he does that.

"Pancakes," I chuckled at him. He knew full well what I was making.

"Sweet!" he cheered, running over to the table and plonking himself beside Alyssa.

"Have you seen my Hello Kitty bag?" Ellie asked as she walked into the kitchen, her eyes scanning the place.

"Did you check the living room?" I responded immediately. Almost everything the kids 'lost' could be found in the living room.

"I checked, it wasn't there," She sighed, walking over to the dresser, opening the small door and peering inside.

"Did you check under the couch?"

Her eyes widened and she held a finger up, running out of the room in a flash. She returned only a minute later, proudly holding up her bag.

"Thanks, Mom!" she smiled happily, going to sit at the table.

"Daddy!" Alyssa squealed as soon as Edward walked into the room. She hopped from her seat and literally jumped into his arms – something she did almost every morning.

"How's my angel?" he asked, kissing her cheek. He laughed when he looked down and noticed that she'd put her shoes on the wrong feet. Setting her down, he quickly fixed it before sitting her back onto her seat. He said his good mornings to Mase and Ellie before walking over to me.

"Do I get a good morning?" I asked, taking the pan off the hob. Edward's arms circled my waist and his chin sat on my shoulder as he whispered into my ear.

"I think I gave you a pretty intense good morning earlier, love," his husky voice sent tingles down my spine and I had to bite back a moan.

"Yeah, it was pretty good," I shrugged, trying to act nonchalant. Edward spun me around to face him.

"Pretty good?" he asked incredulously. "From the sounds you were making, it was more than 'pretty good'." He muttered sexily, his voice dropping an octave. I playfully slapped his chest, giggling. I glanced over at our children, who were listening intently to a story Masen was telling, before looking back at Edward.

"Okay, it was amazing," I decided, grabbing his belt and pulling him closer to me. I leaned up so that my mouth was right beside his ear. "And I intend to return the favour later," I made sure that my lips grazed his ear lobe as I whispered.

With a groan, Edward pulled my face to his, bringing our lips together in a deep kiss.

"Gross," we heard Nate mutter as he entered the kitchen. He pulled out his chair and sat on it without another word.

"Good morning to you, too," I laughed as Edward moved to join our children at the table.

Nate pulled out his PSP, and immediately started playing on it.

"Nate," I warned. He looked to me with pleading eyes and I sighed. "You know what I've told you about playing games at the table." I hated saying no to him, but it had to happen. Otherwise, he'd have no structure in his life at all, and structure is one thing children needed.

"But Mom-"

"No but's Nate, put it away." Edward interrupted, giving him a serious look. Nate huffed, putting away the game.

"This sucks," he grumbled. Nate was getting into the moody teenage years, and Edward and I had no idea what to do about it.

"It's okay, you can play after," Alyssa piped up. My little girl - always the optimistic. Nate simply rolled his eyes and huffed once more.

"Breakfast is served," I announced with a chuckle as I set the big plate of pancakes in the middle of the table.

"Chocolate Syrup?" I tempted, waving the bottle in front of Nate at an attempt to cheer him up. I could see him fighting the smirk that was attempting to spread across this face. Finally giving in, he chuckled as he snatched the bottle from me.


"Have we got Maple Syrup?" Ellie asked hopefully from her place at the table.

"Sure do, baby." I smiled, handing her the bottle. Her eyes widened as she took it from me, pouring an unhealthy amount onto her pancakes. I usually had to warn her to slow down, but this time, I didn't attempt to stop her – I was in a particularly good mood this morning. Most likely from the amazing wakeup call my husband gave me.

Before Mase could say anything, I took the lemon juice from the fridge and brought it over to the table, handing it to him before sitting down. Lemon juice and sugar was his favourite thing to have on pancakes.

"Mommy?" Alyssa got my attention. When I turned to her, she simply looked down at her plate before looking back at me. I instantly leaned over, cutting her pancakes into small pieces.

"These are delicious, love," Edward mumbled around a mouthful of food. How many times had we told our children not to talk with their mouths full? And here was my husband, completely contradicting it.

"Don't talk with your mouth full, Dad." Ellie said to him with a pointed look before giggling angelically.

"Sure thing, Princess." He chuckled after he'd swallowed his food.

"But your right, this is delicious," Ellie added with a firm nod of her head. I guessed from the way Mase and Nate were scoffing theirs down that they thought the same.

"Yum yum," Alyssa confirmed before turning back to her plate of food.

"Dad?" Mase spoke up. Edward's head immediately lifted up to look at him. "Wanna play ball later?"

"You bet, little man," Edward nodded firmly, turning towards Nate. "You in, buddy?"

"If you want your butt whooped, then yes," he smirked back at Edward.

"Who's butt are you whooping?" Edward asked. "'Cause it sure isn't mine," he added with a laugh. Mase's mouth dropped open as he looked between his father and brother.

"It's not mine, either!"

I laughed to myself at their playful banter, tucking into my breakfast.

"You think maybe we could have a girl's day?" Ellie suddenly asked me, looking up from her breakfast. I glanced up at her with a smile – we did this quite often, whenever one of us would get the notion, Ellie, Alyssa and myself would go to lunch and see a movie together, we called it our 'Girls day out'.

"Anything in particular you want to do?" I asked whilst leaning over to wipe a bit of chocolate syrup off Alyssa chin.

"How about going to see Tangled? That looks cool," she suggested, raising her eyebrows.

"Then that's what we'll see," I nodded my head at her. With happy smiles, we continued on with our breakfast until Alyssa interrupted us.

"Can I go too?" she whispered quietly. "I want to see it," the hopeful look on her face was adorable.

"Of course you can, Lyss," Ellie smiled at her sister. "It's a girls day out, you're a girl too," she giggled, stating the obvious. Alyssa's beaming smile was contagious.

I stared at my family for a second, marvelling at my husband and the perfection that are our children. I watched the boys talk amongst themselves about the ball game they were going to play after breakfast, and I watched my eldest daughter explain Disney stories to her eager younger sister.

Oh, the joys of family.

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