Which Witch?

E/O CHALLENGE Word: Shield

Word count: 100 on the dot.

A/N: Happy Birthday to: SalchanTheWitch (a good witch interacting with the boys, done), Clarabell27 (Castiel with some Dean humor, done), and Musica Diabolos (Sick! Needy! Sam, done)! May your special days be filled with your heart's desires!

"Cas... fix him!" Dean demands, shielding Sam protectively.

"I can't... but perhaps..." Castiel answers, disappearing.

"Perhaps what?" He growls.

Reappearing with a young woman, Castiel answers, "Perhaps she can help."

When she kneels, assessing, Dean looks at Cas. "Angel... Demon... Hoodoo?"


Grabbing Dean's hand she squashes it onto the blood on Sam's forehead. Ignoring his questions, she tugs Castiel over too. Hand over theirs, she chants, channeling healing energy.

When Sam wakes up, Dean grins. "Well, Glinda, thanks."

"It's Wendy, and you're welcome."

Blinking, he smirks, "Cas the friendly angel and Wendy the good witch? Where do I start?"

A/N: Wow! This was a tough one. Incorporating three birthday wishes, along with our challenge word, into one 100 word drabble, was far from easy, but I think I managed. :-) Just in case any of you reading don't get the joke at the end, Dean is referring to a 70s cartoon called, "Casper the Friendly Ghost". One of Casper's friends was, Wendy the good witch... get it? If not... I tried. Oh, one more thing, when Dean says, "Well, Glinda, thanks." He's referring to Glinda the good witch from the Wizard of Oz. Not as obscure a reference as the Casper ones, but I felt it might need some explanation... enjoy!

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