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In from the cold ~ Chapter 13.

We enjoyed our meal together before relaxing in the living room with coffee and some delicious white chocolate chip cookies Esme had taken with her.

Charlie picked up Renee's photo. "Edward, you made this frame didn't you?"

He nodded. "Yes at school."

The wooden frame was one of my most prized possessions. There was a small heart engraved into the wood. I always thought it was for my Mum. Edward had made it just for this picture. He kept a copy of it in a frame too.

We finished the coffee, Carlisle & Dad accepted Edward's offer of something a bit stronger. I watched as Edward and my Dad wandered through to the kitchen, cringing when I heard him ask…"So Edward, what are your intentions towards my little girl?"

I went to stand up to go and rescue Edward but Carlisle caught my elbow and tugged me to sit back down beside him.

"Bella, I asked Jasper the same question when I discovered he was dating my Baby Girl. It's what we Dad's do."

I laughed and snuggled into Carlisle's side as his arm pulled me closer. "Yes…but you didn't have a gun with you when you had that conversation…"

"No… that is true and you also hadn't discovered your daughter was living with him, and her dressing gown hanging on the back of the bathroom door, and her underwear in a basket in the laundry room!" Esme told Carlisle as she laughed at me blushing furiously.

"Oh, no…"

I hid my face in Carlisle's side. They both laughed at me, Carlisle kissing the top of my head.

"Well, it could be worse…"

"It could?"

"Are you being safe? Using protection?"

"CARLISLE!" I cringed.

"See, now it's uncomfortable for both of you." He laughed. Esme sighed. "I would love grand children; you would have such pretty babies."

"Who would have pretty babies?" My Dad asked as he wandered back into the living room.

"Edward and Bella…" Esme sighed.

"Bella? Edward…I asked you if you had got my daughter pregnant!" He shouted at Edward who went very pale, looked at me with his mouth wide open before looking back at my Dad, stunned and speechless.

"What?" I stood up and ran over to Edward.

"I am not pregnant!"

Edward pulled me close.

"If you were…I would be speechless for all the right reasons." He whispered to me before kissing my cheek.

I was speechless now. I guess this was a talk we should have sooner rather than later. I had not given babies much thought before, well not since we were kids and I made Edward play house with me and my dolls. Alice was too demanding about what our dollies had to wear that I never played dolls with her. I started laughing at the memories.

"What you giggling about there Baby?" Edward asked as he pulled me to sit down in his lap.

"I was thinking about us playing with my dolls." I admitted.

"We thought you were gay." Carlisle admitted. "WHAT?" Edward spluttered.

"You kept playing with those dammed dolls. So we bought you that GI Joe doll so you would have one of your own."

"OH I remember that!" Esme laughed.

Edward blushed and muttered something into my hair.

"What did you say?" she asked her son.

Edward sighed and looked at me. "Bella, what happened to my GI Joe?"

I looked at him and giggled. "He married my Barbie doll!" I shrugged my shoulders before kissing him quickly on his lips, suddenly wishing we were alone.

"Oh yes, Alice had a wedding for them, and we all had to come dressed up in fancy clothes." Carlisle remembered.

"And now you know why we wanted to keep this new part of us to ourselves." I admitted.

"They will all know soon enough." Edward answered.

"I don't see how you will keep it to yourselves much longer. Alice and Rose will know the moment they come here, this house is obviously your home too Bella."

I looked at Esme and nodded.

"We just wanted some time to figure things out. Before everyone started planning our wedding and organising group dates." I explained.

"You will just have to be firm with them all. Make sure you have time to yourselves." Carlisle added.

"That may be easier said than done…you have met your daughter before!" I laughed.

"Bella, if anyone can stand up to Alice it is you." Esme said. Edward nodded.

"We will see." I was worried about their reaction a little. "We didn't want to hurt them, but we needed this time."

Our parents nodded, they knew what we were trying to say.

"We needed to discover who we were in this new relationship without them interfering or trying to make things move faster …" Edward explained.

"I always knew you would end up together." Charlie muttered.

We all looked at him.

"You knew it too, didn't you?" he looked at Esme & Carlisle.

"Oh yes!" Esme laughed. "I am just sorry that it wasn't sooner." I tilted my head to the side.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well it would have saved Edward from the Skank who shall not be named." Esme shuddered as Carlisle burst out laughing.

"I have not heard that name in a while."

"I do my best not to mention her at all." Esme said with venom in her voice.

"Who are we talking about?" questioned Charlie.

"Tanya…" whispered Carlisle into Charlie's ear.

"Ahhh yes…icky dame!" Charlie shuddered. "You know she was picked up for speeding the other night…and when they caught up with her, she was breathalysed and found to be over the legal limit for drink driving…" Charlie sniggered as he gulped back his beer.


"When did that happen?"

"You never said!"

Charlie nodded.

I looked at my father, he was not telling us the whole story.


"Why are you hiding something?" I whispered.

"Not hiding anything Baby Girl."

"Her family would be mortified if anyone found out about that!"

"Yes, and they were, when it sort of came out…"

"How did it SORT of come out?" I asked him laughing.

"I have no idea, but it seems all the ladies at the country club know about it. And the gentlemen at her father's work and the reporter at the court house said it was very interesting news."

I looked as his moustache twitched as he tried not to laugh now.

"She had crashed into the hedge at the front door, after driving past the officer. She tried to use the fact she was not actually driving as a defence, since she was busy giving her male passenger some oral relief at the time!"

My father started laughing so much he had tears rolling down his face.

"Her married male passenger."

Esme was unable to speak but Carlisle was laughing so loud now.

"And then…she offered the police officer some favours to get him to drop the charge!"

My dad was wheezing now. I took the beer bottle out of his hand.

"That's when she was arrested…Driving under the influence of drink, lewd conduct in a public place, and soliciting a police officer in an attempt to bribe him!"

Carlisle was now falling over laughing, while Charlie moved closer to him, and slapped his leg.

"And the married man…his wife…is the editor of the journalist's rival newspaper, who is always writing about sleaze and morals of people today!"

That was it… we were all laughing now, including Esme.

"Oh her whole self righteous family will be mortified!"

"Wait, how did the press find out about it?" Edward asked.

My dad said nothing, shrugged his shoulders, and winked at me before asking who wanted another beer, "Since I am not working tomorrow or driving anyone home!"

"And I am not offering anyone oral relief in the car!" Esme giggled.

I splutter on my drink, Charlie laughed really loudly, Carlisle mutter, "Damn!" and Edward groaned before hiding his head in my hair.


"What?" Esme asked trying to look innocent.

"And you are sober!" Edward exclaimed.

"Oh yes, when your Mother is drunk… she gets over excited and last time it almost led to her biting me too hard!" Carlisle explained.

"Drunken BJ's are dangerous..."agreed Charlie.

I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.

"I remember when your mother almost fell off the bed, and she still had her mouth…"

"OK…that's enough parent sex talk." I shouted while putting my hands over my ears.

"Edward…make them stop!" I cried to my love before I noticed his head was under a cushion trying to block out the conversation.

Esme was wiping tears away from her eyes.

"How are things going with you & Sue?" Carlisle asked. It seemed it was open season on sex talk now.


"NO…that's enough now! Esme, for the love of your children, take them home now!"

"Bella, are you sure you are ok with me & Sue?"

"Yes Dad, I am delighted, but I don't want to talk about your sex life with her!" I explained.

"We are all adults here Baby Girl." He nodded repeatedly as he slurred his words a little now.

"Yes, Edward…you know you need to make sure you look after your girls needs in the bedroom…" Carlisle was now adding to our embarrassment.

I stood up and went to go to collect their jackets.

"Time to go now parents." Edward was trying to get both our fathers up off the sofa and towards the door.

"Drive safe." I said as I hugged them both.

They both kissed my cheek and hugged me tight.

"He will look after you." My Dad assured me, not that I needed any reassurance from him on how much Edward would look after me. I nodded and turned back to smile at Edward.

"He will." Carlisle agreed.

Esme gave us both cuddles and kisses before turning towards the drunken Dad's.

"OK Boys. Come on let's get you home." Esme took each of them by the arm and started to walk towards the door.

Edward wrapped his arm around my shoulder before leaning down to kiss the top of my head.


"I know…just when you think they have grown up…"

We started laughing again.

"Time to settle Jake and Emily down, then time for bed I think." I started collecting up the glasses and beer bottles while Edward let Jake & Emily outside for the last time.

Within a few moments we were all tidy and Edward lifted me up into his arms.

His lips soft and gentle against mine.

"I made a promise to you Dad that I would always look after you My Love."

I smiled at him. The love in his eyes told me he would always try to keep this promise.

"Starting now…" he winked and carried me through to the bed room, before showing me just how much he loved me.