Hey! False alarm if you thought this was another chapter, I'm sad to say it isn't! For those of you who weren't aware, Meddling has been rewritten. All of it. Took me two years, but it's finally done.

Bad side of that is, since I've rewritten it over a space of two years, the earlier chapters are invariably not as great as the later ones. I think anything after 18 was done in the last six months, and they're the ones I prefer. But they're all better than they were originally. I wrote down all the changes I made through the chapters, but the main one you'll find is that the overtones of romance are definitely more obvious than before.

There are still, and probably will be, grammar problems and slight spelling mistakes since most of it was rewritten on my ipad, and those of you who have an ipad will know how apple loves to correct words that aren't even spelt wrong the first time around!

Okay, so, major differences:

Chapter 2: the jagged tense changes have been fixed, so they should be gone completely. Hopefully.
Chapter 5: I've gotten rid of most of the pointless crap in that chapter, I think I cut it down by about 1000 words.
Chapter 9: Big change to the dream sequence here. I felt the initial dream sequence I had wrote was still a bit impersonal, so I rewrote that full scene.
Chapter 12/13: Got rid of a lot of the childishness. It was making me wince.
Chapter 15: Romance starts to get interlaced into the story from here on in.
Chapter 17: Rather than Ashalle appear to both, Tamlen gets his own vision in the gauntlet.
Chapter 19: Fight fight fight!

After these there's just big changes in all the chapters that are too numerous to really detail them here, but you'll definitely notice it. Leliana's tale in 29 has changed, Fenarel's conversation with Tamlen has updated detail of Merrill in 30. Chapter 34 is my favourite in terms of rewrites; I changed the whole confrontation with Morrigan into something a lot more emotional.

Thank you to everyone who had read this story the first time around, and thank you to everyone who has read it through the years since it was first published! And to those who started reading this at the various stages of it's rewrite, I do apologise for the shift in quality!