Author's Note: This is the first chapter of a story from Remus' point of view. It's also my first fanfiction, so I can't guarantee it isn't terrible. The Marauders are in second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and Remus can't keep his secret much longer…


I sat hunched over my homework, pretending I couldn't hear my friends. We sat in the Common Room, and James had just asked where I'd been the past two days.

"Anything wrong?" asked Sirius.
"No, nothing," I answered. I went back to my Astronomy essay on the cycle of the moon.
"Well, then, why didn't you answer my question?" asked James, irritably.
"I'm working," I replied.
"You're such a good student, Remus," said Peter, "D'you think you could help me with my homework?"
"I'll help you when I'm done my own, Peter," I told him, getting really rather annoyed.
"So Remus, as I was saying before--"
"Goodnight everyone," I said, standing up. I went upstairs to the boys' dormitories and went straight to bed.

I wasn't really tired at all, but I didn't want to answer James' question. How would I, besides lying? 'Oh, I was in a shack off school grounds, so I wouldn't kill anyone, seeing as I'm a werewolf, and it was a full moon'.

True, my friends would find out eventually. I was sure James and Sirius were already suspicious of it. But I wasn't ready to tell them quite yet. Not quite yet.