I'm laying on my bed, freezing cold...My father kept me up all night and beat me.

It's Saturday, but I don't want to do anything. Not that I would have the energy anyways... My body covered in bruises, my eyes are bloodshot and red.

Roy...How I wished he would save me. I wish that he would carry me off somewhere else, but that would never happen. He's been hanging out with the "bear" again. Her name's Beatrice, but she's so strong that she's called the Bear. I wish I could be like her... She looks like a model.

I don't.

I sigh and look at the cracked patterns of plaster on the ceiling. If I died, would anyone miss me? Probably not. Finally, I muster up the energy to roll over. Was this how I was doomed to spend my days? Beaten, broken?

I spent the rest of the day in bed, only getting up to eat a small dinner, then I disappeared into my room again. The bruises from my father's beating ran all the way up both arms, across my cheeks, and a couple on my chest. I look like a leper. I wish my dad wasn't like this, he didn't used to be. But now that he lost his job and had to move here, he's been sour as a lemon.

My mom can't do anything about it, she's tried. Sometimes I worry that he hits her too. I love my mom so much, I wish that we could both just escape this place, but it's impossible.

And I would miss Roy.

My bedroom window looks right in on his, separated by an orange tree. I suppose if we wanted, we could climb in between the houses. My heart gave a little jump at the thought of that. I could escape...

Instantly, I put the thought off as ridiculous. Our relationship was pretty haywire, I wasn't really sure how we stood as of now. A sudden tap at my window caused me to jump off the bed in shock. I opened the window to see...


As if he had read my mind, he had climbed out his window, through the orange tree, and up to my window.

"Orange?" Roy held up the bright fruit, smiling brightly. He caught sight of my bruises in the late afternoon light, and his face fell.. He scrambled inside, dropping the oranges he had collected on his trip over.

"What happened?" He asked concernedly, taking my chin in his hand and surveying my bruised cheeks.

"Fell down the stairs last night, didn't make that graceful of a landing" I lied, trying not to avoid Roy's impossibly blue eyes.

"If you say so..." He didn't sound convinced. I squirmed, suddenly uncomfortable with our close proximity.

"At least you still have your nose" Roy said, trying to make a joke. In spite of my inner turmoil, I laughed. I gestured to my bed, and Roy sat down, beginning to peel an orange. Inside, my inner voice was having a girly freakout moment.

Seriously. Roy was here, on my bed. And I was completely awake... This wasn't a dream.

"Doing anything tomorrow?" Roy asked, popping an orange slice into his mouth.

"No" I replied, trying not to blush.

"Want to go to the beach?" He asked, trying and failing to keep a friendly grin off his face.

"Um, sure" I replied tucking a piece of hair behind my ear nervously. I prayed that my dad would let me go.

"Great, I better get going. You can come over anytime i'm home, just tap on the window" Roy said, standing up and holding out his hand for me to shake. I shook it, grinning.

"Have a nice night, Roy" I said as he disappeared into the semi-darkness of the orange tree.

"Sweet dreams" Roy replied.

Instead of crying myself to sleep that night as usual, I pictured myself in Roy's arms, and I was happy.

Until the nightmares started.