"Ricky! Where are you taking me?!?" Lucy asked. It was the night of their anniversary and Lucy was wondering if they were going to dinner. That's what she thought, until Ricky blindfolded her.

"Be patient, honey. We're almost there." Ricky smiled to himself. He was holding Lucy's hand and he was carrying a bag in the other.

"Okay. You can take your blindfold off now." He said. She took it off.

"Ohhhh Ricky!!!" she sighed.

He had brought her to the gazebo. She gave him a big hug.

"Well I thought that this would be a good place to celebrate out anniversary," he smiled, "Fred and Ethel said they were goin' to watch Little Ricky tonight, so this time, I came prepared." He took out a blanket, a bottle of wine, and two wine glasses.

He set the blanket on the ground and sat down. Lucy followed. Ricky poured the wine into the glasses and gave her one.

"To us." He said.

"To us." She replied when she clinked glasses with him. She leaned over and gave him a kiss.

"Happy anniversary sweetheart." He said as he pulled out his accordion. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Said Lucy.

She sighed when he began to play. He sang one of her favorite songs.

"Forever Darling, while all the hearts go wondering, You'll find mine as faithful as can be. I'll be your true love, forever and forever, I'll care for you eternally. I've known your kiss and I've been close to heaven, the thrill of this will last me till my life is through. I've made this promise, and willingly I'll keep it. Forever, forever darling you will find me true."

For the rest of the night, Lucy and Ricky laid in their gazebo, looking up at the stars, like they did years ago.