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Music References for And I Need You Now

Chapter One: Need You Now (Song by Lady Antebellum)

Chapter Two: Break Your Heart (Song by Taio Cruz)

Chapter Three: Secrets (Song by One Republic)

Chapter Four: Secrets (Song by One Republic)

Chapter Five: Everybody Loves Me (Song by One Republic)

Chapter Six: Everybody Loves Me (Song by One Republic)

Chapter Seven: Meet Me Halfway (Song by Black Eyed Peas)

Chapter Eight: Wrong Choice (Song by The Lovely Feathers)

Chapter Nine: Baby, There's a Shark in the Water (Lyric from Shark in the Water by V V Brown)

Chapter Ten: This Ain't a Love Song (Song by Scouting for Girls)

Chapter Eleven: I Could Really Use a Wish Right Now (Lyric from Airplanes by B.o.B and Hayley Williams)

Chapter Twelve: Who Made You the King of Anything (Lyric from King of Anything by Sara Bareilles)

Chapter Thirteen: Cause This Ain't the End of the Story (Lyric from This World Will Turn Your Way by Tyler Hilton)

Chapter Fourteen: Just Keep Turnin' the Page (Lyric from This World Will Turn Your Way by Tyler Hilton)

Chapter Fifteen: I Kinda Wanna be More than Friends (Lyric from Animal by Neon Trees)

Chapter Sixteen: When It Rains On This Side of Town (Lyric from When It Rains by Paramore)

Chapter Seventeen: Never Say Never (Song by The Fray)

Chapter Eighteen: Can't Believe That I Still Want You (Lyric from I Never Told You by Colbie Caillet)

Chapter Nineteen: Did the Wrong Thing to the Right Girl (Lyric from Right Girl by The Maine)

Song in the background of CH19: Give It To Me by The Maine

Chapter Twenty: Oh My God, You Think I'm in Control (Lyric from Oh My God by Ida Maria)

Chapter Twenty-One: So Obvious (Song by Runner Runner)

Chapter Twenty-Two: Maybe I'm a Dreamer (Lyric from Maybe by Sick Puppies)

Chapter Twenty-Three: She Knows (Song by Runner Runner)

Chapter Twenty-Four: Like a Slow Song Starting to Accelerate (Lyric from With You Around by Yellowcard)

Chapter Twenty Five: Long Live (Song by Taylor Swift)