A.N.: I know this is a surprise. I actually just came up with this one after I woke up one morning. I just had to do something else with the robot Minnie since she's not going to be in the game. So, I came up with this. It's pretty much set a little after the last chapter, after Mickey beat Pete with the help of the Gremlins (Yes, I'd rather go "hero" on that) and lost track of Oswald again. Oh, and apparently on Facebook, they're calling what we know as the Phantom Blot, The Shadow Blot. Stupid I know, since I grew up with him as the Phantom Blot and he's my favorite Disney Villain. Remember this was written before any comfrimations of the game were realized.

Happy 82nd Birthday Mickey! ^.^

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Disney.

Mickey had just defeated an old enemy of his, Peg-leg Pete to be exact, and he looked more ridiculous than ever in that outfit resembling one of the female dolls in the Dutch part of the "It's A Small World" ride. Mickey couldn't help but laugh, seeing Pete again and again made it seem like a running gag. Of course, he couldn't have defeated Pete and his Zeppelin alone; he got help from all of the Gremlins he rescued. He couldn't have gotten a victory without their help and their mechanic expertise.

The mouse had gratefully thanked the Gremlins for their help, and then Gus reminded Mickey that Oswald probably hightailed it out of there long before the fight with Pete and was most likely in some other area of the Wasteland. Mickey agreed that they should get going, but before they left he felt the need to at least say a proper goodbye to her first.

As he walked back to where he last saw the Wasteland's animatronic version of Minnie, it didn't really surprise him that she wasn't there. Though it did surprise him that a Hades-head Beetleworx was there instead, and judging by the occasional sparks coming from its neck, it was probably the same one the blasted Donald into scattered parts. Right now, it looked as though it were looking for something else to blast.

Mickey quickly hid himself behind a rock so he wouldn't be spotted, and now he just had to find a way to sneak by without being noticed. Looking around, he noticed a Bunny Kid waving to him, and signaling for him to follow. Nuts…the adorable bunny was on the other side of a different rock, requiring Mickey to have to be out in the open for a few moments. With that Beetleworx nearby, he'd be a moving target.

"Looks like I'm gonna have to gun it if I'm gonna get over there without being blasted by that Beetleworx's thinner," Mickey thought to himself. Then he thought of a better idea. Reaching for his paintbrush he drew a bunch of wind-up toys of himself, to use as decoys. One by one he wound them up and let them go in the direction of the Beetleworx.

In turn, the Beetleworx noticed the little contraptions and started shooting at them. With the Beetleworx distracted, Mickey ran as fast as he could towards the spot where he last saw the Bunny Kid. Mickey sighed a breath of relief at not being spotted by the mechanical monstrosity. Unfortunately that same breath hitched in terror as his heart lurched in this chest at the sight before him.

The Bunny Kids were gathered around the animatronic Minnie that he had met earlier, only at the moment she wasn't functioning. She just seemed to lie there lifeless, as lifeless as a little girl's doll with her eyes closed. Mickey fell to his knees in disbelief. He had just met her about a half an hour ago…what could have possibly happened to her in that time frame? The only thing that was out of place on Minnie was that her legs were partly detached at her knees and, of course, her red cyborg eye wasn't glowing. The Bunny Kids looked just as distraught as Mickey was. After all, to them she was "Auntie Minnie" since he was their "Unca' Mickey."

"What happened to her?" Mickey finally asked solemnly. The Bunnies understood, but not being able to explain in full sentences without speaking over each other, they pantomimed what happened (sound effects included). And by the looks of it, a Beetleworx got her, shooting her against a rock where she landed on her off switch and the impact was so powerful that her legs almost fell off. However, it wasn't just any Beetleworx…the bunny playing as the Beetleworx was twitching it's head every so often, and Mickey knew right away that it was the same malfunctioning Beetleworx that blasted Donald to pieces, literally.

Anger instantly built up in Mickey as he glared in the direction he just came from, knowing that the Beetleworx in question was most likely still there, lurking. Just as he got up to leave to get pay back on the twisted machine that did this to Minnie, two Bunny Kids lunged themselves at Mickey's legs, one on each leg, preventing him from moving any further. As he looked down at them they both shook their heads and pointed back to Minnie as if to say that she was more important.

"You're right," He sighed, "She is more important, especially in this state." He noticed the bouquet of flowers he had given her earlier and decided to hold on to them until he could wake her up.

Looking at her partly detached legs, Mickey noticed there were loose wires barely keeping together, the kneecaps were the main missing piece. If he turned her on now the loose wires could hurt her with their electricity, or worse make her short circuit. Mickey reasoned that he could carry her himself to the Gremlin Village to get her fixed, but then he remembered his first encounter with her and how heavy she actually was considering that she's mostly made of metal. So that idea was out, he'd have to get her there using another way of tactic. Then he realized the Bunny Kids somehow managed to carry her to safety all by themselves, but there were at least 18 or 20 of them that were here with him at the moment anyway so that made sense.

"Aw, there's just gotta be a way to drag her over- wait that's it!" Mickey exclaimed as yet another idea struck him. Getting out the Magic Paintbrush, he painted a sled. It was simple enough to place her on and it had small sides to cradle her for the ride.

"Alright fellas, help me load her in," Mickey instructed.

They did just as they were told and two of them climbed in the sled with Minnie to make sure that she would stay put, in case any big bumps in the road would cause something to fly out. The rest of them helped push the sled while Mickey pulled it on his end using the string that was attached. The sled moved onward with ease, and luckily the Gremlin Village was just on the other side of the hill. Little did Mickey or the Bunny Kids know, they were being watched…

Soon, Mickey, the Bunnies and their precious cargo made it up and over the hill. It was steeper than it looked on the other side, and made for an interesting sled ride. Avoiding big rocks and even little rocks so there wouldn't be too many bumps, enough to send something flying. The hill was so steep that they slid all the way into the nearest garage, and as the ground became less slippery the sled lost its momentum and slowly stopped.

"Mickey! There you are! Are you ready to go yet?" Gus called out to the mouse, as Mickey started getting out of the sled.

"No, not yet. I uh, kinda need you and the others to do one more repair job for me, if it's not too much trouble," Mickey replied shyly.

"Certainly! It's no trouble at all. Who is it this ti-! Oh…" Gus gasped when he saw the animatronic version of Minnie Mouse. Somehow it didn't surprise Gus. Sooner or later Mickey would meet her and as predicted, grow a little attached to her.

"Luckily that malfunctioning Beetleworx that got Donald earlier didn't damage her too much. But I guess it did manage to shut her down," Mickey explained, "And made the wiring in her legs come loose."

"Don't worry Mickey we'll have her fixed in a jiffy," he soothed. "Alright boys! Lets get to work!" with that, other Gremlins showed up to help with Minnie's repairs. Placing her on a makeshift operating table that was mostly used for repairing motor engines of sorts, but it did have an electric generator on each end of the table for just in case something needed an electric jumpstart.

"Golly! It's amazing that most of her exterior skin is mostly still in tact after all these years," one Gremlin noted, carefully putting the wires back in.

"Yeah, except for now since that Beetleworx got her knees. Her kneecaps are gone, leaving all these wires loose and vulnerable!" exclaimed Gremlin Jamface, placing in the kneecaps.

"I have a feeling she's more preserved than the others because she was His Majesty's best friend!" cried the first Gremlin again.

"That may be a reason, though I think she was mostly a helping nanny for the little ones, but other than that you're probably right since she is part of the Fab Five," Gus added.

Mickey couldn't help but linger his thoughts on what the Gremlins were saying. It confused him why Oswald would even have the Mad Doctor create an animatronic Minnie in the first place. If anything after her creation she would've been immediately exiled to Mickeyjunk Mountain. If Oswald was so jealous of him why would he have the closest thing reminiscent of him created? If one thought about it long enough, they would say that Minnie was half the reason Oswald was forgotten. Mickey was one half and Minnie was the other; they debuted together in the same cartoon and were the same species. It may have not been obvious reasoning but it was still a fact.

"Alright everyone, time to switch her power back on!" Gus pressed her power button in the back of her neck and hoped for the best.

Another Gremlin flipped a switch and the generators surged electricity into Minnie, powering her up. When her power reached full capacity her eyes opened, and the switch was flipped off to keep the electricity from over flowing. Then Minnie sat up and looked at her surroundings, confused that she was not in the area where she was before her power went out. Then her eyes landed on Mickey and the Bunny Kids and all unspoken explanation just clicked into place.

"Oh Mickey! You saved me!" She gushed as she flung herself into Mickey's arms almost knocking him onto his back again.

"It wasn't entirely me who saved you Minnie. The Bunny Kids found you first and led me right to you, and then I helped them get you here to get repaired," Mickey admittedly explained.

"Oh, you little darlings!" Minnie gushed as she kneeled down to wrap her arms around as many adorable little Bunny Kids as she could, as they cooed their contentment.

"Oh yeah! I uh, saved these for ya," Mickey remembered as he brought out the flowers he'd given her earlier.

"Aww, you kept these for me?" She cooed.

"Well, uh, I wasn't gonna just leave them there after I found ya-!"

She cut him off with a thank you kiss, but the tender moment didn't last as long as it should've, for Minnie's left eye detected an all too familiar body heat signature just outside the garage hiding behind a boulder.


"What? He's still here?" Mickey questioned aloud.

Unfortunately he was loud enough for the lucky rabbit to overhear that he had been spotted. Flinching upon Mickey's voice giving such a hint of his detection, Oswald did the only thing he could do: run! There was no way he'd let his little half-brother get anywhere near him without a fight. Although at the moment there wasn't much of any fighting going on, more like running away like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Oh, the irony that was realized on that thought. Still, it was rabbit-like for him. Running away from "Mr. Popularity" himself was his best bet until he could remember where he hid the mech suit that The Mad Doctor made for him many years ago. Before the Doc betrayed him to become a loyal follower of the Shadow Blot…

No sooner had the rabbit bolted from his hiding spot than Mickey prepared to go after him out of instinct. Again, he took just one step forward before stopping himself completely. Turning back to Minnie with the same guilty look on his face he had the first time he left her side. He still regretted just leaving her here, though now she was in the company of the Gremlins and a few Bunny Kids. Taking that same step back, but instead of hugging her like he did the last time he knelt down to the Bunnies.

"Now you fellas take good care of her ya hear? I don't wanna come back here only to find that something worse happened," Mickey requested with a cheerful tone. The Bunny Kids saluted their uncle, promising that no harm would dare come to their "Auntie Minnie". Then Mickey rose back up on his feet, and finally gave her the proper goodbye he'd been dying to give her.

"Now remember to not let anything he says get to you. He's just jealous!" Minnie warned. Mickey nodded.

"Don't worry Minnie, I'll remember," He reassured, "I'll see ya real soon!"

"See ya."

With that, Mickey turned to his recently newest closest companion Gremlin Gus.

"Ready to go Gus?" Mickey asked.

"Ready when you are Mickey!" Gus replied.

And so, they set off continuing their pursuit of the King of the Cartoon Wasteland. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.