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In from the cold. Chapter 1.

Bella's POV.

I knew I should have left Charlie's house hours ago, the weather was getting worse, and I was absolutely freezing. My truck was making the strangest noise and just as I worried about it, the noise stopped and so did my truck, coming to a complete standstill, it shuddered and died.


My dog Jake sat upright from the seat beside me where he had been sleeping and looked out of the window.

Sighing as I pulled out my cell phone, only to discover it had no signal at all…just when you think it couldn't get any worse…it really just had.

We were almost back in town but not close enough for me to walk home. I was just about ten minutes away from my best friend Alice's Grandma's house.

Jake and I could walk there and wait till the weather broke a bit. I put on my coat, grabbed Jake's lead and the overnight bag I had taken to Charlie's before we set off down the road to Grandma Cullen's house.

The snow was coming down hard now, biting cold winds nipping my cheeks and stinging my eyes. Jake pulled me along towards our destination, his thick coat thankfully protecting him from the bitter winter weather.

Jake had walked this road to Grandma's Swan's house a few times before and it was almost as if he was leading me to shelter. I swear he was more than a dog to me.

He was my companion, my protector, my confidence.

When Charlie took him home a few years ago, he was just a bundle of fluff that I fell in love with.

Charlie's best mate Billy's dog had littered 6 puppies and my father hated me being alone so much he thought Jake would be good for me.

And Charlie was so right!

I never felt scared with this huge ball of fluff beside me. We went everywhere together. Turning onto the private road gave us some shelter from freezing wind as the tree's lined up guarding the road. A few moments later we were outside the front door, I could see lights on inside and sighed at the relief of knowing we would soon be inside in the warmth.

Opening the door, I call out hello as we walked into the front porch.

I brushed the snow off Jakes back and heard the inside door open but didn't look up as I bent down took off my boots. "Hello Grandma, I hope you don't mind, my truck broke down and I…"

I heard someone cough before I turned round to see Alice's older and very half naked brother standing there looking down at me wearing nothing but a towel and a smile!

"Come in from the cold Bella." he laughed seeing the expression on my face.

"Holly shit!"

I fell over, hit my head off the door frame.

Suddenly I lunged forward as the lead wrapped around my wrist and still clipped to Jakes harness jerked forward, pulling me as he took off and ran at full speed into the house, dragging me with him on the polished wooden floors, straight past Edward, snagging his towel, taking me and it at full speed into the hallway before I could let go!

I collapsed on the floor and lay there face down. Completely mortified!

I did could look up, but I did not look back at Edward who I knew now had to be standing in the front porch now completely naked.

I would just lie here and I would wake up from this nightmare at any moment. I was trying to convince myself this was all just a bad dream.

That was it… just a bad dream.

Why was I dreaming about Edward? I had not seen him in a few years…sure he was good looking but I had not had a sex dream about him in such a long time.

"No sex dreams about me in a long time Bella? That disappoints me. Can I have my towel back please?"

"Shit…did I say that out loud?"

"Yes." He chuckled at me.

"This is not a dream?"

"Bella… I am freezing my balls off here…Towel…? Please?"

I kept my head down and raised my arm up quickly to offer the towel to him, only to discover he was standing closer to me than I expected.

Well actually he was kneeling down beside me and I had just knocked him in the balls with my fist that was gripping onto his towel!

He winced and fell backwards onto the floor before he started laughing.

That was until Jake came bounding back through into the hall and jumped right on top of him, his claws grazing Edward's naked skin, the force of the leap smashing Edward's back and head onto the floor behind him.

"Jake OFF!" I shouted, trying to pull his body from Edward's as best as I could. Edward was still laughing, Jake thought it was a game and started licking Edward's face!

I managed to get a good hold of his harness and pulled with all I had, Jake just turned to look at me. He was so much stronger than I was.

I had no chance of moving him an inch. "Jake…so help me…get off him NOW!"

Jake sat on Edward's body, his paws at either side of Edward's face. He turned his head to the side, his drooling tongue hanging to the side, he was taunting me.

"This is not a game Jacob Swan. You get off him now…I mean it…Now!"

Jake lay down along the length of Edward body and rested his head on his shoulder.

Edward was trying not to laugh but I could see his body shaking causing Jakes whole body to shudder ever so slightly.

"See you have this under control Bella." He burst out laughing.

"Yeah, seems so eh." I sighed. "I am so sorry Edward."

"Emily!" He called.

Who was Emily? Was it his wife or Girlfriend?

All of a sudden this beautiful black Labrador appeared at top of the hall way, Jake's lifted his head a looked at this doggy girl in front of him.

His tail started wagging tickling Edward's skin.

"Emily, come here." He encouraged his shy dog.

She trotted along and looked cautiously at the sight before her, before stopping beside me, going no closer to Edward or Jake.

"Go see her Jake." He told my disobedient dog.

Jake didn't move but just looked at me.

I was not sure if he was asking me if he could go to see the new girl or if he thought he best stay and protect me from Edward.

I moved over to Emily and sat beside her.

"Hello beautiful girl."

I started to stroke her ear and she moved closer to me.

"You are so pretty." I murmured.

Jake whined but still didn't move.

Emily lay down on her side, completely submissive but watching Jake with caution.

"You have such pretty eyes Emily." I moved my hand to stroke her soft fur as Jake watched our interactions.

Slowly he got up off Edward and started walking towards me and Emily. He sniffed her ears and wagged his tail before moving around and checking out her tail end.

"Jake. She is a lady don't be messing with her bits!" I scolded embarrassed at his actions.

"It is what dogs do." Edward explained. "They look at each other, check out the tail end and make introductions that way."

I turned to look at him, forgetting he was naked, only to discover him lying on his side completely exposed to me!

I blushed and looked away but he had caught me checking out his tail end but he burst out laughing before grabbing his towel, stood up, wrapped it around his body and walked over toward me. Edward offered me his hand and I accepted his help standing up suddenly finding myself face to face with is glorious naked chest, my hand resting next to his nipple.

I sighed before blushing at the close position of our bodies. We stood there for a brief second and all too soon I heard his honey voice disturbing my blissful moment.



"As much as I am enjoying this embrace…do you think I could go and get dressed, make you a warm drink? Maybe then you can explain to me what I have done to deserve such a wonderful start to my evening?"

"Sure sure Edward."

"Then you need to let go of me…" He chuckled.

I opened my eyes to discover both my arms had somehow made their way around Edward's body, just like his arms had done on mine. My head was rested on his chest and his cheek touched the top of my head.

I looked up and his fingers touched the blush on my cheek. His smile melted my very core.

"Bella…take off that wet coat and I will bring you a towel to dry your hair."

I jumped back and started to mumble my apologies to him, but he had gone. I removed my coat and hung it up, standing there for a brief moment before making my way into the kitchen.

Both dogs followed me and I put the kettle on to boil.

I had done this so many times in this kitchen before, Grandma Cullen was such a sweet lady and I used to visit with Alice and then on my own when I was passing, I would make her a cup of tea and we would chat away.

"Here you go." Edward had appeared with a towel and some dry clothes for me. "They will be a bit big but are warm and dry." I took them before going to the bathroom to change. His tee shirt fell to my knees, and I had to fold the top of his sweat pants several times over just so I could see my feet!

I returned to find Edward feeding both dogs a biscuit. He looked up at me and smiled, his whole face lighting up and eyes twinkling.

"Now Miss Swan, what can I do for you this evening?"

"I was looking for Grandma Cullen." I explained as I sat down on a stool beside him.

I explained about my truck breaking down as he poured a cup of tea, adding milk before handing it to me, a spark of electricity passing between our fingers as they touched.

"She has moved to a retirement village in the city. I bought this house from her and moved in last week."

He lifted his hand up and gently pushed a curl behind my ear away from my face.

"I see." I was not usually lost for words.

"I will wait till the storm eases and make my way home out of your way."

"Or you can stay here till the storm has passed and I will see about getting Sam to fix your truck when he can."

Edward spoke softly and warmly his gaze never leaving mine.

"Stay here? With you…?"

"With me…Yes…" He nodded.

I looked away, lost in my own thoughts. I had always liked Alice's brothers. Her whole family were so kind and welcoming to me, they had been ever since my mother died and it had just been me and Charlie all alone.

Edward had been a good friend to me. He treated me kindly and with respect, but tonight he looked at me differently. I didn't know quite what I saw in his eyes.

"Do you need to call anyone to let them know where you are?"

I shook my head. "Oh I best let Charlie to know I am safe."

I sent him a text telling him I was at Grandma Cullen's house. I left out the bit about her not being here and me being alone with Edward. Charlie replied telling me to take care and he would talk to me tomorrow.

"Come on let's find a comfy place to sit."

Edward offered me his hand and with questioning it I slipped my hand into his and started to follow him to the living room. Instead of all the furniture there was a TV, a stereo and a rug with a huge bed on it!

No chairs, no sofa, nothing else.

Edward looked at the puzzled expression on my face.

"Oh I have the use of a sanding machine and I have stripped all the floors in the bedrooms and office ready to be varnished. I moved the bed in here out of the way and to make the most of the fire." He explained.

"So where are the other beds?" I asked.

"I don't own any other beds Bella."

"So if I was to stay here tonight…you don't have a sofa or bed I can sleep on?" I questioned him.

"Oh, I see, em no… look you take the bed and I will sleep on the floor." He shrugged his shoulders.

"You will not! I will take the floor." I argued.

"We have shared one before." Edward laughed.

"We were children Edward!" I giggled.

"It is cold outside, you cannot go home tonight, I have a warm house, and a bed beside the fire. Stay."

I looked down to see Jake and Emily had snuggled up together in the dog basket beside the fireplace.

I really had no choice in the matter, I had to stay here with him...and to be honest, right now I did not want to be anywhere else than here with Edward right beside me.


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