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Nickis POV.

"Nicki, babe. Cmon, wake up." I heard Dean say.

The blackness that I had succumbed to earlier began to vanish and I felt my eyes starting to flutter open. It took a little while before I regained a clear view of my surroundings. I was on the floor scooped up in Deans arms.

"Are you okay? What happened?" Sam, who was kneeling next to his brother, asked.

"Yeah, yeah. I´m fine." I shrugged off as I tried to sit up independently .

Dean picked me up and carried me back to my hospital bed, bridal style. When he sat me down on the bed he looked at me seriously with a hint of worry. "So care to share what you were doing at 2am roaming through the hospital?"

That´s when it all came back to me. "I saw something in the hallway and tried to fight it off."

"It? A demon?"

"A real monster about Sam´s height and ugly as hell. Long claws and teeth sticking out."

"Are you sure you weren´t hallucinating? You´re still burning up." Dean said as he felt my forehead.

I glared at him. "I know what I saw and that sucker is still in the hospital!"

"But we didn´t see anything." Sam tried to reason.

"I´m telling you I was not hallucinating! That thing is out there and who knows what it´s up to!" The boys exchanged looks. I got ready to get up. "Okay fine, if you don´t believe I will go out and look for it myself."

"Woah, easy there tiger." Dean said and stopped me from getting out of bed. "We believe you. You stay right where you are and Sam will go and look for that sucker."

"You should go with Sam. That was one big, ugly and strong son of a bitch."

"No way in hell I´m leaving you alone like this. You can´t even stand on your own two feet."

"He´s right, Nicki." Sam said giving me his puppy dog eyes.

"Gee Dean, way to make a girl feel special." I rolled my eyes and then looked at Sam. "Damn you and your puppy dog eyes! Now go and find that sucker!"

The younger Winchester nodded and took off.

Dean looked at me and crossed his arms. "So princess, you still haven´t answered my question? Why were you going for a walk at 2am in the morning and why on earth did you go after that thing in the state you´re in? You have a death wish or something? You should have called us!"

"Now, now. That was more than just one question." I retorted in my usual smartass manner. "And don´t pretend you wouldn´t have done the same. Oh and by the way what happened to your promise about not crashing in the Impala."

"Don´t change topics. This is not about what I would have done, it´s about the fact that you could have gotten yourself killed!"

"But I didn´t and I promise I won´t do it again. It was a reckless thing to do. I´m sorry." I said and pouted. "And FYI the reason why I got up and went for a walk in the first place was because I couldn´t sleep. I´m not used to not having your sexy naked ass next to me in bed."

Dean grinned. "I miss you too, sexy."

Just then Sam returned to my room. "The hospital´s clear. No sign of that sucker anywhere."

"Okay. We´ll look into it tomorrow. Sam, you go back to the motel and I´ll stay here with Nicki to make sure it´s not coming back for her."

Sam nodded. "I´ll be back in a few. See ya later."

We said goodbye to Sam and watched him leave. "You should have gone with him, Dean. You need rest."

"So do you, and since both of us can´t really rest without having our sexy asses next to each other..." He trailed off and I smiled.

I scooted over and patted the free space next to me. "Cmon in then, handsome."

He kicked his boots off and climbed in next to me. I snuggled close and draped an arm and a leg around him. "How I missed this sexy ass." His voice was husky and I felt his hands run down to my ass and squeeze it.

I chuckled and kissed his neck gently. "I feel so much better already." Yawning, I drifted back off into a for once peaceful sleep.

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