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Chapter 2

Itachi had Sasuke seated comfortably on his lap, back facing him, as he lapped away at his shoulder. Marking him as Sasuke leaned his head to the side, pressing into Itachi's touch. Wrapping his arms around Sasuke's waist, Itachi slightly hoisted him up and using the over spilling precum as lubrication , he thrust up into Sasuke. Sasuke let out a low howl as he patiently waited for the pain to subside. Itachi leaned back onto his pillows, getting comfortable as he instructed Sasuke.

"Ride me." he commanded.

Sasuke peered over his shoulder to look Itachi's expression. He looked with a faint blush and did as he was told. Lifting up slowly then slamming back down, Itachi closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations that raked through him.

"mmmmmmm" Sasuke moaned and he slammed down harder. He lifted himself and turned around, now facing the slightly bemused Itachi. Straddling him again, Sasuke decided that he would wipe that smirk off of his brother's face. How dare he just lay there as if he were bored! Sasuke was determined to make Itachi scream like a whore. Itachi all the while using every iota to not moan. "Sasuke must not know that I enjoy this so much...then he may stop", he thought to himself. Placing either hand on the sides of Itachi, Sasuke leaned in and nipped at his ear whispering in his sultry, lust filled voice.

"Moan damn it, you know you want to...just give in...I want this as bad as you..."

They made eye contact for what felt like hours. Itachi stared up at the dark orbs, while Sasuke stared him down, still thrusting for his life. Sasuke pulled himself back up, still going strong as Itachi made the first noise of pleasure since they had began this "work out".

"Was that a sigh, or you just love how I ride you?" Sasuke questioned with a wink.

"Shut up damn it and make me cum already."

Being tired of used as a play thing, Sasuke reached down and smacked him across the face. He hissed in pain, or pleasure...who knows?

"What was that for?" he questioned angrily. He was soon answered with another smack across the face, only this time on the opposite cheek. He growled In annoyance.

"Whaat? Can't handle it rough?" Sasuke smirked.

"Oh want rough...?" without giving him time to answer, Itachi lifted his younger brother and slammed him down on the bed, tore his legs as far apart as they could possibly go and thrusted it so hard, Sasuke was sure he might bleed.

"Nya, Itachi..." he whined in pleasure and pain.

"What can't take it?" he questioned as he continued, thrusting harder and harder.

"Ugh, close..." Sasuke mumbled as he clung to the bed sheets.

Itachi leaned over and nibbled at Sasuke's neck as he slammed on. The sound of slapping skin heightening the sexual tension in the room. Unable to help themselves, the once silent room was now filled with moans and the sounds of sex (music to my ears!) soon after followed by a high pitch yelp as Sasuke was overtaken by his orgasm. Itachi soon rode his out, spilling himself into Sasuke's tight heat.

"Mmm" he cooed in please as he cradled Sasuke in his arms, lulling him to sleep. He followed soon after.