A/N: Sorry the last chapter was so short, but, my brain malfunctions a little bit sometimes. Once again, I make no promise of this being perfectly excellent.

I heard someone coming into the dormitory.

Just because someone's here, doesn't mean it's James, Sirius or Peter, I thought.

When I heard two people following, I was almost sure it was them.

"D'you think he's really asleep?"

"Don't be stupid, Peter, of course he's not," hissed James.

"Well, he could be, James..." said Sirius, although he sounded unsure.

"I don't see it as a coincidence he'd suddenly get tired and fall asleep just when I asked him something," said James.

"Why not?" asked Peter.

"Well, I think he's hiding something," said James.

"Did it ever occur to you that I might be able to hear every word you're saying?" I asked.


The next day, we all sat down to breakfast. All rude words had been forgiven, but certainly not forgotten.

"So, Remus," began James, "as I was saying last night--"

"I don't want to talk about it, James!" I yelled. Several people stared.

"Well, I didn't know that homework was such a touchy subject, sorry," said James sarcastically. Sirius showed the slightest hint of a smile at this.

"This bacon is really good," said Peter. I began to wonder whether Peter even knew we'd been angry at each other.

Classes dragged by. It's amazing how hard it is to ignore your best friends, but none of us were the sort to give up. Peter even seemed to not be speaking with me. Finally, the end of the day came. We all automatically sat in chairs next to each other in the Common Room.

"No use sitting around glaring at each other," said Sirius after a while. We all saw reason in this, but I'll admit James and I were terribly stubborn. We sat glaring for several minutes more, but we finally couldn't stay angry for a second longer.

"I've no idea what that Evans girl sees in Snivellus," said James, grinning.

We were suddenly talking like the best of friends again. Who knew that Snivellus, the Greasiest Boy Alive, would come in handy at some point?