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Sonic's eyes went through a very fast change of emotions: confused, sad, angry, enraged, confused again, and then he was shedding quiet sobs. Amy wrapped her arms around him and hugged him in comfort. Everyone's heads lowered in memory of Sonic's brother.

"How did you know he was electrocuted? And why are you covered in blood?" Tails asked. His voice was choking.

"I followed Mephiles and Manic into the room with the chair, and... I watched Manic die. This is his blood." I felt myself start to cry too. "I couldn't have stopped Mephiles even if I had tried. I could have left the room, but I was so scared. All I could do was watch everything happen."

"And you still got the Chaos Emeralds, correct?" Shadow asked.

I lifted up the blanket on my bed so he could see them, and I saw him sigh in relief. "I did, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have nightmares about Manic now."

"Oh Renata, I wish you didn't have to see that," Amy said, her expression mournful. "That's not something that should happen to anybody, and nobody should have to see that."

"I comforted Manic before he died," I whispered, unable to stop myself. "I told him to not be afraid of death. The last thing he said was, 'I'm not scared anymore, Renata.'"

This seemed to make Sonic cry harder, and when he looked up at me, he had a soft smile on his face. "Thank you, Nata. I'm glad you helped him pass on that much more peacefully."

"You're welcome Sonic." It absolutely melted my heart to see him like this.

"I think it's kinda cool how he died," Caroline said. We all turned to glare at her in a You're Not Helping way. "What's up with the glaring?" she asked. "It's electrocution. With all those energy particles going through his body, it's just absolutely amazing."

"I do not understand you at all," Aidan said, shaking her head. "At least show some kind of sympathy for Sonikuu."


Without looking at her, Aidan said, "It's a nickname, Amy. Get over it."

Amy thought for a moment. "Sonikuu... I'm gonna use that!"

"What-fucking-ever." Aidan turned back to Caroline. "Regardless of whatever the hell his name is, show some respect for Sonic. His brother just DIED, and all you can talk about is your opinion of electrocution!"

"Well maybe I'm a science nerd!" Caroline snapped at her. "Maybe I can't help it!"

"Okay, point made," Aidan said, sitting back. I was amazed. She never gave in that fast in a fight!

"Renata, maybe you should wash some of that blood off before it stains your fur," Cream said quietly.

"Good idea Cream," I said with a smile. I looked over to the wash bin in the corner and saw there was a long metal rod curving around it. I threw one of the bedsheets over it to give me some privacy, since I wasn't THAT comfortable with so many people seeing me naked, and I ducked behind it to take off all my clothes and step into the water.

The water was really cool, but I ignored the goosebumps I was getting and washed myself, listening to the rest of the gang talk about memories of Manic. Apparently he DID have a habit of stealing things, but usually it was for everyone's own good, and he was a good drum player too.

I scrubbed the blood out of my fur and asked Sonic if he could wave Mason over to get me some fresh clothes. A few minutes later, Aidan ducked her head over the metal pole holding a handful of fabric. "Here's your fresh clothes, where do you want me to put them?"

I wrapped my arms around me. "First of all, stop staring through the water at me. Second of all, just hang them up here." I put my hand on the pole.

She backed up a little and met my eyes. "Sorry." She left the clothes there and she slipped back through the bars of my prison and back into hers.

"Aidan, stay a little bit please."

She looked back at me. "You just said you didn't want me looking at you naked."

"I don't, but just stay over here for a few minutes."

She gave me a look, but turned around and went back through the bars. "God, that's a tight fit," she muttered before walking back over to my bath. "I need to lose some weight."

"You do not, you look great!" I told her, and I wasn't lying. She had some seriously cool curves going on, and she didn't have a lot of fat on her, just lean muscle. Part of growing up, I thought, which made me remember her comment when Rouge and Shadow had been under the bedsheet. "I wish I were Rouge right now." What had that meant? I suddenly thought. Had that meant she wanted to give Shadow-

"If you say so," she said, bringing me back to the present. She sat down on the stool next to the wash bin, keeping her eyes off of me as I stood up, got out, and dried off my fur and skin behind the blanket. It was still kinda weird for me to have fur. I just wasn't used to it. I honestly preferred skin covering my entire body, and not just my arms, part of my muzzle, and my hands. At least the fur was super-short and straight, and a really pretty yellow color that resembled lemon sherbet. I ran my hand along the fur on my hip, feeling the softness, and suddenly I had a vision of Mephiles doing this, caressing my body with a feather light touch, then his hands going to-

"Damn it," I whispered under my breath to myself. I was getting lost in a Fantasy, and I had to get control of my emotions unless I wanted the entire prison to know what I was thinking.

It was so unlike me I wanted to cringe. All of my friends had classified me as a prude ever since they first started noticing my hesitance to nasty things such as the image I just had with me and Mephiles. Just thinking his name seemed to make my insides turn inside out and flutter with butterflies. It was a pleasant-but-horrifying feeling. Pleasant because I knew for sure I liked him. Horrifying because of what he was.

I shook myself mentally and told myself to finish putting my clothes on instead of standing there naked like a retard. These were simple, comfortable white sweatpants and a red tank top with a black heart in between my breasts, and again, I had that vision of Mephiles' hands.

Aidan's voice was what shook me from my Fantasy this time. She was sitting on the floor now, head in her hands. She moaned quietly, then whispered, "What are you?"

"Aidan?" Shadow asked, eyeing her in concern.

This time she screamed her words. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU, MANIC?"

My eyes widened. "What are you seeing about Manic?"

"This can't be real..." she whimpered repeatedly.

"Aidan, what are you seeing?" I repeated.

"Manic lives," she groaned, "but he isn't alive. He has a mind but no pulse. He has a form but not a body."

"What kind of riddle is that supposed to be?" Sonic asked, his eyebrows high.

"He's become a ghost! What does it sound like?" she snapped at him, her hair whipping around her as she swung her head in his direction, making him step back a little.

Now I knew she was utterly out of her mind. "Aidan, ghosts do not exist. You're probably dreaming and not having a Vision."

"I KNOW A FUCKING VISION WHEN I HAVE ONE, TRUST ME!" She took a deep breath to calm herself, then looked me in the eye. "He's going to come back and help us. He's going to get revenge on Mephiles."

I felt a deep fear stir in the pit of my stomach, but I knew that what she was saying had a really insane feeling to it. "Ghosts. Do. Not. Exist. Aidan, what did you eat yesterday?"

She burst into sobs and didn't answer my question. "Aidan, you're scaring us, please tell us what's going on," Amy said. "What are you seeing that's making you act like this?"

"It's not what I'm seeing that's crumbling me," she said between hiccups. "It's that nobody believes me."

"I believe you," a voice said quietly. Everyone turned to look at her.

"Bella, you can't be serious," Shadow said. "You'd be a lunatic for believing this."

"Maybe I am a lunatic then," she said calmly. "That's what everyone on earth thought before I died and I began my life here."

"How did you die?" Aidan said, suddenly interested. She wiped her face with her hands and looked at the blindfolded girl in the other cell.

"Fell," Bella said with a shrug. "Was climbing a tree, branch broke, and I snapped my neck when I landed. Simple as that."

Aidan's face lit up and she broke into a grin. "I think I knew you as a human! Bella Light, correct?"

Bella smiled slightly. "I was waiting for you to remember me, Aidan Gray."

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