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Yeah! I had done it! Another plus that I did have awesome ninja skills. I had just gone by the hall matron without getting unnoticed. Yay! Go me! I just couldn't sleep. There always was something about nature that helped me calm down. Just something about it. Maybe it was the fact that I could run around freely, and there were no rules to nature or problems. And that was where I was heading to right now. To the forest…

Well, whatever it was, it was something. Something calming. Something that always helped me calm down, something about it that when I came close to nature, it made my heart quicken and my breath halt a little. Breathe. Just Breathe. I mentally told myself as worried over trials in the spring. It seemed silly, yeah, to worry about trials in spring because I would worry over some other things, that were much more worse than this worry, in the future.

It was raining today. I should be inside instead of outside. But I wasn't. I needed to be here. God, I was difficult. Not even I could handle myself.

A couple of hours later, I started heading back. It was getting dark and classes were about to start. Alberta would be a hell-hound if I got to practice late again. I quickly quickened my paced to get out of the forest faster, and, to my distaste, I ran into Eddie.

"Rose!" Eddie Castile said, holding my hand so that I wouldn't stumble over. Eddie was Mason's best friend, therefore, Eddie was my best friend, since Mason and I were the best of friends.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Alberta wanted me to find you. She wants to see you in her office." I nodded.

"Well, okay. That's taken care of…got to go!" Eddie said, walking—no wait, flying, it seemed, away.

I laughed. I loved that kid to death. Now, off to see Alberta. I took my decent time as I walked to her office. Usually she was really pissed that I never showed up on time to our morning practices. Wonder what was up with her today? It couldn't be bad, could it? Or was it something good like no more morning practices or something good like that?

I stopped pondering what she could have been up to when I saw the guardian offices up ahead. Only great guardians had offices. As you all know, Alberta was like the only greatest guardian here. I knocked on the door and a guardian I had never seen before opened the door. "Go on in," she said, nodding toward Alberta's door. "She is waiting for you."

I nodded. Trying to be polite and courteous, I said, "Thank you." I walked to the door and entered.

Alberta was looking over some papers when I walked in. "Rose, have a seat." I hadn't even made a noise. How the hell do they know when someone is near? They must be awesome ninja-like people. I should ask about their secrets one day…For now, though, I had to focus on what she had to say to me. Hopefully, it wasn't something bad.

"Guardian Petrov," I said, addressing her with the name she had worked most of her life for. "They told me to come. Is there something wrong? Did I do anything wrong to upset you? Did I do something bad?" I could ask her all these questions because she was not only my trainer but my mentor ever since I was of age to take advice, and that was age ten.

"You have done nothing; I just simply need to have a word with you." She stood up and started out the window. "I am sorry I wasn't at morning practice today." Why wouldn't she get to the point?

"Don't worry about it, Guardian Petrov. Just tell me what is discomforting your mind." I was getting impatient. Why was she being all secretive?

"Well the reason I called you in here was that I am not going to be your mentor anymore, Rose." Her look was faraway. "I am too busy with guardian duties. I just wanted you to have someone better, someone who can give you more of their time. Because, Rose, you have to grow up to be one of the best. And I trust your new mentor can achieve that."

"When will he or she be here?" I asked. Damn! I had lost the coolest trainer and mentor in the whole world! Why? I was probably going to get one of those guardians that thought they were the best, most greatest person alive and the truth was that they sucked and they were just too prideful to admit it. I hoped I didn't get one of those losers.

"Later on." I nodded, getting a little worried. Alberta came to me, put an arm on my shoulder, and spoke. "Don't worry, Rose. I told Kirova you needed the best, and I am sure, she called in the best." I nodded again. Years and years of knowing her, I knew that she wanted me to leave. I stood up and started walking towards the door. Before I walked out, she called out to me. "Good luck, Ms. Hathaway."

I walked down the academy again. I could see novices coming out of the dhampir dorms so that meant it was time for the whole academy to be awake. I was bummed—Alberta, the person who seemed more motherly than the mother I had, was not going to be my mentor anymore. Damn. What could I do, though?

"There is my favorite person in the whole world," someone sang out.

I plastered a fake smile on my face. When it came to these two, I rather eat glass than face them. "Well, hello, Jesse. I saw that beautiful bruise my fist left hasn't faded." I said, smirking at him. Three days ago, Jesse and his horrifyingly ugly sidekick, Ralf, had annoyed the shit out of me, so, like the impulsive person I was, I punched the first person my fist could make contact with. To my joy, it had been Jesse. In public, Alberta had chastised me, but in private, she had congratulated me. That was one of the many reasons I was going to miss her.

Jesse just glared at me. Ralf was too busy staring off into space to say anything. I smiled at him once more and started walking off to find Mase, my crazy buddy. Speaking of the devil, he was right around the corner. My face formed a smile on its own; that was how much I loved Mase. "Rosie-Posies, why does your beautiful face always make a smile form on my face?"

"Uh, I don't know. Maybe because it isn't as ugly as yours." I laughed and he gave me a look of salt, a mean look.

"Ugh! Shit! I think I just saw the devil! Oh, no wait! It was Rose!" Eddie said, joining our group of two.

"Hahaha…" I looked at him in the face, with a serious fake. "Are you sure you weren't looking in the mirror? Because your ugly face is sure to confuse someone that you are the devil. Yes, Eddie you are that ugly." I gave him a pitying look. Mason laughed. "And I wouldn't laugh, Mason, you aren't that pretty either."

"Now, who is the one laughing?" Eddie threw at Mason's face. I rolled my eyes and waited for Lissa, who always met us here.

Someone put their hands over my eyes, and keeping in mind how delicate their hands were, I had a clue of who it was. "Guess who?" she said, trying to make her voice deeper, which came out all wrong.

"Let me guess, Hillary Duff?"

"Ew! No!" She said, slapping my arm and uncovering my eyes. "Rose!" She gave me a huge hug, which I returned. "Lissa!" Today was when all of us started school again. And it was Monday so it was not my day. And it was particularly why Alberta had decided to get me a new mentor today. Lissa, Eddie, Mason, and I were very excited that it was our Senior Year this year! Rose, have mercy on this school. I think the academy would be happy when I left. I think the whole world would be happy when I died.

"I am soo excited! Are you? Finally our Senior Year! Oh, God. I have waited for forever for this year to come! I can't believe it's finally here!" Lissa gushed on.

"I know, Lissa!" No of us, well her and I, couldn't contain our excitement. We should celebrate! Party at my crib…Anyway, I had better matters, though. Who the hell was going to be my new mentor? I should just focus on the moment and not on that. This was it! We were here! Our Senior Year! One more year and we would be out! And Lissa and I would be traveling the world together! No, wait, let me rephrase that. Hopefully Lissa and I would be traveling the world together.

"Did you get your schedule?" Lissa asked, reaching into her black Channel purse and pulling out a white, small piece of paper and handing it to me.

Period 1: Calculus

Period 2: Basic Gym

Period 3: Moroi Culture

Period 4: Advanced Language Arts


Period 5: Animal Behavior and Physiology

Period 6: Foreign Language: Russian 4

Period 7: Slavic Art

Period 8: Study Hall

"Period five and eight are the only ones we share."

She nodded, happy that we even shared classes at all. Usually, they tried separating us. Me alone was hell, but Lissa and I together, well that was…you get the picture. Lissa and I had been best friends ever since kindergarten. Ever since that day, when our teacher put us together, we have been inseparable. A few years back, I died and Lissa brought me back. I don't know how the hell she had done that, but she had. And I was glad. Her parents had also requested me as Lissa's guardian so I knew I was going to get her. Some time ago, we had discovered what her element was. Spirit. People knew so rarely about it that sometimes all of us had a lot of trouble understanding it. So, we tried to cope with it as cool as we could. Recently, she had discovered a spirit user. I had no clue who the hell he was; she had yet to tell me about that conversation. "Two periods are good enough for me!"

I smiled at my weirdo. "Oh, Rose! After school is over, can you come over to my dorm. We need some girl time! And when we do, why not do makeovers for both of us!" Makeover Month…it always happened every year, every time we entered a new grade level. The bell rang and all of us rushed to our classes. I was more eager for the day to be over because then I could see my new mentor faster.

"How did it go?" Lissa asked, as soon as school was over.

"It was great!" And it was. I had seen all my friends, and I had made new friends. There was a dude named Erick, who was as cool as ice on a summer day. He, like I, was a dhampir. And from pairing up with him earlier in class, I knew he was good. He was the only one that could take me. And he didn't hold back like some other people did when fighting with me. "How about you? Did you make any new friends?" I swear, I sounded like a mom and not like a teenager.

"Yes! There was a really cute guy staring at me the whole time class was in session. Do you think it was a coincidence that he has all the same classes as I do?"

"I don't know, Liss; maybe it just Karma bringing you together. What's his name?"

"Andy Conta! He is so cute, Rose! You have to meet him!" Just then, I swear Lissa looked about to pass out when it happened, a cute guy with blonde hair and blue eyes passed us. He waved and smiled at Lissa and winked at me. Oh, no. I knew those type of guys, the ones who were really sexy and got any girl he wanted. Bad choice on Lissa's part.

"That's him?" I asked, staring off to where he had disappeared. Honestly, I had seen sexier guys.

"Yes! He is cute, huh?"

I made a face. "Lissa, please don't go after him. Trouble…my guy radar read that when he walked by." She sighed and nodded. I pointed a kid about our age who was staring at us. He was dressed in all black and he had icy blue eyes. "You should go for someone like him." I said.

Lissa, did a double take when she saw him. She didn't say anything, though. As soon as she turned away, he stared longingly at her. What was up with that? Lissa shook her head, shaking herself in the process. "So, Rose! Ready for our girl night because I so am!"

Lissa came up to my room with me and I gathered my pajamas and a bag of bathroom materials and then I followed her to her room. We watched a couple of movies before doing anything. After that, she started painting my nails and did some weird hair style on my hair. And then it was my turn to do it to her. When we were done, she and I both fell asleep. We had to share a bed. I really couldn't sleep, though. I was too busy wondering who the hell my new mentor was. Eventually, though, my tiredness won out and I fell asleep.