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Nickis POV.

A big wide smile appeared on my face as I spotted the `Welcome to Providence`sign. I had spent the past few months on the road hunting down every evil SOB I could get my hands on and I was in desperate need of a little break now.

What better place to do that then home, right? I parked my black 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS in the private parking lot that belonged to the building my Condo was in, grabbed my two duffle bags and headed inside.

Not having the energy to unpack or do anything else for that matter, I just collapsed onto my bed fully dressed. As soon as my head hit the pillows, I was dead to the world.

I woke up 14 hours later and took a long bath in my jaccuzzi tub. After towel drying my hair I dressed into a pair of comfy sweatpants and a tank top.

As I entered the living room I noticed that the red light of my answering machine was on, indicating that someone had left a message. I pressed the button to listen to it.

"You´ve got one message. If you´d like to listen to it please press 1." The computer voice said and I pressed 1.

"Hey, this is Nicki. I´m not home at the moment so please leave a message after the beep or try my cell." BEEP!

"Nicki, it´s me John. I called this number because I knew it would buy me some time. You´re going to hate me for what I´m about to do but I have no other choice. Maybe one day you´ll understand why I did it. I still blame myself for what happened between you and your Dad all those years ago and I want you to promise me that you´ll try and work things out with him. He´s the only family you´ve got left and in our line of work that is something you shouldn´t take for granted. Take care of yourself." BEEP! "End of message. If you want to save it press 2, to delete it press 3."

I got my cellphone out and dialed Johns number. I cursed as it went straight to voicemail.

"John, this is Nicki. I just heard the message you left me. Seriously, what the hell? You better call me and explain yourself. I´m worried sick about you."

Letting out a frustrated sigh, I shoved my cellphone back into my pocket. Johns cryptic message had me seriously worried. Why would he need to buy time? What was he about to do that would make me hate him for it? And why of all times did he want me to work things out with my father now?

I took my cellphone out again and called Ellen. After a few rings she finally picked up.

"Harvelles Roadhouse, Ellen speaking."

"Hey Ellen, it´s me Nicki."

"I´ll be damned. Haven´t heard from you in ages! Is it so hard to pick up the god damn phone sometimes? I swear to god one of these days I´ll hunt you down and drag your sorry ass back to the roadhouse myself!"

"I´m sorry Ellen, I promise I´ll stop by some time soon."

"You better!"

"Listen, have you heard anything from John lately? I got back home yesterday and just listened to my answering machine a few hours ago. He left a message about eleven days ago, a very cryptic one. I can´t make any sense out of it."

"Sorry sweety, I haven´t heard from him in ages. I left him a message on his voice mail about four months ago but he never got back to me. I think I might have a lead on the demon. When you see him make sure he calls me, okay?"

"Okay. Anyways, thanks for your help Ellen. See you soon!"

"You´re welcome! Bye!" She said and hung up.

Damn, that John Winchester! I cursed silently as I dialed his number and was once again diverted to his voice mail.

"It´s Nicki again. I just got off the phone with Ellen and she said she left you a message about four months ago but you never replied. She thinks she has a lead on the demon. John, what is going on? You´ve been acting strange since the last time I´ve seen you in California but this is topping everything by far. Please call me."


I had just finished cleaning my weapons when my cellphone started to ring. I muttered a "Thank god." when I saw that I had just received a text message from John.

Meet me at the roadhouse as soon as possible.

That was just peachy! So much for my little break. Yet another sigh of frustration left my lips as I replied to his text message.

I´ll leave in an hour. Shouldn´t take me longer than two days to get to Nebraska. See you. xNicki

I packed my bags in a rush and got changed into jeans and a shirt before leaving my beloved Condo once again.

Was I ever going to get a break? I thought as I climbed into my car.


Two days later. Harvelles Roadhouse, Nebraska.

I had only stopped twice for a few hours to get a couple of hours sleep. I was grumpy and in need of a drink when I pulled up at the roadhouse. Johns truck was nowhere to be seen so I just shrugged, got out of the car and made my way to the bar.

"Hey sweety! I didn´t think you´d come that soon." Ellen smiled.

I ignored her since I was too busy looking for John who was nowhere to be found.

"Where the hell is John??! I swear, I´m so going to kick his ass!" I was fuming and immediately downed the shot of Jack Daniels that Ellen had placed on the counter for me.

"I´d like to see you try." One of the guys sitting next to me said. He had sandy coloured hair and green eyes that were very familiar. Those were eyes that I´d recognize everywhere, they were exactly like the ones that belonged to John Winchester. My eyes grew big as I realized who that guy was. It was Johns son Dean and the other taller guy next to him must be Sam then, I figured.

"Where´s your Dad? He texted me and told me to come here." I demanded, not caring how rude I was being.

"Actually, that was us." Sam explained. I cocked an eyebrow at him. "We cracked his voicemail and listened to your messages. You must be Nicki."

"Why the hell would you do that? Where is he?"

Dean looked at me with a stern expression on his face. "He´s dead. Died less than two weeks ago."

I felt like I was about to have a nervous breakdown. "How?"

"Heartattack." Sam replied matter of factly.

"No way! This can´t be.. I mean.... It must have been something else." I stormed out of the roadhouse as I felt the tears dwelling up in my eyes.

Sitting down on the hood of my car, I clutched my face into my heads and desperately tried to hold back the tears. John had left the message shortly before he died. He said that he was about to do something I´d hate him for but he clearly wasn´t talking about the heartattack. I was more than determined to find out what he was talking about.

It took me a while to regain my composure but once I did, I went back into the roadhouse where I was greeted by Jo and Ash.

Jo was cleaning up tables and occasionally shooting flirtatious glances over to Dean while Ash was trying to do the same with me.

"Hey babe." He smiled and pulled me into a hug which caused me to roll my eyes in annoyance. "Dean and Sam, meet my girlfriend Nicki Si.."

"Simmons, Nicki Simmons." I cut him off and shot Ellen and Ash a `Don´t you dare tell them my real last name` look. "And I am NOT his girlfriend."

"Yeah, I thought so. You´re way out of his league. Anyways, this freakishly tall guy is my brother Sam and I´m Dean." He said as he roamed my body up and down with his eyes.

"Yeah, kinda figured that. Let´s cut the chit chat and talk business."

We sat down at a table close by. Ellen handed us each a bottle of beer and we started to get talking.

"How do you know our Dad?" Sam asked.

"Through my Dad." I replied and took a sip of my beer. Dean was still checking me out which started to piss me off. "Dude, can you stop undressing me with your eyes?! I already have to deal with Ash doing that constantly when I´m around."

Sam nudged his brother. "Sorry." Dean mumbled. "So you´re a hunter?"

"Wow, someone hand sherlock a medal for his incredible deductive reasoning skills here." I rolled my eyes. "Of course I´m a hunter you idjit!"

The boys exchanged confused glances. "What is it?" I asked.

"Oh nothing, you just reminded us of someone we know." Sam answered

Oh crap, I thought since I knew that they meant Bobby. Fortunately I didn´t really look like him, the only thing I inherited from him was his light brown hair, hunting skills and temper, at least that´s what John always told me.

"So why exactly did you tell me to come here? Boys you better come up with a good answer. I came here all the way from Providence." Crossing my arms I expectantly waited for their response.

"You mentioned the demon and we thought you might be able to help us track him down along with Ash here." Sam said giving me his best puppy dog eyes that even made me go weak in the knees.

"Yeah, as much as I hate to admit it but Ash is a genius."

"Ooh thank you babe." Ash smiled and was about to put an arm around me but I slapped it away.

"That guy ain´t no genius, he looks like a Lynyrd Skynyrd roadie." Dean commented.

"I like you." Ash was grinning now. Rolling my eyes, I slapped the back of his head. "Nicki here is not bad either, she´s like a walking demon encyclopedia. Not only is she one of the best damn hunters I know but the hottest one aswell."

"I´m not argueing with you on the being hot part there." Dean added and winked at me.

Their compliments made me blush a little. I could feel Jos glares burning holes through my back.

"Guys as much as I enjoy the flattery, let´s get back to business."

Dean took out Johns journal. ""All right. This stuff's about a year's worth of our Dads work, so, uh.. Let's see what you make of it." He challenged

Ash scanned through the journal, taking out some newspaper clippings and rearranging them. "Come on. This crap ain't real. Ain't nobody can track a demon like this." He remarked as he continued going through the stack of files.

"John could." I smiled and briefly looked at the brothers who nodded approvingly.

"These are nonparametric statistical overviews, cross-spectrum correlations. I mean, damn. They're signs…omens. You know like crop failures and electrical storms." Ash said.

"If you can track them, you can track the demon." I added.

"You ever been struck by lightning?" He asked the boys. "It ain´t fun."

"Can you track it?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, with this, I think so but it´s gonna take time.. Uuuh, give me..." Ash paused for a moment. "Fifty-one hours." He started putting all the papers back into the journal and then turned towards me with a cheeky smile on his face. "I´m sorry babe, I gotta leave and get working. How about some sugar for your honey?"

I flicked him the bird which caused the Winchesters to laugh. "How´s that for sugar?"

Ash went back into his room and Sam headed to the bar to talk to Ellen. I stayed where I was, sitting at the table opposite to Dean.

"Seems like Ash is head over heels for you, huh?"

"Yeah he´s had that sick obsession with me from the first time he saw me walk in here with John a few years ago." I explained.

"Dad and you seemed close. How come Sam and I have never met or heard from you?"

"We had our reasons." I stated matter of factly and he gave me a weird look. "Geez, get your head out of the gutter. There was nothing between John and I, he was more like the annoying overprotective Dad I never had." I said and quickly wiped away the tear that was about to escape my eye.

Dean wanted to say something but was interrupted by Jo who sat down on the table right inbetween us. "So Nicki, how´s that boyfriend of yours doing? His name was Alex, right?" She smiled while giving me the `Stay away from him, I saw him first` look.

Damn, I thought, what the hell was wrong with that girl? What was she going to do next? Compare the size of our boobs? Probably not, since I´d win hands down. I would have ignored the look she was giving me at any other time but not today. I was in a crappy mood after shagging ass to get here and then being told that one of the few persons I had allowed into my life was dead.

Oh dude, she couldn´t have picked a worst day to start a fight with me.

"Alex and me split up about half a year ago. I´m SINGLE as it is." I said, especially stressing the word single and winking at Dean who smirked at me in response.

Jo looked like she was about to slap me in the face but fortunately Sam returned and prevented our little catfight from escalating. Not that I was really worried about getting into a physcial fight with Jo since I knew I could easily take her down but I didn´t want to have to deal with an angry Ellen. That woman was one of the people I never wanted to piss off if I could help it.

"Hey Dean, I think I found us a hunt. Check it out." Sam said and placed the folder he was holding in front of his brother who quickly read through it.

"Yeah looks like it." Dean said and passed the file onto me which startled me. "What do you think Nicki?"

I read through the newspaper clippings and had to agree. A married couple had been killed by a clown and left their kid alive. The kid claimed that the clown vanished into thin air after the murders.

"Definetely a case." I confirmed.

"How about we work this one together? You came here all the way from Providence and...."

"Okay." I cut Dean off.

"Seriously?" He asked.

"Yeah, I still owe your Dad for saving my ass. So I might aswell help you out."

Dean grinned. "Let´s go and hunt that little bitch of a clown down then."

After saying our goodbyes, we left the bar. I was surprised when I saw the boys walk up to a beat up van. "What happened to the Impala?" I asked, remembering that John had given it to Dean years ago.

"We had a little accident. It´s at Bobby Singers salvation yard." Sam explained and I slightly flinched at the mention of Bobbys which didn´t go unnoticed.

I immediately changed the subject. "How about we take my car? It´s going to take ages to get to Wisconsin in that piece of junk."

Dean whistled in appreciation as he spotted my Camaro at the other side of the parking lot. "She´s right Sam."

"What about our weapons?" Sam asked.

I chuckled. "Don´t worry, I´ve got plenty of toys."

We walked over to the Camaro after they had gotten their duffles and I watched Dean glide his hand over the smooth exterior of my baby.

"Woah, she´s a babe just like her owner." His comment caused me to roll my eyes at him. What a cheesy pick up line. "1967 Camaro SS, right?"

I nodded. "Best year for a Chevy according to John."

"Damn straight!"

I got my keys out and unlocked my car. "So who´s sitting in the back? I´d say Dean, since he´s not as tall as Sam."

Sam chuckled. "I agree."

"No way I´m sitting in the back!" Dean protested.

"Well, I´m sure as hell not going to let you drive my car. You either sit in the back or take that stoner van, it´s your call."

He pouted. "Fine, I take the damn back seat."

Sam smiled victoriously and was about to say something but was cut off by Deans punch to his arm. "Shut it, Sammy."

Sam tossed their bags into the trunk of my car while Dean tried to get comfortable in the backseat.

"Oooh look what I found." Dean chuckled and held up one of my bras triumphantly.

"Put that bag into my bag, Dean! Before I change my mind and ditch your sorry ass in the middle of nowhere." I growled at him.

That was going to be a long drive, I sighed.


I was so damn close to leaving the boys stranded at the last gas station we stopped at after listening to them bickering about all kinds of stuff for hours.

We finally arrived at the Cooper Carnival and after Dean spotted a `Help wanted` sign we decided to pose as potential prospective employees.

Entering the tent, we spotted an elderly man throwing knifes against a target.

Dean approached him and Sam and I followed suit.

"Excuse me, we´re looking for Mr Cooper. Have you seen him around?"

The older man turned around and took off the sunglasse he had been wearing to reveal blueish white eyes. "Is that supposed to be some kind of joke?" He demanded angrily.

Deans eyes grew big. "Oh god, I´m so sorry." At least he really means it, I thought.

"You think I wouldn´t give my eyeteeth to see Mr Cooper or a sunset or anything at all?" My goodness that dude was such a drama queen. It´s not like Dean said it on purpose.

"Wanna give me a little help here?" Dean shot a pleading look towards Sam and me.

"Uuuuh, let me think.. hmm NO." I replied.

"Not really." Sam added.

"Hey Barry, is there a problem?" We all turned around to discover that the voice belonged to a very short guy that wore an absolute ridiculous outfit.

"Yeah, this guy hates blind people." Barry, the blind dude, responded.

"What?" Dean protested. "No, I don´t"

I had to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing and so did Sam. We exchanged amused glances before looking back at Dean.

"Hey buddy, what the hell is your problem?" The short guy demanded.

Dean was visibly emberassed. "Nothing, it´s just a little misunderstanding."

Oh my god, he didn´t just say little, I thought.

"Little??? You son of a bitch!" The short dude raised the metal baton he was holding which caused me to finally step in.

"Hey, hey, hey." I said stepping inbetween him and Dean. "I´m really sorry but my boyfriend is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. He hasn´t exactly mastered the art of thinking before speaking. Now, could you please tell us where we can find Mr Cooper?" Batting my eyelashes, I flashed a flirtatious smile.

The short guy was smiling now aswell. "You better teach him some manners."

I nodded.

Barry sighed. "He´s probably in his trailer."

"Thank you gentlemen." I said politely, grabbed Deans hand and dragged him with me to prevent him from causing more harm.


The boys went inside to talk to Mr Cooper while I had a little walk around the place. I met up with them a little later and laughed as I saw them wearing matching Cooper Carnival jumpsuits. "Wow, that whole partner look is really working for you." I giggled.

"Yeah, very funny Nicki. Haha. See the amused expression on my face." Dean remarked and pointed to his very serious, pissed off looking face.

What a party pooper, I thought and rolled my eyes. "Cmon Sasquatch, let´s check out the funhouse." Grabbing Sams hand I led him to the Funhouse.


We entered the funhouse and took out our EMF readers. The EMF didn´t pick up anything at all.

"Hey Nicki, check this out." Sam said and pointed towards a skeleton that was hanging from the ceiling. "Looks pretty real, doesn´t it?"

I nodded and approached the skeleton with my EMF in hand but once again I got nothing. "Nothing at all."

"Anyways, let´s get out of here and call Dean."


Dean met us in front of the Funhouse. The carnival was full of people by now and I spotted a little girl pulling on her Moms sleeve and telling her to look at a clown.

"Guys, over there!" I motioned over to the little girl. "She has just seen a clown."

"What do we do now?" Sam asked.

"Follow them and keep an eye on them."


After hours of waiting in front of the familys house, our killer clown finally showed up. We ran out and shot it before it could do any damage. Turns out that it wasn´t a spirit after all since our rocksalt rounds hit something solid.

The parents of the little girl were completely freaked out when they saw us standing there fully armed and chased us away. We ran back to the Camaro and sped off.

"Ungrateful idjits. We just saved their lives for crying out loud!" I complained and sighed. "But at least I know now what we´re dealing with."

Sam looked at me expectantly. "What is it?"

"A race of ancient Hindu creatures called Rakshasa. They appear in human form, feed on human flesh, can make themselves invisible and most importantly they cannot enter a home without being invited in first."

"They dress up like clowns so that children invite them in." Sam concluded.


"Woah Ash was right when he said that you were a walking demon encyclopedia." Dean chuckled. "Anyways, why don´t they just munch on the children?"

"Probably because they don´t have enough meat on their bones. Rakshasas only feed every twenty to thirty years and they live in squalors and sleep on a bed of insects."

Dean nodded. "Makes sense. The carnival today, the Bunker Brothers in '81. And who happened to work both shows? Cooper."

"Hmm that´s true but we should make sure it´s really him before we off him." I said as I continued speeding down the road.

"How do we kill that SOB?"

"Legend says a dagger made out of pure brass."

"I think I know where I can get those knifes from. Barry, the knifethrower." Dean said.


We went back to the Carnival to take care of our killer clown. Dean went to retrieve the knives from Barry while Sam and I went to check out Coopers trailer.

After successfully picking the lock, Sam took out a pocket knife and headed straight for Coopers bed. That´s when I heard steps outside.

I turned Sam around and pushed him onto the bed before straddling his lap and crashing my lips onto his.

I pulled away when I heard someone cock a gun behind my back. "What the hell are you doing here?" Cooper demanded angrily, his gun still firmly pointed at Sam and me.

"Oh sorry, my boyfriend and I were just looking for a quiet place to.. uhhm. you know." I giggled and pressed another quick kiss onto Sams lips.

"I´m sorry sir. My girlfriend is very persistent. We´ll leave right away. Sorry again." Sam stood up and carried me out of the tent bridal style.

Once we were out of Coopers sight, he put me back onto the ground. "Seems like Cooper is not our homicidal clown, huh?"


A few minutes later we ran into Dean who figured out that Barry was the Rakshasa after discovering the dead bugs under his bunk bed.

We ran into the funhouse where we all got separated at some point.

While looking for the boys I passed by a pipe organ and pulled one of its brass pipes out.

I found the boys just in time. Dean was pinned to a wall and an invisible Barry kept on throwing knives at him.

"Sam! Over there!" I yelled and motioned to the smoke machine about three feet away from him. He nodded and turned it on.

The mist outlined the creature and with one forceful movement I stabbed it with the brass pipe I was holding.

Sam helped Dean to free himself while I inspected the now visible Rakshasa, making sure that it was really dead.


The next day we arrived back at the roadhouse where Ellen and Ash were already waiting for us.

"You guys did a great job." Ellen smiled and then turned towards the boys. "Your Dad would be really proud."

I nodded. "Yes, definetely. John trained you well."

Ash came out of his room and sat down at our table.

"Did you find the demon?" Dean asked.

"It's nowhere around. At least, nowhere I can find. But if the fugly bastard raises its head, I'll know. I mean, I'm on it like divine on dog dookie."

"Ash, cut the cryptic crap." I rolled my eyes.

"I mean any of these signs or omens appear anywhere in the world, my rig will go off like a fire alarm. Sorry babe." He turned his computer towards us and showed us the programs he had installed on it.

"Where did you learn all this?" Sam asked, not believing his eyes.

"MIT, before I got bounced for fighting. You know that school?"

He nodded. "Yeah."

"Okay then." Dean stood up. "Give us a call as soon as you get something on that SOB."

"Si, si compadre."

I stood up aswell. "I´m hitting the road. See you around."

"Babe you leaving already? Why don´t you stay and spend some quality time with me?" Ash wiggled his eyebrows at me.

"No thanks Ash, I´m good." I grabbed my bag and headed to the bar where Ellen was.

She pulled me into a hug. "Take care sweety."

I pulled away and smiled. "You too Ellen."

"Bye Jo!" I said but she just glared at me in response.

"So this is goodbye, huh?" Dean said and I turned around to face him and Sam.

"Yeah, guess so. If you need help, I´m just a call away."

They nodded and I both hugged them goodbye.

"Let me walk you to your car." Dean said.

"A gentleman just like your Dad was, huh?" I smiled as he followed me outside.

We stood in front of the Camaro for a while not saying a word.

"Listen Dean, I can´t tell you how sorry I am about your Dads death. I can tell you´re not the kind of guy who likes to share his feelings but if you keep everything bottled up like you do now, it´s not going to end well." I paused for a moment. "Sorry for that major chick flick moment."

He just nodded and all of a sudden pulled me into a hug.

I pulled away and got into my car. "Don´t be a stranger."

One last time I glanced back at Dean through my rearview mirror. Johns death was really affecting him and he wasn´t coping too well.

I couldn´t shake the feeling that I´d be running into those boys soon again and I was looking foraward to it.


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