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Chapter Seven: The Fight, The Arrest and The House


Harry couldn't see anything past the speckled starts that dotted his vision, swirling around within his field of sight quicker than a hurricane. He slowly opened and closed his eyes as he tried his best to regain his composure but his cousins quick blows were debilitating and made his attempts quite difficult. His knees buckled and in a moment he was staring down, bleary eyed at the living room floor.

"You said once you left you wouldn't be back here!" he heard his Uncle thunder in anger though his voice was laced with evident fear. He glanced up quickly and saw that Vernon was standing on spaghetti noodle legs in the corner of the room by the cupboard under the stairs. He had his shotgun with him and was trying his best to steady his hands so that he could keep his gun aimed on Harry.

Petunia was in the cupboard still just like the young Wizard had left her. She was banging on the door, her shrill voice cutting through the wood as she screamed for her husband and her son. She didn't want them to face the maniac that had put them in this predicament in the first place, fearing for their lives should they fail in killing him; effectively angering him even more.

"I know what you did to my father," Dudley shouted, punching him in the side of his face. He felt blood dribble from his lip and he slowly put his hand to his face to feel it for himself. He ran his fingers over the warm red liquid as he stared at it for a moment in amusement. If this is what his supposed families idea of an ambush was than they were even more stupid than he could have ever thought. He chuckled softly ad it made the room grow still as a chill hung in the air.

He brought himself to his feet and just stood there chuckling until his chuckling turned into a dark laughter. Dudley, becoming unnerved, decided to punch his cousin repeatedly trying to get the boy he'd tortured for so many years without fail to wilt under his iron fists. Blow after startling hard blow Harry just stood there until he finally and quite forcefully shoved Dudley aside. He noticed Vernon's eyes go wide and saw him quickly fumble with his gun trying to aim it at Harry to take a shot.

"Real men don't fight with toys, Vernon," he stated coldly. His uncle said nothing, just stood there shaking with his gun still aimed though it waved this way and that while he shook in fear before his dark nephew. With a soft chuckle Harry turned his attention to his cousin. He walked over to him slowly and grabbed his face roughly.

"You know what I did to your father, is that right Dudley?" Harry's eyes darkened as he remembered everything that his uncle had done to him. All the pain that had etched its way across his body as his uncle his family by marriage deflowered him and made his body filthy. He sneered darkly and glared at his miniature whale of a cousin as he looked deep into his eyes and turned him around so that he was using him as a sort of shield from Vernon's range. He found this twisted little family scene to be heavily amusing. He pet Dudley's face softly, leaning into his neck and rocking back and forth with him softly.

"You really are simple," he cooed in his cousin's ear.

"Do you know what your Daddy Dearest did to me?" he felt Dudley tense and quake with instantaneous fear. It didn't go unnoticed by Harry but he kept talking anyway.

"You see Dudley, your father likes to beat people," he said softly while his grip on his older cousin tightened. The boy was trembling now and his lips were clamped shut tighter than solid steel. Harry could feel every blow that his uncle had ever landed upon his body and it made his body ache at the hurtful nostalgia.

"He likes to hurt and manipulate people, make them bleed, make them soil themselves, take away their dignity, their self-worth and then he likes to tarnish them. Do you understand what I mean by tarnish, Dudley?" his voice had dropped down to a whisper.

Dudley's body felt like an earthquake now as he shook, trembled and quaked in Harry's firm grasp. He grit his teeth hard enough to make them crumble inside of his mouth and wretched himself free from his younger cousin. His face was more red than a fire engine and tears were leaking from his eyes as he swung blindly at Harry trying his best to hit him through his rage.

"He didn't do those things to me!" he screamed as he flung his fists around wildly.

"He didn't do those things to me! He didn't do those things to me! He didn't do those things to me! He didn't do those things to me! He didn't do those things to me! He didn't do those things to me!" he screamed over and over as if he was trying to convince himself instead of Harry. He kept shouting until his voice was hoarse and he had cried every tear in his body and with one last inaudible rant he slumped to the floor, beating at the ground weakly.

"It gets worse," Harry said after the display was over and done.

"Your Mummy dearest, she knew you were a Wizard since you were nothing but a baby and for her own selfish reasons, she let Dumbledore block the greatest gift you could ever of had, Dudley. She took that away from you, your father took your virginity and all your life you took it out on me. You've no idea how badly I want to hate you, to make you pay for the endless beatings, but I realize now, you're nothing but a puppet, a pawn just like I was, but what I won't allow you to be is a sniveling, worthless, pathetic little victim; shit happens, get over. Now get up and pack your things. You'll live with me from now on," he went over to Vernon who had been shocked into a silent stupor in his corner and snatched his gun away.

He grabbed Vernon's face and grabbed his head fiercely. He pressed their heads together and instantly a golden light formed around them as every painful memory that Harry had ever endured entered his uncle's brain and with each memory he managed to pour every ounce of sorrow, pain and worthlessness that he felt.

"I want you to keep these memories so that you always have something to think about and I hope they drive you as mad as they've driven me you pathetic, depraved, worthless individual." He let go of Vernon's face and promptly went upstairs to pack his bags. He'd offered his cousin a place to stay in an attempt to heal him but he wasn't going to wait on him. Harry was going to pack and if Dudley wasn't ready to go when he was then he would get left behind to deal with whatever horrors or sorrows his father would unleash upon him.

It didn't take Harry long to pack and as he stuffed his possessions into his trunk he glanced over at the computer. He wanted so badly to hop on just for a moment and contact Dragon but he decided against it. He cared about the boy but he would see him at the end of the week as they had planned, until then, he wanted to keep a barrier between them. He packed his clothes last and wandlessly shrunk down his trunk, slipping it into his back pocket. As he walked past the computer he froze and glanced back at the technological contraption. With a heavy sigh he went over to it and left Dragon an offline message before quickly heading downstairs.

He refused to wait for Dudley, just simply walked out of the house. He was beginning to think that his idiot of a cousin wasn't going to come when he heard heavy footfalls behind him.

"Wait!" he heard the boy puff but the raven haired boy made no notion that he'd heard him and simply got into the cab that was waiting for him still, thankfully he'd been able to sweet talk the cabbie into turning the meter off while he waited and left the door open. Dudley stumbled into the car quickly with his luggage and slammed the door shut.

The cab driver didn't say a word. He drove in silence like he'd been instructed to by the young raven haired boy and decided that it would be wise not to make idle chit chat like he normally would.

"Where are we going?" Dudley asked in a voice barely above a whisper as they drove. His luggage was sitting on his lap and he kept tapping his fingertips along the top of it out of nervousness.

"To the police station," was the quiet, simple retort he received.

"Here you go," the cab driver said as he pulled up in front of the nearest police station. Harry reached into his pocket and paid the driver his fare, once again, the kind man turned off his meter as the young Wizard slid out of the car and instructed his cousin to do the same. The driver rode off and parked a few blocks away and remained in plain sight so that Harry could signal him once he was ready to be picked up once more. They started off walking and once they were out of sight Harry waved an irritated hand and shrunk the case down, stuffing it in his pocket.

"Follow my lead," he said simply as he walked inside. The second that he walked into the building a glamour washed over their bodies and to every person inside the police station Harry and Dudley looked as if they'd just received the beating of a life time from Vernon.

"Oh my god," exclaimed a young female cop. She rushed over to the two boys and immediately, carefully led them to two chairs and got them some water.

Dudley was unsure of what to do or say so he shyly put his head down and didn't say a word.

"Harry, this is my cousin Dudley," Harry's voice sounded pathetic, raspy and he could hear a slight wheeze to it, it made him want to sneer but he had to stay in character.

"Dudley doesn't talk much," he said giving his cousin a sympathetic pet on his knee before he allowed himself to get meek.

"Who did this to you boys?" she asked carefully, she had papers in her hand; a report, Harry assumed.

There was a silence and both boys exchanged a glance. Harry looked at Dudley to see how the boy would react and Dudley looked at Harry out of sheer confusion. Harry cast his eyes toward the ground and fiddled his thumbs, nibbling on his bottom lip before he looked at the officer though he avoided her eyes.

"M-my uncle, his father," he whispered brokenly before he felt hot tears running down his cheeks.

The next two hours was filled with Harry and Dudley having to go through the grueling process of helping Officer Hedge fill out a full, detailed police report, getting treatment for their wounds as well being subjected to rape kits. When all was said and done police cars were practically flying to Number Four Privet drive to arrest the vile bastards that lived there. When they arrived they found Vernon Dursley in his foul smelling house in a heap on the floor. He was red and purple in his pain and rage, rocking back and forth as he cried and laughed simultaneously. By the time the police had arrived Harry mentally released the hold on the cupboard under the stairs and Petunia Dursley was rescued from the tiny hell. She was quite filthy, her hair a tangled, knotted bird's mess on top of her head, she stunk of sweat, urine and soil and her clothes were grungy and hung off of her as she had lost quite a bit of weight in a small time frame. They automatically assumed that Vernon had done this to her and when she tried to frantically blame it on her psychotic nephew Harry, she was reassured that both boys were safe from the abusive male.

Harry smirked in satisfaction behind Officer Hedges back when he saw the man being brought into custody. He knew that his uncle could possibly worm his way out of his current predicament but as Harry wandlessly cast a spell to make sure that no one in the station's memory could be tampered with he began formulating a plan just in case that should happen.

"Do you boys have any place that you can stay?" Office Hedge asked as she turned back towards the two battered boys. Harry smiled meekly and nodded; grabbing Dudley's hand he led the oaf of a boy towards the door.

"Wait!" Officer Hedge shouted. She was a thin woman with a strong, lean build. She had auburn hair that was pulled back into a stern bun and dazzling blue eyes. She handed Harry a card and reassuringly pat his hand.

"You call me if you ever run into trouble again, ya hear?" she smiled at him and nodded her farewell as she watched them leave. When they got outside Harry ushered towards the cab and the driver came around to the station. They slid in with their heads down and looked as somber as they possibly could as they drove away from the station before Harry let out a small laugh and the glamour's fell away.

"Hope the bastard rots in prison," he said with another laugh as they drove. The driver had already been instructed of their destination beforehand and once again they rode in silence.

"You aren't the same anymore," Dudley said finally after a long period of silence.

"I was tired of being a fucking pushover," Harry said harshly as his eyes darkened as he thought about all the things that he'd let people get away with over the years; the fat boy included. He shook his head softly, he didn't want to shout, and his aunt had specifically told him that he'd seriously need to learn how to control his anger. He pinched the bridge of his nose lightly and shook his head before smiling ever so faintly.

"I was tired of being used," he began softly, putting a silencing charm between the divider of the cab. He didn't want the driver to hear the slightest bit of their conversation.

"You know nothing of the Wizarding World, so I'll tell you everything from the beginning. There was once a dark Wizard by the name of Lord Voldemort, he was such a terrible, ruthless man that he is now called by most 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named', he hates your kind, Muggles are what my lot calls you and hates Wizards with dirty blood –meaning that they aren't tied to a high society family- just as much. You see he has a vision of a completely Pure-Blood Wizarding World and he wants to eradicate every Mudblood –a witch or wizard with non-magic parents- and every half blood he can until our world is reconstructed in his image. My mum, Lily, your aunt, well she was a fighter and a year after she had me, Voldemort came to our house, that night, the night that I wound up on your parent's doorstep is what started this mess."

Harry sighed heavily and rested his head on the back of the seat. Dudley, who never allowed Harry to say more than five words to him, was listening intently as if his cousin was telling him the most fascinating story that he had ever heard. With a dry chuckle Harry shifted in his seat to get more comfortable before continuing.

"Voldemort wanted my mother and my –whom I've now discovered was actually a surrogate of sorts- father, to join his side. They refused, Voldemort killed James and killed my mum too, she died protecting me but Voldemort still turned his sights towards me and he tried to kill me too. That's how I got this scar on my forehead," he paused for a moment to lift up his bangs from his forehead to reveal the scar that gave him all his unwanted 'glory'.

"I am the only person in my world to have ever survived the Killing Curse and from that day on my name has gone down in Wizarding history because according to Albus Dumbledore I'm some kind of damn Saviour. Now, instead of going with my godfather, Dumbledore saw fit to place me with your mum and dad knowing that they hate magic more than anything on this Earth and the only reason why your mother took me in is so Dumbledore would somehow –still haven't really figured that out- stop your magic from growing. She feared Vernon would leave her if he ever noticed that you were just like I was."

"Why would he put you with people that hate…that stuff?" Dudley asked too afraid to dare speak the word magic.

"That's an excellent question there, Dudley and for the longest time I didn't have the answer. It bothered me something horrible underneath it all for years. Why would Albus Dumbledore, Leader of the Light, Headmaster of Hogwarts, a man that I had come to think of as a grand-father figure since the time that I turned eleven, put me in a home where he knew my abilities would pose a problem. Well, for years I went not knowing, only wondering and never being able to open my eyes and see the truth. But this summer, oh this summer Dudley, I realized the answer to that tricky riddle. It's because Dumbledore wanted me to come to him weak. He wanted a malleable little child that he could mold into the perfect little weapon. He wanted a toy, a puppet that he could lead around on a leash and tug this way and that while he made life-threatening decisions on its behalf and like an idiot, for years I was that puppet and I lost a great deal in the process of it all. I lost my godfather, that above all else, hurt the most for quite some time but now, I have come to realize that he's also cost my mother and James and I will make him pay dearly for that." Harry's eyes burned with a fire that made Dudley shrink away from him in fear. There was passion and malice behind the young raven haired boy's voice and he had a feeling that he meant every single last word that he said.

"I always thought you liked that Dumbledore guy," Dudley said softly, barely above a whisper. Something about the quietness in his voice made Harry calm and he pinched the bridge of his nose once more and sighed deeply before he answered that.

"I did, once, but then I realized how manipulative, intrusive and corrupt he truly is. My so called friends for instance, he's been paying them, this entire time with money out of my vaults to be 'friends' with me so that he could keep me right underneath his wrinkly little thumb. They've been nothing but assholes to me since the moment I've become 'friends' with them and I put up with it all this time because they were the only ones that I've ever had." His thoughts drifted to all the times that Ron had screwed him over or gotten angry at him over something small and all the times that Hermione had to rub in his face that she was 'smarter' than he was. He sighed heavily as he thought about the idiotic situations that he had let Dumbledore lead him into blindly. He had to stop thinking with his emotions so much or it was honestly going to be the death of him.

"So what about this Voldemort guy?" Dudley asked as he looked out the window watching the scenery pass them by.

"What about him?" Harry asked in an ill-eloquent manner seeing as his cousin had completely jolted him out of his thoughts. He mentally shook himself so that he could better pay attention to the larger male.

"Well…if that Headmaster guy is so fucked up…how do you know that the bad guy is actually a bad guy? What if the Headmaster just wants to make him a…a," Dudley started snapping his fingers together as if searching for the right word.

"A scapegoat of sorts," Harry said thoughtfully his brows furrowing in confusion. He had always taken Dudley to be a simpleton but his cousin had just made an excellent point. What if Dumbledore wanted to use Voldemort as a scapegoat? Make the entire Wizarding World think that Tom Riddle was a terrible person so that while the world was trying to burn blindly burn Voldemort alive no one would open their eyes and look past the fires of their ill-conceived hatred to see all of his low-down, dirty, corrupt ways. It was a brilliant plan, a smart move for a manipulating bastard such as Albus Dumbledore. Harry pulled a face and chuckled darkly.

"I do not know, Dudley," he said simply though the gears within his mind were turning and shifting into place in thought.

Suddenly the car slid to a smooth stop and Harry looked to his right to see a small, spacious looking cottage about half a mile from the small dirt road that they'd been traveling on. It looked beautiful, warm yet it had a small twinge of darkness to it that made it look ominous and foreboding. Harry adored it instantly.

"This is as far as I can take you," the cab driver said. Harry nodded softly, paid him his fare plus a decent tip and tapped Dudley's leg, signaling him that it was time to go as he climbed out of the car and began walking up the cobblestone path. The bigger boy shuffled out of the car and hurried to waddle after his cousin.

"I like this place," Harry breathed as he touched the door of the house. He felt magic stir within him and the doorknob twisted open. He stepped inside and found that the house was kept impeccably clean. He looked around cautiously and took a step over the threshold and was immediately greeted by a tiny House elf that looked on the verge of tears.

"Master is returned!" the tiny elf cried with joy as it practically threw itself on the ground. Two more House elves came rushing in and did the same all of them slowly crawling to come bow at Harry's feet. Taken aback Harry could do nothing but stare at them for a moment.

"Please don't…please don't grovel," he said shakily not sure what to do or say to make them stop. They instantly rose and stared at him wide-eyed and sniffling. One of them stepped forward; tall, slim, with eyes slightly bigger than Dobby, Harry assumed she was a girl.

"Master is returned to us," she spoke softly with a happy smile.

"Tibby, Nippy and Bibby has all been waiting for Master to be returned to us, today is great, joyful day," she referred to herself as Tibby so Harry assumed that Nippy and Bibby were the other two. This House elf spoke terribly slow so that she could clearly enunciate, she was the most educated sounding House elf that Harry had ever spoken to though the only ones he'd come into contact with were Dobby and Kreature.

"Mistress would have been so glad to see young Master home," at the mentioning of their past Mistress the elves began to weep again and they spoke 'Mistress, may she rest in peace' in unison.

"Come, come," she said reaching forward and taking his hand. She gently brought him into the house, while Nippy –he could tell that it was her by the hand stitched apron that she wore that had her name stitched across it- grabbed Dudley's hand and did the same. Bibby closed the door and waited patiently.

"Nippy, Master will be wanting dinner soon. Bippy, Master and Master's friend's bags please." The two elves rushed off and did as they were told, Harry could feel that they trunks were no longer in their possession and were probably being put upstairs someone. Nippy rushed off towards the kitchen presumably and Tibby smiled and curtsied as she held the side of her apron.

"You all have clothes," he noted softly staring at it intently.

"Yes, we all be free House elves, Mistress freed us, may she rest in peace, but we all loves her so much we did not wants to be leaving her. We be working here keeping clean house even though Mistress rarely come. Mistress, may she rest in peace, only come when Mistress be angry with Lord Potter. So we stayed and decided to serve her anyways. Tibby is Head House Elf, Nippy and Bippy is under her." She smiled and gestured for them to follow her to the living room. Nippy rushed in with hot water, a box of tea, sugar and a tray of cookies and set them down before toddling off once more.

"Master needn't worry about anything. Tibby, Nippy and Bippy be here to do everything Master and his friend needs." She smiled kindly at him and turned that same smile to Dudley who was looking at her intently. He had never seen a House Elf before but the creature seemed intelligent so he didn't want to degrade that intelligence by gawking at it like an idiot.

"I appreciate that Tibby. This is my cousin Dudley and I would appreciate it if you didn't call me 'Master'," he added with a sheepish chuckle.

Tibby smiled with a knowing twinkle in her eyes "Mistress did not like being called 'Mistress' for quite some time, Tibby tried to call Mistress, Lily, but Tibby could not, it is too difficult for Tibby. It is not in Tibby's nature, does that displease?" she twiddled her thumbs nervously and Harry couldn't help but smile.

"Alright, Tibby, have it your way, my friend." The House Elf smiled at him and nodded softly before rising.

"Master and Mr. Dudley's rooms be ready now and dinner will be ready shortly. Tibby suggests some freshening up," she smiled and began shuffling off towards the kitchen, probably to go help Nippy and Bippy.

"Well, what lovely House Elves," Harry said as he took a chocolate chip cookie off the tray and nibbled on it. He looked around the living room and smiled, it reminded him of a forest. The entire theme was very forest like with rich deep, soil like browns and earthy, vibrant greens as well as some golden accents here and there that reminded Harry of the sun peeking through a canopy of leaves.

"I have to go set something up," Harry said suddenly before he walked off quickly. He found the stairs easily enough and trekked up the wooden, hand carved staircase that had dragons, phoenixes and snakes coiling, flying and galloping all over it. When he reached the top of the stairs he someone instinctively knew that the second bedroom on the left was his. He walked over to the door, his brows knotted in slight confusion, before he turned the knob and was barely shocked to see that his trunk was indeed in that room.

He walked over to it and opened his trunk, he had thrown a great deal of things in his trunk hap hazardously and spelled them so that they would stay shrunk until he took each piece out individually even after the trunk itself had been unshrunk. He went over to it and flipped open the lid and searched around. He found what he was looking for and brought it over to the dark mahogany desk that was in front of the beautiful, bright window and unshrunk it; Dudley's computer was sitting properly on the desk. He smiled softly and turned it on, waiting for everything to load before finally logging in. He wasn't surprised when Dragon practically bombarded him with messages.

PlatinumDragon says: You're here!

PlatinumDragon says: Do you know how worried I've been!

PlatinumDragon says: I've been practically ripping my hair out! Are you okay? Are you eating? Are you hurt? Do you need me to come help you?

PlatinumDragon says: Answer me please!

Jaded_Disaster17 says: I'm fine, I'm alright. I didn't mean to worry you I just had some matters to take care of.

PlatinumDragon says: Matters that I'm sure you won't tell me about.

Jaded_Disaster17 says: You're probably right about that, it's kind of a private matter. I didn't mean to worry you, things just happened very abruptly and I didn't have much of an opportunity to really contact you during that time.

PlatinumDragon says: I want to see you…

Jaded_Disaster17 says: You'll get to see me at the end of this week, hell, I'll come Thursday and we can make a four day weekend out of it, how does that sound?

PlatinumDragon says: I don't like settling but…fine, I accept that.

Jaded_Disaster17 says: Okay good. Well, I have to go, Thursday at Devilswood.

PlatinumDragon says: Thursday then.

Jaded_Disaster17 says: I'll be wearing a black shirt and red tie.

PlatinumDragon says: I'll be waiting for you.

Jaded_Disaster17 has logged out

Harry groaned softly as he stared at the computer. He had no idea if he had just made the proper decision or not but he was going to at least make the attempt to see Dragon. He cared for the boy, he couldn't deny that, but could he trust him? He wasn't sure but he was going to take a serious leap of faith and pray that it didn't blow up in his face.

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