Free Willy – Champion of the Sea

By Andy Prosser

Decadated to my freind Josh when his deviantart got hacked

Chaspter 1 – Clint is Missing

Free Willy patroled the ocean. It was been a hole week since the ship crash into a sea monster and make it sink. Over 400 people were killed. Free Willy looked for the missing little boy Clint who was heard about in the news.

Suddenly Free Willy hears a cry. It was a sad cry with emotion.

It was the little boy, and he was about to got eat by the monster!

Chapter 2 - Showdown

"You put that boy down now!" said Free Willy.

"Who is going to stop me!" said the monster. So Free Willy used his telekeneisees to talk to the other fish and attack all at once. But the sea monster ate them all and got more powerful to transform into a shark sea monster.

"I am going to eat Clint" said the shark sea monsetr.

"That's what you think cocksucker!" and Free Willy charges a laser attack and the shark drowns.

"Oh my gosh thank you Free Willy!" Said Clint.

"It's no problem I'm just glad your ok." said Free Willy. And he swims away...

"Free Willy! Don't leave me! Your my best friend!"

"Don't worry Clint. I am going away a long time to train. You are always in my heart."

And Free Wily swims away.

"No... Come back... Free... Willy....."