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To all the true authors of Yugi/Yami don't hang me for this attempt. But I have to admit they are hot together and I'm feeling the magic. The rating may change if we progress to the next level.


Chapter One: "I'm With You"

"I'm Standing on a bridge

I'm waitin in the dark

I thought that you'd be here by now

Theres nothing but the rain

No footsteps on the ground

I'm listening but theres no sound

Isn't anyone tryin to find me?

"Yugi, what's up, you look like you've seen a ghost." Jounouchi spoke matching his steps with his petite little friend. He grabbed at him blocking the boy from running out into the slippery street. It was raining all afternoon and Yugi wasn't thinking very clearly.

"Jonouchi let me go," Yugi screamed out, clawing at his buddy's shirt. "I've got to find it."

"What . . . find what, buddy?"

"My puzzle!! It's gone!! It's gone!!"


"Jono –kun my Grandpa gave me that puzzle," tears threaten to fall down his flushed cheeks.

"Calm down buddy, think? I saw it around your neck on the way to school. So where'd you go?"

"The bridge . . . the old bridge; we went swimming after lunch."

"That's where it is, please I gotta go!! It's calling to me."

"I'm with you man, just give me a minute to call Otogi," but Yugi bolted out. He ducked under Jonouchi's arms and ran.

Yugi sprinted the last block. Something waited for him under the bridge. Without thinking he scales the slippery hill that led down to the murky waters below. The man made river was slowly rising as the rain continued to fall.

"Yugi wait, I think there's something moving down there." Jonouchi's voice fell on deft ears.

"Yeah, it's my puzzle its glowing over there by that bundle of clothes; if I don't hurry it's going to slide into the waters."

'That puzzle is nothing but trouble, 'Jonouchi thought as he followed Yugi down the path.

"Opps," Yugi tumbled over something hard and landed face down near the water's edge.

"Yugi, don't move, I'm coming. There's something there." Jonouchi kneeled down and helped Yugi to his feet. "What's that, man?"

"Its . . . It's a body," Jono-kun. "He's alive" Yugi's curiosity perked up. A low moan escaped from the bundle of clothes at the boy's feet. Yugi kneed down and poked at the dirty leather jacket.

"Don't touch it man," Jonouchi reached out, but Yugi pulled away.

"Don't be silly Jono-kun; I can see my puzzle underneath his shoulder. I just have to move him a little bit. Come on help me, man!" Yugi started to sweat he was so excited.

The man continued to moan he responded to the sound of Yugi's voice. Jonouchi lifted the stranger's arm up and Yugi reached underneath and pulled the puzzle out.

"Ok buddy, you got the puzzle . . . let's get out of here," Jonouchi turned to go but Yugi moved closer to the body. He kicked at the body and something shinning rolled away; it was a knife. Yugi gasp.

"I'm so out of here. . . . Come on buddy." Knives and bodies spelled trouble to the street fighter.

'No I can't leave him here," Yugi pulled out his phone and dial a private number. "Yeah, come to the bridge . . . . Hurry . . . . its bad . . . . I'm not alone . . . Jono-kun is here . . . Oh, Otogi-sama we might need a first aid kit."

"Ahh . . . man you called that nut cake."

"Come on Jonouchi help me moved him away from the water's edge." Once on solid ground Yugi couldn't take his eyes off the stranger. Even in the fading lights he was captivated by the strangers long dark eye lashes. They lay in a thick line across high cheek bones. His skin appeared to be dark even under the fading light of the sun, and his lips curved upward into a sensuous smile.

'Where are these thoughts coming from?' He could feel his heart beating wild, no berserk in his chest. It felt delirious. Yugi leaned over and touched the man's cheek with his hand and hollowed in pain as a grip stronger than superman grabbed his wrist.


"Man if you don't let him go, you'll wish you were dead!!! " Jonouchi poked a sharp stick at the body.

"Damn it," The stranger tried to open his eyes and get a look at his stupid attackers, but he moaned in pain from the wound on his side. Darkness surrounded him and he slowly passed out. Yugi slipped out of the man's grip and Joey dropped the stick.

"Yugi, are you alright man? Did he break your arm? I'll hurt him, I swear man, he's dog shit."

"I 'm cool, don't hurt him."


"I can't explain it Jono-kun, but I don't think he's dangerous. He won't hurt me . . . hurt us." Yugi blushed.

He didn't understand his attraction to the man; well he didn't understand his sexual feeling with boys or girls because up until this point he really didn't have any.

Otogi arrived a few minutes later in a beat up old truck he'd stolen from a drunk last year. The boys secretly transported the man to Yugi's room over the game shop. Grandpa was away on business. Sometimes the boys call Grandpa a spy; he was always sneaking off to faraway places and would bring strange objects back which he kept locked away in a special room under the shop.

"Yugi I don't like this." Jonouchi continued to fuss. "Why couldn't we take him to Otogi's place?"

"Jonouchi you know how stubborn Yugi can be. Anyway what do you want to do now?" Otogi asked.

Yugi just continued to stare. "Ahh . . . ."

"He could be hurt; I guess we need to find out." Otogi started to unbuckle his pants and reached for the zipper.

"Otogi what are you doing?"

"Undressing the guy," Otogi didn't wait for instructions.

"Otogi you just can't open a man's fly." Jonouchi howled.

"Oh really, you open mine all the time," Otogi whispered.

"Cool it, Yugi might hear you." Jonouchi blushed.

"Well how will we find out who he is?" Otogi continued to play.

"We could look in his jacket, maybe there's a wallet." Jonouchi spoke.

"Did that, on the way here; it's empty."

"Oh . . . but there's something in his crouch . . . 'sick o,'" Jonouchi pouted.

"Don't worry I'll save my real moves for you later lover boy." Otogi's long dark hair fanned out over the stranger's body. The scene was very exotic. Otogi breezed into town a few years ago. Otogi was mysterious and sexy as hell; he held Jonouchi captive with his body and soul.

"I don't like this," Jonouchi continued to complain.

"Mmmm you can tell a lot about a man down below. But you're still a little virgin." Otogi teased the blushing cutie. "Don't you think it's about time you let me take that fruit off your hands, I promise I'll be gentle; the older teen pinch Yugi's butt.


"Back off," you little whore. Yugi's looking for a real man."

"Jono-kun please not now. Otogi's just playing and I don't know if I'm looking for a man or a woman," his eyes drifted over the stranger with the tight leather pants and stopped at his crouch.

"Right!!" Joey and Otogi voiced at the same time.

"Is that blood, look just below his hip on the right side. Jonouchi turned the man to his side and sure enough his lower side was covered in blood. Quickly Yugi ran to the bathhouse and brought a warm towel and a bowl filled with warm water. Otogi pulled out the medicine supplies and washed the strangers perfectly rounded hip. Once the wound was cleaned Otogi used butterfly bandages and one small stitch; it was a surface scratch only, not to deep. Yugi placed a warm towel on his hip and upper thigh. He applied a little pressure and enjoyed the feel of the stranger's thigh through the cloth.

"Ahh . . . Yugi, what are you doing," Otogi laughed. "You don't want to reopen his wound, or dirty the fresh bandage.

Yugi jumped, "Oh yeah, right" Yugi waved his hands in the air. His pointed tri-color locks were razor sharp he was so frustrated.

"Go and get some of Grandpa's pajamas; I'm sure they will fit. Then you can give your new friend a little sponge bath."

"Right," Yugi took off, smiling and blushing. His entire body burned.

"Otogi what's up with you? Yugi's not his nurse maid." Jonouchi scolded his lover.

"He's just having a little fun, leave him be," Otogi pulled on the short jacket his lover wore. He reached up and kissed his lover on the chest, after he opened his jacket and exposed his chest. "Mmmm . . . your nipples are so hard."

It was so easy to lose his concentration when Otogi had sex on his mind. "Do you like that, lover boy?"

"You know I do!" Jonouchi's attraction to the older teen was absolute.

"Then let's hurry and get the hell out of here. I'm sure Yugi will be alright," Otogi nibbled at Jonouchi's nipple and continued to play with the other one hidden under his shirt.

"You're a little slut," Jonouchi spoke between moans.

"But I'm all yours," Otogi shot back and twisted Jonouchi's nipple hard between his fingers.

"I got them," he turned away. Otogi covered up Jonouchi's nipple and laughed. "Don't be shy Yugi, that's only stage one. Come let me show you, how to bath a man."

"I got it Grandpa used to give me sponge baths when I was sick or had a high fever."

"Wow Yugi he's really packing down below and that chest is ripped." Otogi ran his tongue across his lower lip.

Yugi blushed horribly, staring at the naked body of the stranger.

"Wow just looking at him makes my nipples hard," Otogi whispered to Yugi, which only pissed Jonouchi off. Yugi ignored the pretty words, he was having trouble breathing. The stranger with the golden bangs captivated his heart. The natural scent coming from his body made Yugi dizzy. He felt like an animal in heat. This man was dangerous and he loved it.

"Yugi, earth to Yugi," Otogi smiled at his friend. He could easily see the signs of first love, or should we say lust.

"Hey since when are you into muscle chest," Jonouchi pouted.

"Baby, I'm just helping out a friend." He left Yugi's bed and waited by the door. It was time to leave. Yugi I'll ask around, you know this guy could mean trouble, after all he has no ID, carries a knife, has a wound, and. . . ."Jonouchi didn't let him continued.

"Ok, I'm calling the cops . . . this is insane." he cut in.

"No!! He's mine . . ." Yugi spoke sternly.

"What the hell does that mean?" Jonouchi answered.

"I mean, he shouldn't be moved and I'll be fine. What can he do anyway?"

"Maybe you're the one he should be afraid of," Otogi laughed. He was having so much fun with Yugi's budding feelings.

"It's not that funny," Jounouchi grumbled.

"Yugi regardless what you think, you don't know this guy. So be careful. Keep the door open and keep him cool, he might get a fever if that wound was from the knife. I'll ask around, but promise us that if he wakes up you'll call us. I'm going home with my eager lover, got it."

"Otogi, thanks man, I owe you." Yugi frustrated and excited at the same time walked his friends downstairs and out the front door.

"Yugi are you sure about this man," Jonouchi looked at his best friend.

"We saved the world over and over," Yugi looked closely into deep hazel eyes and tried to calm his fears.

"Yeah we have saved the world, but how do we save your cherry." Otogi howled.

"Damn it!" Jonouchi frowned.

"It's not a trophy, someday I'll lose it," now Yugi blushed.

Otogi laughs and kiss the blond on the cheek before he could think about Yugi's words and decide to camp out in the boy's room.

"I'll call if I need help, later and I promise I'll keep my pants up?" Yugi winked and gave Jonouchi a quick friendly peck on his exposed cheek before he raced upstairs to finish giving the stranger a bath. Yugi couldn't explain his desire towards this man, but he knew that adventure lay ahead and he was ready to dive in.


Darkness surrounded the man; as he fought to stay conscious. Four others attacked him in a dark alley of south town. He eliminated his attackers one at a time. Only two left and they followed him to the out-skirts of town. The battle was long and hard but he escaped with only a scratch, but his strength had all but left. Hiding underneath the bridge he looked for shelter. This was the worst situation for the man; he'd taken this job without back up. Even though his wound was light, he could still die if the wrong people found him in such a weaken state. The man in black heard voices and assumed they were only young boys; he could take them out easily if necessary. He remember the smell of spice and apple, it was fresh and sweet, a soft scent. It filled his nostrils and he relaxed. One reached out to touch him and he reacted with violence

It's anyone tryin to find me?

Won't somebody come take me home

It's a damn cold night

Trying to figure out this life

Wont you take me by the hand

Take me somewhere new

I don't know who you are

But I … I'm with you.

A Few Hours later

The stranger lay in a soft bed and regained conscious but shield his thought from the others. Voices continued to vibrate in his head and once again someone touched him and cared for his wounds. He'd never felt a touch so light and pleasing or a scent so intoxicating. I've got to get away, far away from this innocent, he flames my desire. The stranger once dressed in black leather buried his head deep inside Yugi's scented pillow. Now was the time to rest. He'd have plenty of time to decide what to do with these people.


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