I looked out the window. It was hot here in coconut grove, and I didn't like it at all.

I was used to Oregon; The rain, the sun, even the occasional snow.

Here, it was just hot.

My name is Carly Catt, also known as Car-Car, Kitty, Cat-Cat, so on and so forth.

One kid is here from Montana.

I've been there.

There's nothing but sagebrush.

And shoe trees.

The Montana kid was cute, named Roy, I think.

Maybe he would sympathize with me that this place was too hot.

But, I was a geek.

Cute boys don't like Geeky girls.

I didn't look like a geek; my long, straight blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes made me look like I came from a warm place.

"Miss Catt, please stand and introduce yourself"



I flipped my hair back, playing it cool.

"My name's Carly, I like Gymnastics, and i'm from Oregon"

There was absolute silence, then the whole class was laughing.

Except for Roy.

He gave me a quick sympathetic glance, then turned away.

The rest of my classes were horrible, people still snickering at me behind my back.

At least Mr. Montana got it easy, he hardly got teased at all.

My last class was Tech.

I loved it.

Told you I was a nerd.

Right off the bat, we were assigned partners.

I noticed that Montana Man was in that class too, then I remembered that he was in all my classes.

"Team four will be Roy and Carly"

My teacher's voice broke through my thoughts.

I was with him?

For real?

Roy brought his chair and stuff over, sliding into the seat next to me with a thump.


Suddenly I was shy.


He smiled at me, and I tried to smile back, blushing furiously.

"Is this yours?" he asked, picking my pencil up from the floor where it had rolled under the desk.

I took it and smiled again.

Why was I so nervous?

The rest of the class went quickly -sigh- too quickly for my liking.

I was slow in leaving class, not wanting it to end.

I was getting my stuff out of my locker when a voice surprised me.


It was Roy.

I let out an inaudible squeak, then tried to remain composed.

"I was just gonna ask where you were headed after school"




He wanted to know where I was going?

"Um, i was was just going to walk home"

He nodded.

"You want me to walk with you?"

I smiled again.


We walked home, talking about our previous lives.

Well, he talked. I was too shy to say anything.

Turns out, we bought the houses next to each other.

Now how often does that happen?

He walked me up, then we said goodbye, him promising to walk me to school the next morning.

I ran up the steps, looking at the new beige paint of our house, dreading what was inside.

My father was waiting for me.

"You're late"

I sighed.

It was always like this.

"I came home as soon as I could"

My father rolled his eyes and stomped off.

My mother met me in the kitchen, where she had some leftover spaghetti waiting.

I looked at my mother's kind brown eyes.

We talked about school, knowing that my father was listening in the other room.

I left Roy out, figuring it was probably best.

After I did my homework, I went upstairs to my room.

As I looked up at the ceiling of my bedroom, I thought of Roy, and hoped that morning would come soon.